MySQL Monitoring With PMM

MySQL Monitoring With PMM


1.MySQL Monitoring with Percona Monitorign and Management Peter Zaitsev 10 November 2016

2. Many Sides of Monitoring Investigations and Capacity Planning Alerting (When Diagnostics (Finding (Preventing resource things get bad) Root Cause) exhaustion) 2


4. Focus on Service vs Component Service Component • Web Site Overall • General Availability and • Single Web Server Performance • Remove from the service if • Redundancy Loss poor availability or • Other “global” issues ie correctness Performance • Immediate Action required 24/7 • Self Healing (especially cloud) • Automated Actions for Healing and Scaling • 24/7 optional 4

5. Proactive and Reactive Proactive Reactive • Needs attention to prevent future • When things are bad or problem problem eminent • Working Hours • 24/7/365 • Replication Capacity close to • Server Crashed limit • Will run of space in a week • Replication Broke • Backup is taking longer than • Servicing Queries Slowly desired • Backup Failed 5

6. Service Impacting and Operational Service Impacting Operational • Directly Impacting • Are backup being taken? Application • Is configuration valid/secure ? • Service Down • Is replication running • Service Slow and up to date ? 6

7.Signal Versus Noise High Noise Alerting systems fail due to Human Psychology 7

8.Learn More on Alerting Fantastic Alerting Philosophy • by Rob Ewaschuk 8

9. What do we use at Percona ? Working on next Percona Monitoring generation Alerting for Plugins (NAGIOS) Percona Monitoring and Management 9

10.Investigations and Diagnostics

11.What does MySQL do ? Responds Application Requests 11

12.Criteria Response (Available) Right Quickly (Correctness) (Performance) 12

13.Two Ways to Look Query Focused System Focus 13

14. Problem Caused By Hardware and Application MySQL Environment • Too many • Choosing Bad • CPU Queries Plan • Disk • Bad Queries • Contention • Memory Issues • Network • Locking 14

15. With this in mind we built PMM Percona Monitoring and Management Query Analytics – Looking at the Queries Side Metrics – Looking at the Operating System and MySQL Side Built by using Best in class Open Source Components 100% Free and Open Source Available now as GA 15

16.Meet PMM Note: Name is futureproof, currently doing Monitoring not Management 16

17.Inside Percona Monitoring and Management 17

18. For the User ? Get Docker Container for “Server Part” Install the “Agent” on MySQL or MongoDB Servers Point the agent to the right server location 18

19.Our Grand for Plan for PMM To Become Open Source Monitoring and Management solution for MySQL and MongoDB Focus on Ease of use for Non-Experts But have depth for Experts to solve most complicated problems Actionable advice as automated as possible Work in and out of the Cloud Do not reinvent bicycle. Use Best in Class Open Source Components 19

20.Check it Out Live Demo is running at 20

21.Lets Explore it Together! (Demo)