What's New MySQL and MongoDB Ecosystem



1. What’s New in MySQL and MongoDB Ecosystem Year 2017 Peter Zaitsev CEO Percona University, Ghent June 22nd, 2017 1 © 2017 Percona

2.In This Presentation Few Words about Percona Few Words about Percona University Program Most Interesting Developments in MySQL and MongoDB ecosystems 2 © 2017 Percona

3.Thank you – Co.Station Gent 3 © 2017 Percona

4.Few Words about Percona 4 © 2017 Percona

5.Percona’s Purpose To Champion Unbiased Open Source Database Solutions 5 © 2017 Percona

6.We Do Support, Managed Services for MySQL and MongoDB Also Consulting and Training Helping companies to migrate to Open Source Database Develop Open Source Software Solutions to maximize your success 6 © 2017 Percona

7.Broad Software Ecosystem Support MySQL Percona Server MariaDB Percona XtraDB Cluster Percona Server for Galera Cluster for MySQL MariaDB Galera Cluster MongoDB MongoDB Amazon RDS for Google CloudSQL MySQL/MariaDB/Aurora 7 © 2017 Percona

8. 100% Free and Open Source Software Percona Server Percona Server Percona XtraDB for MySQL for MongoDB Cluster Percona Percona Percona Toolkit Monitoring and Xtrabackup Management 8 8 © 2017 Percona

9.Percona University Educational Technical Presentations Multiple Locations in the World Partnering with Local Companies Affordable to Attend (Free) 9 © 2017 Percona

10.Percona University – What to Expect Several presentations on different topics Feel free to only attend those you’re interested in Keep it Interactive! Ask Questions Breaks Prize Give away in the end 10 © 2017 Percona

11.Whats new in MySQL and MongoDB Top Highlights 11 © 2017 Percona

12.Innovations worth Noticing MySQL 5.7 MySQL 8 MariaDB 10.1 Amazon Aurora Percona Percona XtraDB Monitoring and MyRocks ProxySQL Cluster 5.7 Management Percona Server Orchestrator Gh-ost MongoDB 3.4 for MongoDB 3.4 12 © 2017 Percona

13.MySQL 5.7 – Current GA 13 © 2017 Percona

14.MySQL 5.7 - Security “Secure by Default” Password validation (no weak passwords by default) Automatic SSL certificate creation Simple SSL setup “root” user created with password by default 14 © 2017 Percona

15.MySQL 5.7 Encryption Can encrypt Innodb tables on disk Only data is encrypted at this point Innodb log files, binary log files are not encrypted MySQL 8 does Innodb log file encryption 15 © 2017 Percona

16.MySQL 5.7 - NoSQL Native JSON data type Can index fields in JSON documents CRUD access through Protocol X 16 © 2017 Percona

17.MySQL 5.7 - Replication Parallel Replication Multi-Source Replication Can enable GTID online MySQL Group Replication MySQL Innodb Cluster 17 © 2017 Percona

18.MySQL 5.7 – Performance Schema Automatic configuration for Performance Schema Reduced overhead (especially memory overhead) Memory Usage Instrumentation Instrumentation of Storage Procedures Instrumentation of Transactions Sys_schema included for simple Performance Schema access 18 © 2017 Percona

19.MySQL 5.7 - Performance Further improved Multi-core scalability Optimizations for Innodb Temporary Tables New Compression for Innodb Tables Optimizer Improvements 19 © 2017 Percona

20. MySQL 5.7 Benchmarketing: Sysbench OLTP Read Write 20 *Information from Oracle OpenWorld presentation by Geir Hoydalsvik

21.Complete list of MySQL 5.7 Improvements http://www.thecompletelistoffeatures.com/ 21 © 2017 Percona

22.MySQL 8 – Currently in Development 22 © 2017 Percona

23.MySQL 8 Further What was Native Data Performance previously referred Dictionary (no Roles Schema as MySQL 5.8 more .frm files) Improvements Common Table Replication Expressions (CTE) Performance Invisible Indexes More to come and Windowing Improvements Functions 23 © 2017 Percona

24.MariaDB 10.2 - Current GA 24 © 2017 Percona

25.About MariaDB “fork” by MySQL Founder Michael Widenious, Replaced MySQL in many Linux Distributions Has number of interesting features MySQL does not More and More Becomes separate Database Not every MySQL feature ported to MariaDB Differences in Replication, Optimizer, JSON, Protocol X, GIS, Enryption 25 © 2017 Percona

26.New in MariaDB 10.2 Recursive Common Table Expresions (CTE) WITH CHECK CONSTRAINT support DEFAULT expressions DEFAULT value for TEXT/BLOB Alpha (Experimental) MyRocks Storage Engine JSON, GeoJSON improvements 26 © 2017 Percona

27.Amazon Aurora 27 © 2017 Percona

28.Amazon Aurora The fastest Growing Database Technology at AWS High End of Amazon RDS MySQL Integration with Amazon Cloud Storage for Improved Performance and Replication Automatic Replication and Cluster Recovery Improved Query Cache Not always faster than MySQL on EC2 28 © 2017 Percona

29.Percona Server 29 © 2017 Percona