Exploere Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB (SQL) Introduction


2.Explore Azure Cosmos DB @ JeremyLikness THR3511

3.“But this is how we’ve always done it.” -Developer

4.“But this is how we’ve always done it.” -Developer

5.Relational Database ORM Object Object Disconnect: Relational vs. Domain

6.Have you ever … Created a table named metadata and populated it with columns that have names like: Column_name Column_type Column_string_value Column_integer_value Stuffed XML, JSON, or other miscellaneous data into a large nvarchar (max) ? Better yet, used the XML/ JSON field types and tried to write a query over them? OUCH!

7.Introducing N ot O nly SQL : No

8.Key/Value 🗝 Key Value Key1 $3.05 Key2 9/22/1974 Key3 $4.99 Profile1.jpg

9.Column 🏛

10.Document 📄

11.Graph 📈

12.Advantages 🗝 🏛 📄 📈

13.Introducing managed NoSQL with Azure Cosmos DB

14.Azure Cosmos DB “gets it” Column: Cassandra API Document: SQL API, MongoDB API Graph: Gremlin API Key/Value: Table API

15.Turnkey Global Distribution

16.Turnkey Global Distribution Elastic scale out of storage and throughput

17.Turnkey Global Distribution Elastic scale out of storage and throughput Comprehensive SLAs 99 .99% High Availability Throughput Guaranteed <10ms Latency 99 th percentile Consistency Guaranteed

18.Throughput Guaranteed Request Units (RUs)

19.Got Interfaces? SQL API Table API

20.Atom-Record-Sequence (ARS) Atoms – primitive types Records – structs Sequences – arrays of atoms, records, or other sequences

21.Atom-Record-Sequence (ARS) Container Projection is used to map ARS to the API

22.Atom-Record-Sequence (ARS) Container Collection Table Graph Projection

23.Atom-Record-Sequence (ARS) Item 📄Doc 🗝Key 📈Vertex Projection

24.USDA Database example

25.Food Groups Nutrient Definitions Food Items Nutrient Data Weights 12 relational tables collapsed to three collections This could be implemented as a single collection with a type identifier

26.Demo: USDA Database @ JeremyLikness

27.Demo: USDA Database @ JeremyLikness

28.Demo: USDA Database @ JeremyLikness

29.Demo: USDA Database @ JeremyLikness