Extending and Customizing Percona Monitoring and Management

您是否已经在您的环境中运行了stock pmm,并且想要了解如何扩展pmm平台?来了解:
对数据库执行select语句并存储在prometheus中 构建与您的环境相关的仪表盘


1. Extending and Customizing PMM Michael Coburn Percona

2.Michael Coburn ● Product Manager for PMM (as well as for Percona Toolkit) ● At Percona for 6 years across multiple MySQL roles ○ Principal Architect, Managing Consultant, Technical Account Manager 2

3.What is PMM ● Free, Open Source database troubleshooting and performance optimization platform for MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL ○ We also support: ■ ProxySQL ■ Amazon RDS MySQL & Aurora MySQL ■ Remote MySQL & PostgreSQL instances ● Runs in your secure environment (this is not a SaaS product!) and on your equipment ● Secured with SSL between client and server 3

4.Customizing Dashboards Click to add text

5.Grafana in a Nutshell ● Open Source data visualisation tool ● Dashboards are just JSON ● Popular datasources ○ Prometheus ○ CloudWatch ○ Graphite ○ Elasticsearch ● Templated Variables ○ Define your graph metrics, and let the hosts get filled in automatically ○ GREAT for large, dynamic environments where hosts are considered ephemeral 5

6.Dashboard Example - MySQL Overview 6

7.Editing a Dashboard ● Enter into Edit mode ● Review Metrics formulas & define graph characteristics 7

8.Collect Metrics from anywhere Click to add text

9.External Exporters ● Prometheus is a very active community, hundreds of exporters exist ● First configure an Exporter to run, then notify PMM to scrape the new Exporter ● pmm-admin add external:service --service-port=9187 postgresql 9

10.Adding Dashboards ● Create your own! ● Or use one from grafana.com/dashboards and edit as needed ○ Datasource name (change to Prometheus) ○ Edit instance variables to match PMM variable names (i.e. $host when most grafana.com Dashboards use $instance) 10

11.Custom Queries Available for MySQL and PostgreSQL

12.Custom Queries ● MySQL and PostgreSQL support the concept of Custom Queries - run SELECT statements in order to create Prometheus metric series that you can then plot on a graph ● Configuration is enabled by default and executed by the Exporter ● Runs every 60 seconds 12

13.Users table - MySQL view 13

14.Users table - queries-mysqld.yml ● Configuration is stored in /usr/local/pmm-client/ 14

15.Users table - Advanced Data Exploration 15

16.Customizing Exporter Options

17.Exporter Options ● Exporters have multiple collectors - specific code to collect specific metrics from the service being monitored ● Percona balances maximum data collection with minimum impact on the observed system ● This leads to some Exporter collectors being disabled 17

18.node_exporter Example ● 48 total collectors: 32 are enabled by default, 16 disabled ● We want to enable monitoring of NTP ○ pmm-admin remove linux:metrics ○ pmm-admin add linux:metrics -- --collectors.enabled=...,ntp ○ ps aux | grep node_exporter 18

19.Using Grafana Alerting Click to add text

20.Grafana Alerting ● Rules are added to graphs that react based on defined thresholds ● Alerts are sent to pre-defined Notification Channels ○ You can have multiple channels defined 20

21.Grafana Alerting 21

22.Grafana Notification Channels ● Defines how you will learn about new alerts ● Over a dozen are available: ○ Email ○ Slack ○ PagerDuty ○ AlertManager ○ ... 22

23.Using MySQL Data Source Click to add text

24.MySQL Data Source ● Grafana feature which PMM inherits from upstream ● Results of a SELECT statement can draw graphs ● Our example is using Percona Production data 24

25.PMM Versions over Time 25

26.Do's and Don'ts Click to add text

27.PMM Best Practices ● Grafana Alerting works great for < 50 instances ○ over that it becomes prohibitive to manage the variable -> string mappings ● Don't edit Percona-provided Dashboards - your changes will be overwritten at next upgrade! ○ Instead copy the dashboard and edit your copy, and it will survive upgrades ● Send us your ideas, and even better, your Dashboards ○ Percona loves Pull Requests! Your changes can make it into a future release ● Participate in the percona.com/forums ! 27

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