Why we are excited about MySQL 8



1. Why we’re excited about MySQL 8 Practical Look for Devs and Ops Peter Zaitsev, CEO November 11, 2017 Percona University Kiev © 2017 Percona. 1

2.In This Presentation Few Words about Percona Few Words about Percona University Program Exiting things MySQL 8 has to bring © 2017 Percona. 2

3.Thank you Creative Quarter Creative Quarter is a Ukraine-based managed infrastructure with flexible office space, supplies, facilities management and a full range of operational services © 2017 Percona. 3

4.Thank you CNA © 2017 Percona. 4

5.Few Words about Percona © 2017 Percona. 5

6.Percona’s Purpose To Champion Unbiased Open Source Database Solutions © 2017 Percona. 6

7.We Do Support, Managed Services for MySQL and MongoDB Also Consulting and Training Helping companies to migrate to Open Source Database Develop Open Source Software Solutions to maximize your success © 2017 Percona. 7

8.Broad Software Ecosystem Support MySQL Percona Server MariaDB Percona XtraDB Cluster Percona Server for Galera Cluster for MySQL MariaDB Galera Cluster MongoDB MongoDB Amazon RDS for Google CloudSQL MySQL/MariaDB/Aurora © 2017 Percona. 8

9. 100% Free and Open Source Software Percona Server Percona Server Percona XtraDB for MySQL for MongoDB Cluster Percona Percona Percona Toolkit Monitoring and Xtrabackup Management © 2017 Percona. 9 9

10.Percona University Educational Technical Presentations Multiple Locations in the World Partnering with Local Companies Affordable to Attend (Free) © 2017 Percona. 10

11.Percona University – What to Expect Several presentations on different topics Feel free to only attend those you’re interested in Keep it Interactive! Ask Questions Breaks Prize Give away in the end © 2017 Percona. 11

12.What’s Exciting in MySQL 8 ? For Devs and Ops © 2017 Percona. 12

13.Warning This assessment is done for Pre-GA MySQL 8, based on documentation and limited testing. We’re yet to see how they behave in production © 2017 Percona. 13

14.Source Notes Examples liberally borrowed from Oracle team presentations and Blog Posts © 2017 Percona. 14

15.MySQL 8 for Ops © 2017 Percona. 15

16.Ops care about Stability High Availability Performance Security Observability Manageability © 2017 Percona. 16

17.Native Data Dictionary About 10 years overdue Atomic (Crash Save) DDLs Much Faster Information Schema No more MyISAM System Tables! © 2017 Percona. 17

18.Fast Information Schema Scaling from 5.000 to 1.000.000 tables © 2017 Percona. 18

19.Much Better and Faster UTF8 • utf8mb4 as Default Charset © 2017 Percona. 19

20.Security ROLEs Breakdown of SUPER Privileges Password History Faster cached-SHA2 Authentication --skip-grants blocks remote connections Redo and Undo Logs are now encrypted if Table Encryption is enabled © 2017 Percona. 20

21.Persistent Auto Increment Another feature 10 years overdue Do not reset AUTO INCREMENT to the max value in the table on restart © 2017 Percona. 21

22.Auto-Managed Undo Tablespace Do not use system table space for undo space any more Automatically reclaim space on disk from large transactions © 2017 Percona. 22

23.Self Tuning (limited to Innodb) •innodb_buffer_pool_size Set innodb_dedicated_server to auto-tune •innodb_log_file_size •innodb_flush_method © 2017 Percona. 23

24.Partial In-Place Update for JSON Can update field in JSON object without full re-write Great for counters, statuses, timestamps etc Only update and removal of element is supported Only Optimizer and Replication support so far © 2017 Percona. 24

25.Invisible Indexes • Test impact of dropping indexes before actually dropping them • Can use use_invisible_indexes to use invisible indexes in a session © 2017 Percona. 25

26.TmpTable Storage Engine More efficient storage engine for Internal Temporary tables Efficient storage for VARCHAR and VARBINARY columns BLOB/TEXT Columns are not supported (yet?) © 2017 Percona. 26

27.Backup Locks Prevent operation which may result in inconsistent backups LOCK INSTANCE FOR BACKUP © 2017 Percona. 27

28.Optimizer Histograms • Detailed Statistics on Columns, not just Indexes © 2017 Percona. 28

29.Improved Optimizer Cost Model •Keep in account how much of data is cached vs on disk © 2017 Percona. 29