Databricks Delta Lake and Its Benefits

Delta Lake, an open-source innovations which brings new capabilities for transactions, version control and indexing your data lakes. We uncover how Delta Lake benefits and why it matters to you. Through this session, we showcase some of its benefits and how they can improve your modern data engineering pipelines. Delta lake provides snapshot isolation which helps concurrent read/write operations and enables efficient insert, update, deletes, and rollback capabilities. It allows background file optimization through compaction and z-order partitioning achieving better performance improvements. In this presentation, we will learn the Delta Lake benefits and how it solves common data lake challenges, and most importantly new Delta Time Travel capability.


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2.Databricks Delta Lake And Its Benefits Nagaraj Sengodan, HCL Technologies Nitin Raj Soundararajan, Cognizant Worldwide Limited #UnifiedDataAnalytics #SparkAISummit

3. The Brief 1 What is Delta lake offering from Databricks and overview Open Source 2 Good news is Delta Lake is open source now! Benefits 3 Why I care about Delta lake? Agenda Modern Warehouse 4 We do the necessary steps to deliver the result. Conclusion 5 Are we ready for building unified data platform? 3

4.Who are we ? NAGARAJ NITIN RAJ SENGODAN SOUNDARARAJAN Senior Manager – Data Senior Consultant – and Analytics Data, AI and Analytics HCL Technologies Cognizant Worldwide Limited 4

5.Common Challenges with Data Lakes ACID Transaction Metadata Handling Unsafe Writes Orphan Data Schema Enforcement Unified Batch and Stream No Schema Evolution Time Travel Audit History No Schema Full DML Support Hot path for Streaming Data Lake getting Polluted 5 5

6.Typical Databricks Architecture DATABRICKS COLLABORATIVE WORKSPACE Notebooks Jobs Models Apis Dashboards Security Integration DATA ENGINEERS DATA SCIENTISTS DATABRICKS RUNTIME for Big Data for Machine Learning Batch & Streaming Data Lakes & Data Warehouses DATABRICKS CLOUD SERVICE 6

7.Databricks - Delta Lake Architecture DATABRICKS COLLABORATIVE WORKSPACE Notebooks Jobs Models Apis Dashboards DATA ENGINEERS DATA SCIENTISTS Security Integration DATABRICKS RUNTIME for Big Data for Machine Learning Batch & Streaming Data Lakes & Data Warehouses DATABRICKS DELTA DATABRICKS CLOUD SERVICE 7

8.The Brief – OPEN SOURCE. APR. 2019 Announcing Delta Lake Open Source Project | Ali Ghodsi Delta 0.2 – Cloud storage JUN. 2019 Support for cloud storage (Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage) and Improved Concurrency (Append-only writes ensuring serializability) Delta 0.3 – Scala/Java API AUG. 2019 Scala Java APIs and DML Commands, Query Commit History and vacuuming old files Delta 0.4 – Python APIs and Convert to Delta OCT. 2019 Python APIs for DML and utility operations, Convert-to-Delta, SQL for Utility Operations 8

9.Demo 9

10.Benefits ACID transactions on Spark Scalable metadata handling Unified Batch and Streaming Source Schema enforcement Time travel Audit History Full DML Support 10

11.ACID Transaction on Spark T h e B ri e f Every write is a transaction 01 M u lt ip le W rit e s Serial order for writes recorded in a transaction log O p t im is t ic Multiple writes trying to modify the same 02 c o n c u rre n c y files don’t happen that often S e ria liz a b le Continuously keep writing to a directory or 03 is o la t io n le v e l table and consumers to keep reading from the same directory or table 11

12.Scalable Metadata Handling M e t a d a t a in Metadata information of a table or directory in the 01 T ra n s a c t io n transaction log instead of the metastore Log E ffi c i e n t D a t a Delta Lake can list files in large directories in 02 Read constant time 12

13.Unified Batch and Streaming Sink Efficient streaming sink with Apache Spark’s 01 S t re a m in g L in k structured streaming with ACID transactions and scalable metadata Near Real handling, the efficient streaming sink now 02 enables lot of near real-time analytics use Time cases without having to maintain a A n a ly t ic s complicated streaming and batch pipeline 13

14.Schema enforcement A u t o m a t ic Automatically validates the DataFrame’s schema 01 Schema with schema of the table V a lid a t io n Columns that are present in the table but not in the DataFrame are set to null C o lu m n 02 V a lid a t io n Exception is thrown when when extra column present in the DataFrame but not in Table S e ria liz a b le Delta Lake has DDL to explicitly add new is o la t io n le v e l columns 03 Ability to update the schema automatically 14

15.Time Travel and Data Versioning Allows users to read a previous snapshot of the 01 Snapshots table or directory Newer version of the files are created when 02 V e rs io n in g the files are modified during writes and older versions are preserved Provide a timestamp or a version number to Apache Spark’s read APIs to read the older version of the table or directory Timestamp and Transaction Delta Lake constructs the full snapshot as of 03 that timestamp or version based on the Log information in the transaction log User can reproduce experiments and reports and also can revert a table to its older versions 15

16.Record Update and Deletion (Coming Soon) M e rg e Will support Merge, Update and Delete U p d a te Easily upsert and delete records in data lakes 01 simplify their change data capture and GDPR D e le te use cases F ile - le v e l More efficient than reading and overwriting 02 entire partitions or tables g ra n u la rit y 16

17.Data Expectations (Coming Soon) API to set data Will support an API to set expectations on tables 01 e x p e c t a t io n s or directories S e v e rit y t o Engineers will be able to specify a boolean 02 h a n d le condition and tune the severity to handle expectations data expectations 17

18.Modern Data warehouse Analytics Machine Learning Ingestion Tables Feature/Agg Data Store Refined Tables Existing Data Lake Azure Data Lake Storage 18

19. Conclusion Delta Lake Data Lake Reliable High Less As it enforce schema and ACID operations Accept all data and late binding helps data lake more reliable leads lot of orphan data Unification High Medium Batch and Stream data set can be processed in Stream process require hot same pipeline pipeline Performance High Medium Z-Order skipping files for efficient read Sequence read Ease of Use Medium High Delta require DBA operations like Vacuum and No write on schema and accept Optimize any data 19

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