Automate PMM Deployment with Ansible

根据我们在数百种不同环境中部署PMM的经验,在本课程中,我将展示如何使用Ansible for Automation在生产环境中管理PMM。


1. Automate PMM Deployment with Ansible Max Bubenick Platform Lead @ Percona

2.Who am I? • Working @ Percona since 2013 • Sr Remote DBA • Manager • Platform Lead • Past Work Experience • Developer • SysAdmin • Data Architect / DBA

3.Agenda • Pre-requisites • Inventory • Playbook • Roles • Docker • Pmm-server • Pmm-client • Pmm-managed


5.Pre-requisites • Ansible 2.7 • pmm-server RedHat Based (needs to work on Debian support) • PMM communication ports open

6.Ansible Inventory

7.Ansible Inventory Predefined groups that should not need changes [pmm:children] pmm-server pmm-client pmm-managed [pmm-server] server [pmm-client:children] mysql mongodb [pmm-managed:children] rds

8.Ansible Inventory Predefined global vars [pmm:vars] global_pmm_version=1.17.1 pmm_ssl_enabled=True pmm_server_username=pmm pmm_server_password=VAULT_ME ALWAYS ENCRYPT PASSWORDS!!!!

9.Ansible Inventory We need to define hosts and place them in the appropriate groups based on purpose [mysql] [proxysql] [mongodb] [rds]

10.Ansible Playbook

11.Ansible Playbook pmm-server group to run roles: docker & pmm - hosts: pmm-server become: true gather_facts: yes roles: - { role: docker, tags: docker } - { role: pmm, tags: pmm }

12.Ansible Playbook pmm-managed group to run pmm_managed role for RDS Instances - hosts: pmm-managed become: true gather_facts: no serial: 1 roles: - { role: pmm_managed, tags: pmm-managed }

13.Ansible Playbook pmm-client play to run pmm_client role against mysql, mongodb and proxysql servers. - hosts: pmm-client become: true gather_facts: yes roles: - { role: pmm_client, tags: pmm-client }

14.Ansible Roles

15.Ansible Roles: Docker Deploys Docker. It’s a pmm-server dependency. Role Defaults: # Options applied via systemd docker_options: “" # Storage driver for Docker docker_storage_options: --storage-driver=devicemapper

16.Ansible Roles: pmm Deploys pmm-server. Depends on Docker. Role Defaults: ## GENERAL SETTINGS pmm_version: "{{ global_pmm_version | default('1.17.1') }}" pmm_install_version: "{{ pmm_version }}” # Port for unencrypted requests pmm_http_port: 8080 # Port for encrypted requests pmm_https_port: 8443 # Force a reset of the data container pmm_reset_container: no

17.Ansible Roles: pmm Role Defaults: ## SECURITY SETTINGS !!! SET SECRETS IN VAULT FILES !!! # Must be stored stored in vault pmm_server_username: pmm pmm_server_password: VAULT_ME # # As documented, this can be an IAM user with CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess access pmm_aws_access_key_id: your_aws_access_key_id pmm_aws_secret_access_key: your_aws_secret_access_key pmm_rootless: no # Run the PMM container in rootless mode pmm_ssl_enabled: True # Enable SSL for PMM pmm_ssl_dir: pmm-ssl # Relative path in /etc/ for generated certs pmm_ssl_expire_days: 3650 # Expiry time for the cert (in days) pmm_ssl_cert_address: localhost

18.Ansible Roles: pmm Role Defaults: ## PROMETHEUS SETTINGS # Data retention for Prometheus; N.B. set before the container is created/recreated pmm_metrics_retention: 720h # Resolution time in Prometheus; default of 5s to reduce load pmm_metrics_resolution: 5s # Specify memory available to Prometheus; ansible_memtotal_mb * 128 since pmm_metrics_memory is in KB pmm_metrics_memory: "{{ ansible_memtotal_mb * 128 }}” # Applies QUERIES_RETENTION to the Docker container to configure QAN purging pmm_queries_retention: 8

19.Ansible Roles: pmm Role Defaults: ## DOCKER CONTAINER SETTINGS # Port mapping pmm_docker_ports: - '{{ pmm_http_port }}:{{ 8080 if pmm_rootless else 80 }}/tcp' - '{{ pmm_https_port }}:{{ 8443 if pmm_rootless else 443 }}/tcp’ # Restrict memory usage for Docker; divided by 2 since this value is required in MB pmm_docker_memory: "{{ (ansible_memtotal_mb / 2) | int }}MB" pmm_docker_env: SERVER_USER: "{{ pmm_server_username }}" SERVER_PASSWORD: "{{ pmm_server_password }}" METRICS_RETENTION: "{{ pmm_metrics_retention }}" METRICS_RESOLUTION: "{{ pmm_metrics_resolution }}" METRICS_MEMORY: "{{ pmm_metrics_memory }}" DISABLE_UPDATES: 1 QUERIES_RETENTION: "{{ pmm_queries_retention }}"

20.Ansible Roles: pmm Role Defaults: ## EXTENDING PMM SETTINGS # Prometheus recording rules # Period for rules evalutation in Prometheus pmm_prometheus_rules_evaluation: 5m # A list of files specifying recording rules pmm_prometheus_rules_files: [] # Enable custom dashboards deployment pmm_custom_dashboards_enabled: yes # List of daashboards to be added pmm_custom_dashboards: []

21.Ansible Roles: pmm-client Deploys pmm-client Role Defaults: ## GENERAL SETTINGS pmm_version: "{{ global_pmm_version | default('1.17.1') }}" pmm_install_version: "{{ pmm_version }}" pmm_client_enabled: yes # enable/disable pmm-client deployment pmm_client_bind_address: "{{ ansible_ssh_host }}" # Set the bind address (IPv4) pmm_client_check_for_vividcortex: false # Handle Vividcortex agent during tasks linux_metrics_port: 42000 mysql_queries_port: 42001 mysql_metrics_port: 42002 mongodb_metrics_port: 42003 proxysql_metrics_port: 42004

22.Ansible Roles: pmm-client Role Defaults: ## Prom exporters settings # Extra args for pmm-admin to pass to mysqld_exporter, e.g.
 #“-collect.perf_schema.eventswaits=false” pmm_client_mysqld_exporter_extra_args: [] # Extra args for pmm-admin to pass to node_exporter pmm_client_node_exporter_extra_args: [] # Set limit (table count) for disabling tablestats pmm_client_disable_tablestats_limit: 1000

23.Ansible Roles: pmm-client Role Defaults: ## USERS SETTINGS pmm_defaults_file: /usr/local/percona/.my.cnf # Used with pmm-admin for MySQL credentials #pmm_src_defaults_file: /path/to/.my.cnf # Source for pmm_defaults_file # These must be placed in vault pmm_client_username: pmm pmm_client_passwd: Vault_m3! pmm_mysql_username: "{{ pmm_client_username }}" pmm_mysql_passwd: "{{ pmm_client_passwd }}" pmm_mongodb_username: "{{ pmm_client_username }}" pmm_mongodb_passwd: "{{ pmm_client_passwd }}"

24.Ansible Roles: pmm-managed Uses pmm-managed API to add RDS servers Role Defaults: pmm_managed_enabled: yes # Specify the name used by pmm-managed to add the host pmm_rds_host_name: '{{ ansible_host.split(".")[0] }}’ # Specify the region used by pmm-managed to add the host pmm_rds_host_region: '{{ ansible_host.split(".")[2] }}' For more details on PMM Managed API: RDS/AddMixin5

25.Source Code

26.Source Code Code is in public GitHub repo $ git clone

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