Maximizing the Power and Value of Open Source Databases



1.Maximizing the Power and Value of Open Source Databases Peter Zaitsev Percona

2.You Might Know… I am passionate about Open Source Databases 2

3. Open Source Databases Leading in Growth Source: 3

4.Long Term Popularity Trend 4

5.Dominate New Generation of Databases 5

6.Database Popularity per Stack Overflow Stack Overflow Popularity 55,6 MySQL 58,7 38,6 SQL Server 41,2 26,5 PostgreSQL 32,9 Source: Source: 21 MongoDB 25,9 26,6 SQLite 19,7 2017 2018 6 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70

7.Percona’s Mission To Champion Unbiased Open Source Database Solutions

8.Our Vision Best Open Source is 100% free and Open Source Enterprise Grade Open Source Summary: • Open No Vendor Lock-In • Accessible • Free The best and longest lasting Open Source projects • Portable start and end with the community • Enterprise Grade • Strong Community 8

9.Our Goal Provide and Promote 100% Free and Open Source Enterprise Ready Database Platforms Enhance the community and the ecosystem by making existing open source even better by: • Making Enterprise Features Accessible to the Masses • Providing Content, Best Practices, and Education to All • Enhancing Existing Open Source Software to meet the needs of 90% of the application workloads 9

10.State of Leading Open Source Databases

11.MySQL is as Strong as Ever Most popular open source database Most popular database choice in the cloud MySQL 8 looks amazing Internally we have seen explosive growth of MySQL in the enterprise space over the last 2 years. 11

12.MariaDB is Doing Great It is not just a MySQL Variant, it is its own database Distinct focus on Oracle compatibility features MariaDB 10.3 is now available Won distribution politics war and presents in most Linux distributions 12

13.MongoDB is Showing Great Traction Huge improvements in stability, scale, ease of use MongoDB, Inc. had successful IPO, continues growth By far the most popular document store MongoDB 4.0 supports transaction, making it a great fit for even more enterprise workloads MongoDB License Change to SSPL 13

14.PostgreSQL Shines Fastest Growth among popular open source databases Database of the year 2017 by DB-Engines Very active and broad ecosystem (open source and not) PostgreSQL 11 just released 14

15.Trends and Impacts for Database Deployments

16.Cloud Workloads are moving to the cloud Database are not exception Specific cloud infrastructure skills are required “83% of Enterprise Workloads will be in the cloud by 2020” -- Forbes “96% of respondents are using Public Cloud Cloud now” -- RightScale 16

17.Database as a Service (DBaaS) DBaaS becomes preferred way to run databases in the cloud • Do not need to maintain skills to focus on database plumbing • Evolving role of DBA to focus on higher value activities • All large cloud vendors have DBaaS offerings now • Offering your technology as DBaaS is must 17

18.Recent DBaaS Announcements 18

19.DBA vs DBaaS (Amazon View) DBA DBaaS • New Apps • Automatic fail-over • App Upgrades • Backup & recovery • Schema Design • Isolation & security • Query Construction • Industry compliance • Query Optimization • Push-button scaling • Automated patching • Advanced monitoring • Routine maintenance 19

20.Containers Applications are leading the way to be run in containers Docker – de-facto container standard Kubernetes – container orchestration platform Kubernetes is just getting good for database workloads 20

21.Docker and Kubernetes Adoption 21

22.Automation Few DBAs to manage large fleet of database service Large application vendors and DBaaS providers Current generation – rule-based Emerging trend – machine learning/AI-based 22

23. Security and Compliance #1 Concern of Percona Customers in 2018 #1 Concern among CTO’s and CIO’s One breach can put you out of business GDPR, HIPPA, PCI are not just for enterprise

24. Breach Statistics

25. Developer Power Increasing number of developers supported by single DBA Transitioning of DBA to auxiliary duty of Developers, SREs DBaaS enables self service for developers Increasing danger of poor database architecture schema and query design

26.Percona’s Role Helping you to…

27.Embrace the Cloud Maintain agility and remain competitive • Focused, agile experts who can improve time-to-market Accommodate rapid growth and application development • Proactive, responsive services enable an agile, scalable, secure environment Develop and deploy agile solutions • Design and architecture expertise for dynamic, data-driven applications Best-of-breed approach saves money and mitigates risk • Amazon AWS (EC2, RDS, Aurora and S3), Microsoft Azure, Google CloudSQL, Rackspace Cloud, MongoDB Atlas and others “Providing our customers with current and relevant data that is accurate and up-to-date is the only way to stay relevant in our business. Percona’s expertise in database architecture for both MySQL and MongoDB allowed us to implement the best failover solution, and provided us with a way to continually monitor our environment.” Phil Hildebrand, Senior DBA, Moz 27

28.Pivotal Cloud Foundry Uses Percona Premier platform for running modern applications atop public and/or private clouds Relies on Percona for: • Robust, high-performance MySQL data service solution • MySQL expertise for complex challenges • Advice on MySQL data services in the development and delivery of PCF “Knowing Percona’s experts are available for resolving complex challenges gives us complete confidence in our ability to manage all eventualities. So, when in-depth database knowledge is needed, we can turn to the Percona team for their specialist perspective.” Ryan Jones, Senior Manager of Product at Pivotal Cloud Foundry 28

29.Optimize Business Performance Avoid downtime and outages and manage risk through sound architecture frameworks • Deep operational knowledge to ensure uptime and availability Meet expected customer experience (9s, load times) • Industry-leading trusted advisors to maintain performance and stability Foster business, operations and developer collaboration • Best practices for productivity and innovation learned from 3000+ satisfied customers “Our clients … need our data services to better reach their customers and take advantage of sales opportunities. A performant and available database is crucial to our business, especially as we grow and take on new clients and markets. With Percona’s help, we were able to ensure an optimized database that meets our customers’ needs.” Guillaume Morin, Head of Production and Infrastructure, Alkemics 29