Paddy Power Betfair Percona and MySQL

本主题演讲突出了PaddyPowerBetfair和Percona在PPB企业内采用MySQL的协作之旅。主题演讲集中在Percona如何帮助PPB采用MySQL,以及PPB如何利用这种合作关系为OpenStack上的MySQL解决方案提供完整的DBAA。(本案例研究将在当天晚些时候完整呈现,PPB DBA和云自动化团队将进行50分钟的演示。)


1.Paddy Power Betfair Percona and MySQL Shane Murray & Andrew Cook PADDY POWER BETFAIR

2.Who We Are  Paddy Power Betfair is a leading international sports betting and gaming operator  FTSE100, Market Cap ~£7Bn  We operate five leading brands; Paddy Power, Betfair, Sportsbet, FanDuel, TVG

3.Who We Are  Over five million customers worldwide  Our mission is to bring excitement to life for every single one  We employ over 7000 people globally

4.Paddy Power Betfair & MySQL  In 2014 Betfair (pre  When development teams Merger with Paddy requested new data stores, we Power) embarked on a asked them to consider MySQL as strategic decision to an option increase the usage of Open Source solutions  In 2014 there was a modest  The primary Open MySQL footprint within the Source database of Betfair database estate compared choice was MySQL to other Database vendors

5.MySQL adoption Challenges Concerns Lack of MySQL Architectural around No automated skills within No 3rd Party and best performance, Release the DBA and Support in practice functionality Framework Development place immaturity and scaling teams  Betfair sought a support and consultancy contract with Percona to help with the transition towards the adoption of MySQL as the de-facto Open Source Database technology for applications

6.MySQL adoption Challenges & Percona  MySQL DBA and Developer training  Consultancy on building new applications on MySQL  Migration of CE MySQL instances to use Percona  Adoption of XtraBackup  Testing of alternative High Availability solutions

7.Merger of Paddy Power and Betfair  In February 2016 Paddy Power  Infrastructure Teams formulated a plan to merge our operations and and Betfair merged to become adopt each others best practices Paddy Power Betfair  MySQL estate at Paddy Power was fairly large, running CE edition in multi master configurations and some older versions (5.1) +  A single MySQL solution for both brands hosted on the new PPB Private Cloud was agreed as the strategic direction

8.PPB Requirements  Fully automated provisioning of MySQL database systems  Always-On, Highly Available, Disaster Proof architecture  Time to Market (TTM)  Minimal downtime for Patching  Free up staff for more valuable work

9.Technology Choices  PPB DBA Team met with Percona to discuss how we could host MySQL on our OpenStack private cloud, which spans two datacenters in an Active-Active configuration  The OpenStack private cloud was initially built for stateless immutable applications  A number of designs and technology choices for high availability and load balancing were discussed and tested  A solution was designed by the PPB DBA Team and ratified by Percona based on Percona’s XtraDB Cluster

10.The Solution…  Asymmetric XtraDB Cluster spanning dual data centers  Disaster Recovery Workflow – recover all instances within 10 mins  Full Automation  Fully supported architecture with Percona Support

11.Percona Tools and services at PPB  Percona XtraDB Cluster  Percona Toolkit (pt-online-schema-change)  Percona PMM monitoring with Grafana dashboards  Percona XtraBackup  Percona Enterprise support with 30 mins SLA

12.In Summary + Highly Better Full MySQL & resilient and TTM utilization of XtraDB DR proof reduction team Automation architecture resources

13.PPB DBaaS - Want to Learn More?  To understand how PPB built and operates our MySQL platform on i Openstack please attend the cloud track discussion later today: Building MySQL DBaaS on OpenStack with XtraDB Cluster

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