Streamline Adoption of Cloud with Cloud Orchestrator

Learn how Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator (IMCO), a multi-cloud orchestration platform, enables partners to quickly, easily, and securely deploy and manage workloads in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

1.Streamline Adoption with Cloud Orchestrator Javi Perez-Griffo | Director of Engineering

2.Speaker today Javi Perez-Griffo Director of Engineering

3.Market Trends

4. IaaS Market Trends WW Public Cloud IaaS Revenue WW Private Cloud Revenue Cloud Shift by Type 25 44B 40% 25 26% SaaS 10% 40B 16% 37B 20 IaaS 20 30% 24% (public cloud) 5% 10% 31B 32B 15 15 8% 25B 22% IaaS 12% 20% 10 25B 10 20% On-premises 15% 5 (private cloud) 5 10% 18% 0 18% Off-premises 6% (non-cloud) 0 0% 2017 2018 2019 5% 2017 2018 2019 2020 On-premises 56% -18% (non-cloud) 38% Asia/Pacific EMEA Dedicated hosted Americas Growth % On-demand hosted 2018 2020 Source: IDC WW Cloud Source: IDC WW Cloud Source: Microsoft

5. Increased Public/Private Cloud IaaS Adoption 100% 10% 9% No interest Q. How would you 12% 8% describe the change in 80% 5% your organization’s 10% current or near-term plans Education/Evaluation to use public cloud or 60% private cloud infrastructure solutions to support production 40% 78% workloads and services? 68% Firm plans to implement 20% Currently using 0% Source: IDC CloudView | Multi-Cloud is the New Normal 2016 2017

6. Multi-Cloud is the Name of the Game 5+ Q. How many Clouds Q. What are the most AWS, Azure 38% clouds is your 4 Clouds 9% popular two-cloud company currently 6% combinations? using? AWS, OpenStack 21% 3 Clouds 1 Cloud AWS, Google 17% 13% 49% OpenStack, VMWare 14% 2 Clouds AWS, 23% VMWare 6% Azure, OpenSt ack 4% Source: IOD | State of The Enterprise Multi-Cloud 0 25.0 50.0 75.0 100.0 125.0


8. Multi-Cloud is not easy after all? Endless Tedious Infinitesimal Impinged Paperwork Processes Centralized Mgmt Productivity Varying terms, processes, Consolidating billing with lots Lack of integrated tools for Minimal automation with overlap prices, schedules and contracts of overwhelming operations work a unified Cloud experience of resources and processes This happens for every hyperscaler

9.Orchestrator in a Nutshell Orchestrate Automate Bundle infrastructure (compute, deployment of any software a cloud solution that includes network, etc..) on any cloud stack leveraging DevOps tools infrastructure, software and homogenously. license activation deployable anytime anywhere.

10. Orchestrator in Detail Infrastructure DevOps Cloud Application Templates • More than 70 software stacks and • Modeling of references ISV ✓ Currently compatible with biggest 3000 available in www architecture via Cloud Application hyperscalers public (Azure, AWS) • Ability to upgrade/patch/downgrade Templates and private (VMWare) using DevOps philosophy • Hyperscalers agnostic (Build once ✓ Ability to orchestrate (Compute, • Currently integrated with Chef and use anywhere) Network, …) down the road with Ansible, Puppet • Consume CATs directly from ✓ Homogenous management of and Salt CloudBlue via Connect (Alpha) infrastructure resources across multiple clouds ✓ Removal of Vendor lock-in Tools Integration • Command Line Interface • CloudBlue • API to integrate with existing tools • Connect

11.CloudBlue & Orchestrator Cloud The leading commerce engine Orchestrator IaaS Multi-Cloud Orchestration Subscription Management, Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Reporting & Billing Management and Automation Subscription Management Automated Deployment Multi-Tier, Multi-Channel Mgmt Multi-Cloud Management User Management Monitoring Billing & Invoicing Application Templatization Business Intelligence Multi-Cloud App Orchestration

12. Cloud Application Templates Technology within Cloud Orchestrator that allows us to bundle solutions that include infrastructure, software and license activation deployable anytime anywhere. Where the archive defines: ✓ Networks ✓ Servers ✓ Applications ✓ Customizations ✓ Dependencies ✓ License Activation ✓ VPNs Ability to create 1 click IaaS solutions

13.Our Story and Strength Access to Orchestration vendor capabilities products & services CloudBlue IaaS Multi-Cloud Orchestrator The Module The Platform driven strategy Application Consolidated templatization billing and invoicing


15.CAT Demo 1. Create a private network (VPC) 2. Create a public subnet within that VPC 3. Configure a Windows Machine 4. Install Microsoft SQL 5. Download License Key for Veeam 6. Install Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 7. Create Floating IP an attach it Veeam Server

16. Thank You Javi Perez-Griffo Director of Engineering @jpgriffo @jpgriffo