• RISC-V的发展历程
  • RISC-V的特点及优势
  • SiFive Core Designer平台
  • 如何基于RISC-V的E21 CPU RTL进行仿真和调试

1.IP and SOC Panel SiFive: Leading the Open Hardware Revolution Sunil Shenoy, SVP, RISC-V April 9 2019 CONFIDENTIAL – COPYRIGHT 2018 SIFIVE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

2. SiFive: The “Red Hat” of Open Hardware SiFive Benefits Testimonials Inventors of the RISC-V ISA “RISC-V opens up processor design. Open source has RISC-V comprehensively changed the world of software. Leaders in commercial RISC-V Core IP RISC-V wants to do the same for processors” – Rupert Goodwins | ZDnet Chips and Enablement and Support for building RISC-V SoCs applications and applications “SiFive’s RISC-V Core IP was 1/3 the power and 1/3 the area of competing solutions, and gave FADU the flexibility we needed in optimizing our architecture Customization Have it Your Way: Configure/Customize your IP to achieve these groundbreaking products” – Jihyo Lee | FADU E3 Series All RISC-V core products are delivered via web-based GUI SiFive Core Designer High-performance 32-bit MCU cores Customers can choose preset Standard Core options or create and save their E31 Core E34 Core own configurations S5 Series 64-bit performance, 32-bit price and area The release candidates are generated with a single click and available in 24 hours after verification S51 Core S54 Core U5 Series 64-bit Linux capable application processors Visit sifive.com Contact sunil@sifive.com U54 Core U54-MC Core 2 CONFIDENTIAL – COPYRIGHT 2018 SIFIVE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

3. Software stack “Hardware stack” Innovators focus on Customer IP (Application) Customer IP (Chip) high-level work Core/Block/Chip API Framework Configurators/Generators Libraries Chip Templates “Hardware Stack” Disrupting the Silicon Hardware Abstraction Layer Chisel / Prometheus Business at Software Speed OS Kernel EDA Tools Hardware Hardware Source: Google Developers Foundry / OSAT 3 CONFIDENTIAL – COPYRIGHT 2018 SIFIVE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

4. DesignShare Enables Rapid Scaling of IP Pool Needed to Build Templates IoT Sensor Edge Machine Learning Segment Segment Segment IP Easily Integratable DesignShare IP DesignShare Partners provide their IP for SiFive Freedom Platform at zero cost … Benefit to DesignShare Partners o Increase number of design starts o IP Protection o SiFive collects NRE/Royalties in production Benefits to Customers o Reduces expertise needed o Single contract/NDA 20+ more in pipeline 4 CONFIDENTIAL – COPYRIGHT 2018 SIFIVE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.