Percona Vision and Plans

Peter Zaitsev
Peter Zaitsev co-founded Percona and assumed the role of CEO in 2006. As one of the foremost experts on MySQL strategy and optimization, Peter leveraged both his technical vision and entrepreneurial skills to grow Percona from a two-person shop to one of the most respected open source companies in the business. With over 140 professionals in 30 plus countries, Peter’s venture now serves over 3000 customers – including the “who’s who” of internet giants, large enterprises and many exciting startups. Percona was named to the Inc. 5000 in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Peter was an early employee at MySQL AB, eventually leading the company’s High Performance Group. A serial entrepreneur, Peter co-founded his first startup while attending Moscow State University where he majored in Computer Science. Peter is a co-author of High Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication, one of the most popular books on MySQL performance. Peter frequently speaks as an expert lecturer at MySQL and related conferences, and regularly posts on the Percona Database Performance Blog. He has also been tapped as a contributor to Fortune and DZone, and his recent ebook Practical MySQL Performance Optimization Volume 1 is one of’s most popular downloads. Peter lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children. In his spare time, Peter enjoys travel and spending time outdoors.


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3.Schedule at Glance 9:30 to 18:30 Feel Free to Attend only Talks you Like Coffee Breaks 11:15 and 15:50 Lunch on your Own 13:10 to 14:20 Raffle about 18:15 I am available for side conversations © 2019 Percona. 3

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7.2006 Peter and Vadim work for MySQL AB MySQL AB raises Venture Capital, Trades Customer Focus on Exit Focus Peter and Vadim has idea of Building Customer Committed Company Start Percona focusing on MySQL and LAMP Consulting © 2019 Percona. 7

8.My Belief Once you Charge your customers, your primary goal must be Their Success © 2019 Percona. 8

9.Percona Evolution Some “Gaps” Could not be filled by Consulting – Started Creating Percona Software Transition to Support as foundation of Long Term Relationships with Customers Expanded to cover MongoDB in 2015 PostgreSQL Support added in 2018 © 2019 Percona. 9

10.Covering Top Choices in Open Source Databases © 2019 Percona. 10

11.Vision Trusted Adviser for Open Source Database Technologies There is no Silver Bullet, Tradeoffs between choices More than one Open Source Database to be used in the future © 2019 Percona. 11

12.Percona’s Purpose To Champion Unbiased Open Source Database Solutions © 2019 Percona. 12

13.Meaning We Provide Solutions (Support, Consulting, Training, Remote DBA) for Open Source Databases We Release 100% Free and Open Source Software We Help Customers Avoid Software Vendor Lock-In We Provide Open Source Alternatives to the “Enterprise” Software editions © 2019 Percona. 13

14.The most popular databases on the most popular platforms © 2019 Percona. 14

15.Service Overview • Best of class Technical Support • Percona DBA Service • Enterprise-wide options • Monthly deliverables • Technical Account Management • 24x7x365 Monitoring & • Industry defining SLAs Alert response Managed Support Services Education Consulting • Classroom Training • Architecture & Design • Customizable for your needs • Performance Tuning • Online Webinar options • Health & Performance audits © 2019 Percona. • Staff Augmentation 15 • Miscellaneous Consulting

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17.Entire Lifecycle Development Deployment Maintain Fix Design Plan Build Test Migrate Go Live Ops Upgrade Problems Percona Consulting – Expertise to handle specific projects (we finish a project for you) Percona Managed Services – Proactive 24x7x365 DBA Services (we do it for you) Percona Advanced & Premium Support – Trusted Advisor available 24x7x365 (we advise you) © 2019 Percona. 17

18.Open Source Databases Run Best With Percona Market Leader in Open Source Database Management ▪ Technology-agnostic and committed to open source ▪ Recognized database performance experts ▪ Unparalleled open source services and support ▪ Truly open source enterprise software Cloud Native No Vendor Lock in Multi-Vendor © 2019 Percona. 18

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20.Percona Software Principles All Percona Software is 100% Free and Open Source No Restricted “Enterprise” version No “Open Core” No “Open Source… Eventually” No “Commons Clause” © 2019 Percona. 20

21.Percona Server Software More secure, better performing, and more stable versions of MySQL and MongoDB. © 2019 Percona. 21

22.Percona Tools We develop tools that are specifically designed to reduce costs, increase productivity, and ensure optimal data availability and consistency. © 2019 Percona. 22

23.Percona Server for MySQL © 2019 Percona. 23

24.Percona Server 8.0 is now Available! • 100% Compatible with MySQL 8.0 (Community Edition) • Open Source Variants for many MySQL Enterprise Features • Better Performance on High End Workloads • Improved Security and Observability © 2019 Percona. 24

25.Enterprise Features in Open Source Pluggable Authentication Auditing Scalability through Thread Pool Advanced Encryption © 2019 Percona. 25

26.Advanced Encryption ? Integration with Hashicorp Vault Key rotation Scrubbing for key management © 2019 Percona. 26

27.MyRocks in Percona Server 8.0 3-4x compression compared to Innodb 10x less write amplification Faster Data Loading Faster Replication Improved in PS 8.0 © 2019 Percona. 27

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29.Save $$ in the cloud with MyRocks © 2019 Percona. 29