VMware’s Cloud delivers what few other clouds can; consistent infrastructure and consistent operations. Learn how Ingram and VMware leverage VMC on AWS, VMware’s SaaS portfolio and our VMware Cloud Provider Program to accelerate your cloud practice.

1.VMware Cloud on AWS Matt Kwiatkowski | Solutions Engineer

2.Is Your Cloud Destined To Become The Good China? Because We Never Use The Good China- • Difficult & expensive to maintain • Expensive, if not impossible, to replace • Risk aversion • Waste of money • Waste of space • … but I can say I have it!

3.Simply Having Something Doesn’t Make It Useful! Virtualization, HCI, Cloud, Containerization, etc are NOT answers! • Require expertise • Have associated costs • Carry their own risks • Can very easily waste time and money • … but I can say I have it! • … but can I say WHY I have it?

4.We Want To Ride Into The Future! But… It’s Not that Simple.

5. 92% >80% Organizations committed to consider it important to have the same hybrid architectures* architecture on and off-premises* Public Clouds Are a Key Enabler of Digital Transformation ©2018 VMware, Inc. 5

6.IT Solution… or BUSINESS Solution? “When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.” – George Westerman | Principal Research Scientist with the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy ?

7.Changing Our Thinking About IT • Where we likely are – I’m selling / buying cloud! • Where we need to be – I’m going to sell / buy a technology platform that enables business value!

8.Trusted VMware Technology + World’s Leading Public Cloud Leading compute, storage and network Flexible consumption economics virtualization capabilities Broadest set of cloud services Support for broad range of workloads Global scale and reach De-facto standard for the enterprise DC

9.VMware Cloud on AWS Industry leading Consistency and Easy workload Direct access to the Existing and new apps VMware SDDC familiarity of VMware portability and hybrid power of native AWS with Containers delivered as a cloud technologies across capabilities services and VMs service on AWS environments VMware SDDC technologies you know and trust delivered as a service on the world's most popular public cloud

10. REGIONAL AVAILABILITY Simultaneous Expansion 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 3 2 3 Available Regions and # of # Availability Zones (AZs) 2 US West (Oregon) US East (N. Virginia) 3 Europe (London) Europe (Frankfurt) Asia Pacific (Sydney) Europe (Ireland) March 2019 Q2 2019 Q3 2019 Q4 2019 1H2020 (est.) *US West (N. California)* # # # # Asia Pacific (Singapore) *South America (Sao Paulo)* Europe (Sweden) Bahrain China (Mainland) US East (Ohio) *Canada (Central)* *Asia Pacific (Seoul)* China (Hong Kong) Gov Cloud US East Cape Town Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Europe (Paris) **Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)** Milan Gov Cloud US West *Asia Pacific (Mumbai)* * Stretched Proprietary information of Ingram Micro cluster Inc. – Do not supported not distribute (2 AZs)without Ingram Micro’s express written permission. or duplicate 15 ** Disaster Recovery site only, gated entry

11.VMware Cloud on AWS vRealize Suite, vSphere Integrated Containers, ISV Ecosystem Operational Management VMware Cloud™ on AWS Native AWS Services Powered by VMware Cloud Foundation … … vCenter vCenter Amazon Amazon Amazon EC2 S3 RDS vSphere vSAN NSX … … • ESXi on Dedicated • vSAN on Flash and EBS • NSX Spanning on- Hardware Storage premises and Cloud • Support for VMs and • Replication and DR • Advanced Networking AWS IoT AWS Direct AWS IAM Containers Orchestration & Security Services Connect Customer Data Center AWS Global Infrastructure AWS Global Infrastructure

12.VMC on AWS Pricing Constructs Consumption-based Billing Hybrid Loyalty Program On-demand / hourly model Leverage existing investments with VMware 1 or 3-year reserved model Purchase VMware Cloud on AWS at a lower rate Buy add-on services No trade-in of on-premises licenses required

13. Target Customers • Number of Workloads • Number of workloads (150-200+ virtual machines) • Existing Applications • Stateful, n-tier traditional applications • Existing applications that are stranded • VMware Expertise • Significant tooling and operational processes built on VMware • Don’t force the customer to reinvent the wheel; leverage existing staff, processes and tooling • AWS Estate • Current AWS estate would benefit from adjacency • Refactor / transform some services to AWS native, e.g. AWS RDS database support • Limited Resources • Don’t have the scale, resources or expertise to justify and/or deploy private cloud on their own • Time to Value • Extend data center networks and move VMs with minimal changes • Migrate a portion of the app in a controlled manner (e.g. cold, warm, live) • Accelerate cloud migrations with minimal disruption

14. Key Use Cases Data center extension Disaster recovery Cloud migrations Next-generation apps Expand Primary Secondary Consolidate Migrate Maintain Footprint expansion/ Application New Disaster Recovery Application specific on-demand capacity modernization Virtual desktops & published Replace existing Disaster Data center wide New app build out apps Recovery Complement existing Test/Dev Infrastructure refresh Hybrid applications Disaster Recovery

15.VMware Cloud Provider Program – Managed Service Provider (MSP) Model Determine Go To Market Model VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency Transact MSP Service via Commit Contract Managed Service Provider Lifecycle 1. Commit to a 12-month Contract 2. Service Provider builds MSP Pipeline 3. Deliver Managed Services and Own the Terms of Service 4. On-Board and Provide Support to your Customers 5. Complete Monthly End Customer Reports and Pay Invoices

16.MSP Discounts for Billing and Level 1 Support 1-Year Subscription 20% with 4-nodes HLP Discount $41,600 HLP discount granted to the Customer $208,000 $41,600 26% Partner Discount $54,080 Invoice per Net Partner Invoice price as Net Invoice to Customer from Partner. Price as negotiated negotiated between Partner and Customer. between $112,320 partner and Price reflects partner COGS for VMC on AWS customer plus partner margin. VMC on AWS HLP Discount MSP Discount for Invoice to Customer, Purchase Approved for Commit Contract with the HLP discount (MSRP) Customer Note: For illustrative purposes only. Actual numbers may vary depending on services and prices sold.

17. Massive Opportunity for Managed Services MSP Margin: $1,245 MSP Monthly Revenue: $4,800 $242B 8X +$360 Professional, compliance, security, change management +$900 Managed Services TAM* 40% +$280 Planning, readiness, migration, testing +$700 Services Margin $236B Public Cloud TAM** +$200 Support Management +$500 +$105 Apps-as-a-Service (self service catalog) +$700 +$150 Disaster Recovery and Backup-as-a-Service (self service) +$1000 15% Infrastructure Margin +$150 Infrastructure-as-a-Service (self service) +$1000 *2021, **2020 Sources: 1. Datamation, Apr 2017; 2. http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3616417. February 22, 2017. 3. “Enterprise ©2018 VMware, Inc. Adoption Driving Strong Growth of Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, According to IDC.” Press release. IDC. July 14, 2016. 22

18.Cloud Choice With Operational Efficiency of Unification

19.VMware Delivers True Cloud Choice


21. Thank You Matt Kwiatkowski Solutions Engineer kwiatkowskim@vmware.com