Databases in the Cloud - How Percona Helps Your Own Experts



1.Databases in the Cloud – How Percona Helps Your Own Experts Bennie Grant Percona

2.Cloud/SaaS – Everyone’s Doing It… Cloud is one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since early days of digital age • Gartner says by 2020 “Cloud Shift” will affect more than $1 Trillion in IT spending • 69% of enterprises will shift to SaaS-only business apps by 2020* - Compared to 75% of SMB’s • 38% of respondents to a recent 451 Research survey stated their enterprises are prioritizing cloud over on-premises Use of multiple clouds continues to become the norm • Best-of-breed approach saves money and mitigates risk *2017 BetterCloud State of the SaaS-powered Workplace Report

3.How Can Percona Help Make Your Open Source Database Strategy Successful

4.A Little About Us… Augment your team with a market leader in open source database management • Technology-agnostic and committed to open source • Recognized database performance experts • Unparalleled open source service and support • Fastest SLAs and response times in the industry Avoid vendor lock-in in on-premises or cloud environments • MySQL, Percona Server for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Percona Server for MongoDB, PostgreSQL • Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, Aurora and S3), Microsoft Azure, Google CloudSQL, Rackspace Cloud, MongoDB Atlas and others 4

5.What You Should Know About Us We believe in choices - Use the best tool for the job We hate vendor lock-in • We don’t do “open core” or Eventual Open Source licensing • We believe you should use us because we are better, not because you have to We like making enterprise features free • You should never have to pay for features required to run your database environment We believe in the power of the community • Hosting trainings, webinars, Meet Ups and conferences for the community We believe in transparency and openness 5

6.Percona Services

7.Services Overview • Best of class Technical Support • Percona DBA Service • Enterprise-wide options • Monthly deliverables • Technical Account Management • 24x7x365 Monitoring & • Industry defining SLAs Alert response Managed Support Services Education Consulting • Classroom Training • Architecture & Design • Customizable for your needs • Performance Tuning • Online Webinar options • Health & Performance audits • Staff Augmentation • Miscellaneous Consulting

8. Support vs. Managed Service What’s the Difference? Support: You need • Hands-off managed • Upfront expertise required for proactiveness service if your • Appropriate customer staffing necessary DBA team is • Initial investigative work period small. Support is best when Managed Service: your DBA team is • Hands-on large. • We supply the expertise • Extension of your team Support Managed Service • Total familiarity • Faster response in case of emergency When every second counts, customers choose managed service.

9.Considering Cloud for your Databases…? Remember – almost 50% of companies are considering shifting apps to the cloud Percona can: • Help you select the right Cloud Partner for your unique needs - We’re unbiased and here to help YOU • Assist your team with the migration from on-prem - Doing it WITH your team or FOR your team – your choice • Provide Day 2 Support to assist your Developers & DBAs - Optimizations, design considerations, best practices, app development/iteration – not just “fixing what’s broken” • Deliver a fully Managed Service 24/7/365 - Fully proactive maintenance, tuning and optimizations - Business Continuity & Backups - Alert response 9

10.Software vs. People Amazon RDS & Amazon Aurora are “fully managed”. Do I still need Percona? Percona DBA Service for Amazon RDS offers: ● Migration assistance ● Architecture and design ● Application DBA services including ongoing Query tuning ● Maintenance management and alerts ● Capacity planning and cost optimization ● Performance tuning ● Security assessments Support Managed Service ● Business continuity audits ● Alert response Amazon Shared Responsibility Percona (These services are NOT provided by Amazon.)

11.Specialization Options for PAAS, IAAS, and SAAS 11

12. Percona DBA Service - Proactive Services Onboarding/Setup Activities Periodic Deliverables ▪ Critical Issue Advisory ▪ Business Review Realtime ▪ Security Patches ▪ Business Continuity Assessment ▪ Known Bug Alerts ▪ Performance Assessment ▪ Health Status Check Weekly ▪ Agile Query Review ▪ Top Query Review ▪ Defined Maintenance and minor upgrades ▪ Installation of Platform ▪ Top Query Review ▪ Configuration of alerting to align with ▪ Waterfall Query Review customer priorities Monthly ▪ Cost Optimization ▪ Performance Assessment ▪ Report Card ▪ Capacity Planning Quarterly ▪ Security Assessment ▪ Business Continuity Assessment ▪ Application Deep Dive ▪ Technology Preview Annually ▪ Annual Business Review ▪ Database Roadmap

13. Percona DBA Service – Responsive Services ▪ Access to Experts ▪ Monitoring and Alert Response Project-based work ▪ Critical Service Restoration ▪ Performance Analysis for Slow- downs (RCA) ▪ Architectural Changes ▪ Major version upgrades/downgrades Periodic Work Buy-Up Hours Cover any Heavy Lifting ▪ Implementation of new supported technologies in existing managed environment

14. Percona DBaaS Support Benefits • Available for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL running in Amazon RDS and Aurora, Google Cloud SQL, Microsoft Azure and MongoDB Atlas • We are database and cloud provider agnostic, so you can use whatever products and providers you choose • The cloud provider covers the infrastructure; we optimize and resolve issues with the database • Database best practice guidelines mean you operate efficiently

15. Percona Support Tiers Support Tiers Support Features Response Times Essentials ▪ 24x7x365 by Email and Web ▪ Sev 1 : 1H ▪ Standard HA Simple business and technical needs in ▪ Product usage and service restoration assistance ▪ Sev 2 : 4H standard environments ▪ Percona Software bug fixes ▪ Sev 3 : 8H ▪ Percona Knowledge Base ▪ Sev 4 : 48 H ▪ Logical or streaming replication in single datacenter ▪ Essentials + ▪ Sev 1 : 30M Advanced ▪ Phone and Chat Complex business and technical needs in ▪ Sev 2 : 90M ▪ Advanced replication and HA demanding environments ▪ Opt-in screen sharing and remote login services ▪ Sev 3 : 2H ▪ Consultative Support ▪ Sev 4 : 24H ▪ Percona Software hot fixes ▪ Optional Technical Account Manager ▪ Advanced + ▪ Sev 1 : 15M Premier ▪ SLA (Guarantee) ▪ Sev 2 : 1H The most complex business and technical ▪ Com. Bug Fixes ▪ Opt-in custom screen sharing and remote login tools ▪ Sev 3 : 2H needs, in uncompromising, financially ▪ Optional Emergency Onsite Visits ▪ Sev 4 : 12H sensitive, mission-critical environments ▪ Available Liability and Copyright Indemnity Options ▪ Assigned Customer Success Manager

16. Meeting you where you are • Most of you are likely somewhere in your cloud journey: • Thinking about it, planning it, partially or completely migrated • Vendor lock-in within the cloud is as much of a consideration as with a database technology. Consider the options, review portability and partner with those who enable freedom to move! • Cloud providers will take away most (some?) of the infrastructure headaches – but don’t expect them to be DBAs • Leverage your in house DBAs and Developers as appropriate, and use folks like Percona for the expertise