Percona Software and Services Overview

来听Percona首席执行官Peter Zaitsev讨论Percona开源软件的新功能,包括用于MySQL和MongoDB的Percona Server、Percona Xtrabackup、Percona工具包、Percona Xtradb群集和Percona监控和管理。


1.Percona Software & Services Update Q4 2017 Peter Zaitsev,CEO Percona Technical Webinars November 15, 2017

2.Why ? Talking to Many Users and Customers Getting “What have you been up to?” Question This is a way to provide a quick summary 2

3.In This Presentation What’s new What’s new What are we with Percona with Percona working on Services Software 3

4.Percona Solutions & Services

5.Percona’s Purpose To Champion Unbiased Open Source Database Solutions 5

6.Meaning We write software We use the best to offer you better what exists in Open Solutions Source community 6

7.Principles 100% Free and Open Source Software Focused on finding solution to maximize your success Open Source Database Strategy Consulting and Implementation No Lock-in Required 7

8.Broad Software Ecosystem Support MySQL Percona Server MariaDB Percona XtraDB Cluster Galera Cluster for Percona Server for MariaDB Galera Cluster MongoDB MySQL MongoDB Amazon RDS for Google CloudSQL MySQL/MariaDB/Aurora 8

9.Specialization Options for PAAS, IAAS, and SAAS 9

10.Our Business Focus Building long term •Support Partnership •Managed Services Relationships 10

11.Percona Ongoing Services • Full 24x7 Monitoring Percona • Proactive Response Care • Fully Managed Ultimate • Scheduled Reviews • TAM • Regular Consulting Percona Percona • Optional Scheduled Care Onsites Care • Scheduled Checkups • 24x7 Escalation Percona • Operational Support Percona Percona Support • Software support Support Support • Expert Advice 11

12.Consulting and Training Onsite and Remote 4h to full time weeks or months Projects & Staff Augmentation 12

13.“Enterprise Wide” Support Agreements Covers both “MySQL” and “MongoDB” Do not count Servers Highly customized coverage 13

14.98.7% Customer Satisfaction Rating 98.6% Satisfaction Rating (CSAT) Over last 12 months 14

15.Percona Support Coverage Policy All Servers required to support the application Servers which store your Application Data Criteria: Remove Server and Performance, Redundancy is affected Recommend Stage/Dev/QA coverage to Spot problems earlier Affordable “Unlimited” agreements available 15

16.New to Percona Support • ProxySQL fully supported for any MySQL deployments not just for Percona XtraDB Cluster 16

17.Percona Software

18.Percona Software Principles All Percona Software is 100% Free and Open Source No Restricted “Enterprise” version No Open Core No Open Source… Eventually 18

19.Platform Support Announcements RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 and CentOS 5 have reached EOL Ubuntu 12.04 has reached EOL 19

20.Percona Software available on Docker Percona Server for MySQL Percona Server for MongoDB Percona XtraDB Cluster Percona Xtrabackup Percona Monitoring and Management 20

21.Percona Server for MySQL 5.7 Overview • 100% Compatible with MySQL 5.7 Community Edition • 100% Free and Open Source • Includes Alternatives to Many MySQL Enterprise Features • Includes TokuDB Storage Engine • Focus on Performance and Operational Visibility 21

22.Percona Server 5.7 Recent Improvements MyRocks Included MySQL Group Prefix Index Query in Percona Server Replication Optimization for (Experimental) included Innodb 22

23.MyRocks in Percona Server • Please test it out and provide us feedback • Non GA quality yet, Improving Quickly • 23

24.Index Only Prefix Queries Optimization 24

25.Index Only Prefix Index Optimization 25

26.Percona Server 5.7 – About to be Released Integration of TokuDB Advanced Encryption and Performance Logical Read-Ahead Support Schema 26

27. Working towards Percona Server 8 MySQL 8 Release Candidate was Released – Working on Percona Server 8 27

28.Percona XtraBackup Overview • #1 Open Source Binary Hot Backup Solution for MySQL • Alternative to MySQL Enterprise Backup • Parallel Backups, Incremental Backups, Streaming, Encryption • Supports MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server 28

29.Percona XtraBackup new features Hardware accelerated crc32 for page and log checksums Parallel stream extraction Parallel encryption and decryption Fast Index Creation-safe backup mode 29