Drones and robots (Robots as a Service) are helping SMBs gather intelligence, enhance operational efficiency, and expand offerings. This market is projected to reach $30B in just 5 years. Learn how these technologies can be quickly deployed for commercial use and the next market transition they offer for both end users and providers.

1.Drones & Robots – Enhancing Your Solution Stack Dave Seibert | CIO IT Innovators

2. Rapid Market Growth Opportunities Drones RPA & RaaS

3.Add Excitement to your QBR / EBR

4.Drones are Plentiful for all Applications

5.$82B Projected Revenue by 2025 Inventory Land Survey

6.Focus on SMB Solutions / $1000 - $3000

7.Client Use Cases; Show Vertical Solutions

8.Top 20 - Over $500 Million in VC Funding

9.Projected Drone Deployments

10.A Vast Market with Solutions

11.Client Side - A Few Core Requirements

12.Know a Few Tips for your Clients

13.Drone Learning Resources

14.RPA & RaaS (Robots as a Service) • Leverage Cloud Resources • Cost Effective Leasing • Lower Maintenance & Support • Think Software Automation • SMB / SME Scaling

15.Leverage the Cloud Stack

16.RPA is about Software Automation

17.Process Automation • Any manual repetitious business process that’s performed by keyboard and mouse data input can be replicated using robotic process automation • RaaS operates 24x7x365 • Scripting libraries speed development

18.Create Positive Organizational Change

19.Increase Productivity. Free Client’s Staff.

20.RaaS / RPA Cloud & Training Resources

21. Start Today. These Innovative Solutions Are Ready. Be a Thought Leader With Your Clients Drones RPA & RaaS

22.Thank You Dave Seibert CIO – IT Innovators DaveSeibert99