Mesosphere and Percona Server for MongoDB



1.Mesosphere and Percona Server for MongoDB Peter Schwaller, Senior Director Server Eng. (Percona) Taco Scargo, Senior Solution Engineer (Mesosphere)

2. Mesosphere DC/OS MICROSERVICES, CONTAINERS, & DEV TOOLS DATA SERVICES, MACHINE LEARNING, & AI 1 Broad workload coverage Run today & tomorrow’s applications including traditional 20+ 100+ J2EE, containers, analytics & ML MORE MORE 2 Application-aware automation Application-Aware Security & Hybrid Cloud Multitenancy Automate workload-specific operating procedures to “as-a- Automation Compliance Management Service” anything from Kubernetes to data services 3 Intelligent resource pooling Datacenter and Cloud as a Single Computing Resource Optimize workload density for highest utilization with Powered by Apache Mesos resource guarantees PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE VIRTUAL MACHINES PUBLIC CLOUDS 4 Unified hybrid cloud operations Securely manage cloud, datacenter, and edge Edge Datacenter infrastructures from a single control plane

3.Mesos Architecture Spark Cassandra Container Scheduler Scheduler Scheduler Two-level Scheduling 1. Agents advertise resources to Master Mesos Mesos Mesos Master Master Master 2. Master offers resources to Framework 3. Framework rejects / uses resources 4. Agent reports task status to Master Mesos Mesos Agent Agent Service Mesos Mesos Agent Agent Service Spark Docker Spark Cassandra Executor Executor Executor Executor Spark Docker Spark Cassandra Task Task Task Task 3 3

4.Stateful Problems ● Preparation before the main task ● Runtime execution against state ○ once ○ scheduled ○ user-defined arguments ○ maintenance 4

5.Stateful Problems ● Conditional recovery scenarios ○ Cassandra: replacing a dead node or dead seed node ○ HDFS: replacing a dead name node ○ HDFS: replacing a dead journal node ● Conditional deployment scenarios ○ HDFS: deployment 5

6.DC/OS Commons SDK Services Mongo Kafka Elastic Finite State Machine Execution Plans Automated Recovery Universe Packaging App Configuration Networking & Discovery Best Practices Storage Security Platform Feature Integration Monitoring SDK Apache Mesos API Offer Evaluation Resource Accounting Task Reconciliation Tools and Utilities Developer Environment Documentation Integration Test Framework Developer Guide Tutorials & Code Samples Platform DC/OS API Reference 6

7.DC/OS SDK ● A declarative orchestration Use Cases abstraction for Apache Mesos and ● MongoDB! DC/OS. ● Kubernetes ● Kafka ● An Apache Mesos scheduler ● Cassandra factory. ● Elastic ● HDFS ● EdgeLB ● many more... 7

8.DC/OS SDK Features ● Rolling configuration / software updates ● Separate deployment / update plans ● Easy Mesos feature consumption ○ CNI, rlimits, readiness checks, running and finished goal states, discoverability of dns, persistent volumes, security features (proprietary) … 8

9.DC/OS SDK Features ● Horizontal scale out ● Sidecars ● Vertical scaling ● Placement constraints ● Service discovery ● Configuration templating ● Virtual Networks (CNI) ● Rolling updates (configuration) ● Readiness checks ● Rolling upgrades (binaries) ● Health checks ● GPUs ● Custom recovery ● Fine-grained plan control ● Persistent volumes ● Secrets (EE) ● Resource sets ● Security (EE) ● Operator friendly tools (API) ● TLS provisioning (EE) 9

10.Percona Server for MongoDB COMMUNITY ENTERPRISE EDITION Free and open source Free and open source Subscription ($) MongoDB Community Edition plus: ● Red Hat identity management Database certification Auditing ● Kerberos & LDAP authentication LDAP Percona Authentication ● Auditing Memory ● SNMP support Engine ● Encrypted storage engine ● In-memory storage engine ● Platform certifications: Windows, RedHat/CentOS, Ubuntu, Log COMMUNITY Hot Amazon Linux Redaction Backups ● Commercial licenses, warranty, EDITION and indemnification 10

11.Percona Server for MongoDB on DC/OS ● Simple installation of MongoDB via ● Auto-configuration of MongoDB UI or CLI Replica Set Configuration ● Single-command installation for rapid ● Auto-configuration of system-level users provisioning for backups and user management ● Multiple MongoDB Replica Sets within a ● CLI actions for Add/Update/Remove of single DC/OS cluster MongoDB Users ● Storage volumes for enhanced data ● Logical backup support with Amazon durability, known as Mesos Dynamic Web Services S3 remote upload Reservations and Persistent Volumes ● Support for auto-deploy of Hidden ● Support for all Percona Server for Replica Set Member for zero-impact MongoDB storage engines, including backups the WiredTiger, MongoRocks, ● Percona Server for MongoDB Auditing InMemory, and MMAPv1 storage support engines 11




15.Use PSMDB on DC/OS! 1.Install DC/OS ( or contact for an evaluation license for the DC/OS Enterprise edition 2.Search the DC/OS Catalog for percona-server-mongodb 3.Install the percona-server-mongodb package 4.Provide feedback to NOTE: Replica sets today, sharding in the future 15

16.Resources Documentation: SDK 16

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