tmux cheat sheet


1. tmux cheat sheet General Panes (splits) Copy mode prefix % vertical split Function vi emacs CTRL + : “ horizontal split back to indentation ^ M-m start new o swap panes start selection space C-space tmux q show numbers clear selection Esc C-g start new session with name x Enter M-w tmux new –s myname kill copy selection attach + break into window cursor down j down tmux a # - restore from window cursor up k up attach to named space – toggle layouts cursor right l right tmux a –t myname { move left cursor left h left list sesssions } move right delete line d C-u tmux ls z toggle zoom delete to end of line D C-k kill session $ C-e end of line tmux kill-session –t myname Commands start of line 0 C-a resize-pane –D 20 resize down next page C-f PgDn Sessions resize-pane –U 20 resize up next word w M-f s list sessions resize-pane –L 20 resize left paste buffer p C-y $ rename session resize-pane –R 20 resize right quit mode q Esc swap-window –s 3 –t 1 scroll up K C-up Windows (tabs) list-keys scroll down J C-down c create window list-panes n n search again w list windows ? C-r search backward n next window Misc / C-s search forward p previous window d detach f find window t clock , Reload name window ? list shortcuts $ tmux source-file ~/.tmux.conf & kill window : prompt