将PMM服务器连接到RDS和Aurora for MySQL和PostgreSQL度量活动 访问AWS CloudWatch API进行基本资源消耗监控(CPU、磁盘、内存)
*使用PMM针对RDS MySQL或Aurora MySQL的查询分析


1.PMM for AWS Daniel Guzman Burgos Percona

2.Agenda • What is different? • What is additional? • What is not there? 2

3.What is Different? Doing alternative things

4.What is Different? ● Adding/Removing instances procedure ● Access requirements ● Configuration Requirements 4

5. Adding/Removing instances No need to use the pmm-admin (From the pmm-client package) 5

6.Adding/Removing instances Though you could use pmm-admin (more on that in a bit) 6

7.Adding/Removing instances Use an IAM user account 7

8.Access Requirements Details on what is an IAM users are out of scope. But not hard to find: m/IAM/latest/UserGuide/intro duction.html 8

9.Access Requirements IAM policy is part of the scope, though Details: rcona-monitoring-and-managem ent/amazon-rds.html#pmm-ama zon-rds-iam-user-policy 9

10.Access Requirements Once 1. IAM user is created 2. Policy is in place 3. And credentials are created…. We can continue adding instances to PMM! 1 0

11.Adding/Removing instances 1 1

12.Adding/Removing instances 1 2

13.Adding/Removing instances What about PostgreSQL ? 1 3

14.Adding/Removing instances PostgreSQL RDS instance can be added as a remote DB instance: 1 4

15.Adding/Removing instances Only credentials access are required 1 5

16.Adding/Removing instances But also available on the remote instances dashboard 1 6

17.Adding/Removing instances the postgres_exporter will immediately kick in 1 7

18.Adding/Removing instances 1 8

19.Adding/Removing instances 1 9

20.Adding/Removing instances 2 0

21.Adding/Removing instances The “Amazon RDS / Aurora MySQL Metrics” dashboard is going to be deprecated on PMM 2 2 1

22. Adding/Removing instances PMM 2?? Whaat? Currently on Alpha: ment-pmm-2-0-0-alpha2-is-now-available/ 2 2

23.Adding/Removing instances PMM 2?? Whaat? But coming as Beta TOMORROW May 30th!!! 2 3

24.Adding/Removing instances Why is the “Amazon RDS / Aurora MySQL Metrics” dashboard is going to be deprecated on PMM 2 ? 2 4

25.Adding/Removing instances Because it was an intermediate solution. It was Grafana’s CloudWatch data source-based 2 5

26.Adding/Removing instances It was kind of tricky to set it up. 2 6

27.Adding/Removing instances And data was not persisted on Prometheus 2 7

28.Adding/Removing instances All that was fixed when rds_exporter were introduced 2 8

29.Configuration requirements ● Performance Schema enabled for QAN 2 9