More than an update to Microsoft’s iconic suite of productivity software, Microsoft 365 is the answer to the question: “What will tomorrow’s business platform look like?” A complete, intelligent solution, including Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely. Partners will learn how to build their businesses around a complete solution.

1.Microsoft 365: The Future Business Platform Pascal Walschots | Director Marketing, Microsoft 365

2.Agenda Topic Time Trends in the Market: Security and SMB 15 mins Understanding the Security Technology 15 mins Building Services Revenue 5 mins Q&A 10 mins

3.Microsoft 365

4.Today is all Your Everything about Microsoft businesses customers accelerating isistransforming changing are are evolving growing transformation

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6. Word Office Office 365 Excel Exchange Windows 10 PowerPoint SharePoint Enterprise Mobility + Security Outlook Lync Server Office Office 365

7.Microsoft 365 Enabling the cloud transformation

8. Navigating the offer line-up Business Core needs Enterprise Advanced needs Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365 Business E3/E5 One single, scalable Windows + Office apps + Security + Cloud services Windows + Office apps + Security + Cloud services admin experience Office 365 Office 365 Business Premium E3/E5 Combine ANY of these Office apps + Cloud services Office apps + Cloud services plans in a single customer account with the option Office 365 Business Office 365 Business Essentials ProPlus Office apps + OneDrive Enterprise E1 Cloud services Office apps + OneDrive Cloud services to attach premium standalones Only top plans for Small Business listed, Business plans have 300 seat cap, per plan Enterprise plans have no seat cap

9. Grow license and services revenue with cloud security Microsoft 365 Business $20 /user/month Office 365 Business Premium $12.50 /user/month License revenue Exchange Online margin 15-20% $4 /user/month Deployment & Deployment & One-time services Migration Migration Deployment services margin 30-35% services Managed services Basic Monitoring margin 45-50% ~ $2 /user/month Advanced Monitoring ~ $4 /user/month Security as a Service ~ $16 /user/month These packages do not include Microsoft cloud license fees. These are example fees. This document is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

10.What is Microsoft 365 Business? Seamlessly securing each layer of productivity • AAD Features like Multi Factor Authentication User Identity Security • Self Service Password Reset • Full Centralized Management of Mobile devices with Intune Device Security • Remote wipe of data of lost & stolen devices • BitLocker Encryption & Strong Pin enforcement along Microsoft 365 Application Security • Restrict copy/paste/save corp data to personal apps Business • ATP against malware and zero-day attacks Email Security • DLP to monitor sensitive data from being transmitted • Email restrictions like “Do Not Forward” or “Encrypt Email” • AIP protects & classifies content for secure sharing Document Security • Revoke access to Documents • Track Sensitive documents

11. Acquire new Partner customers Opportunity $36 Increase Managed Services Differentiated business solutions Per user per month

12.Threat landscape for small businesses 71% 60% $900K 55K of cyberattacks of small businesses is the average cyber Devices are compromised target small close their doors attack remediation cost by ransomware businesses after a cyberattack for small businesses every month

13.It only takes hackers 4 minutes to get into a network, but 99+ days for businesses to discover they’ve been breached. 30% 63% 53% of users open emails from of passwords are weak, of users accidentally attackers, 10% click on default, or stolen share information attachments or links

14.Microsoft 365 Business - Demo Onur Dogrouz

15.Summarizing Your Opportunity

16. Top-6 Key Security Features packaged: Microsoft 365 Business Data Loss Prevention Does content analysis to easily identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information (e.g. SSN) from leaving org Partners have traditionally sold Exchange Online Archiving Office 365 E3 to SMB customers, now 100GB Archiving & preservation policies such as eDiscovery to remain complaint Microsoft 365 Business offers a more complete security solution Office Message Encryption Encrypt email messages, including adding do not forward and encryption properties Partner opportunity to push into Managed Security Services Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Attachment scanning and prevent users from clicking suspicious links Great upsell from Office 365 Business Premium to capture incremental run- Azure Information Protection Controls & Manages how sensitive content is accessed in rate and expand customer engagement documents and email Intune Manages devices & apps from the cloud, enabling device security protecting company info on employee devices

17.Create an advanced security monitoring practice Secure Score API Monitor and report on customers’ secure score in downstream tools Examine your customers security baseline Integrate data into compliance or cybersecurity apps Integrate Secure Score data into SIEM or CASB Partner Smart Office - Aggregate Secure Score information into a single repository for all customers

18.Extend security monitoring across all customers/products Graph Security API Unify and standardize Single integration point to consolidate and standardize alerts for easier alert management consumption in your security services. Deliver improved visibility into customer security with comprehensive, Unlock security context customized dashboards to drive investigation Keep alert status and assignments in sync across security operations tools Automate SecOps for Correlate alerts and contextual information and take action across firewalls, greater efficiency AV products, and other threat protection solutions

19.Microsoft Modern Workplace Offers

20. Microsoft Modern Workplace Offers Microsoft 365 Business Build IT Up Back IT Up Bundle IT Up Get the deepest discount on M365 Use the M365 discount to add full SkyKick Expand your cloud offering and propel back-up and expand profitability. your business to the next level. 28.6% base discount on new & existing M365 Business customers 28.6% base discount on new & existing 28.6% base discount on new and existing M365 Business customers M365B customers Microsoft 365 Business is the Modern 15% discount on SkyKick Full back-up 15% discount on SkyKick Full back-up Workplace platform of the future for MSPs. 15% discount also available on SkyKick 30% discount on Dropbox for Business Exchange Only back-up. -Integrated collaboration and efficiency tools. Special $2.50 Pickit Add-On -Multi-layered security controlled by you. -Future-proof your customers’ workspace. 15% discount also available on SkyKick Exchange Only back-up. NOT required to bundle all services to receive discount.

21. Microsoft Modern Workplace Offers Office 365 Business Premium Build IT Up Back IT Up Bundle IT Up Get the deepest discount Use the Office 365 Business Premium Leverage your Microsoft Office 365 on Office 365 Available discount to add full SkyKick Back-Up. business to expand your cloud offering and propel your business to the next 28.6% base discount on new 28.6% base discount on level. Office 365 Business Premium Office 365 Business Premium 15% discount on SkyKick 28.6% base discount on Office 365 Business Premium Full back-up Grow your cloud business and increase long 15% discount on SkyKick Full back-up 15% discount also available on term, recurring revenue with the industries SkyKick Exchange Only back-up. 30% discount on Dropbox for Business best in class office productivity suite and the number one Indirect Provider of Microsoft Special $2.50 Pickit Add-On cloud solutions. 15% discount also available on SkyKick Exchange Only back-up. NOT required to bundle all services to receive discount.

22.Microsoft Modern Workplace Offers Office 365 Kickstarter Bundle Migration Cloud Backup Choice of #1 rated migration tool Complete protection across Ingram & SkyKick Office 365 SKU No Charge the Office 365 tenant Support Migration Cloud Backup Start right: Smooth Extend the relationship: Advice and support to migrations unlock The ideal second service keep you productive customers and increase for Office 365 Free 24/5 Phone & Email profitability Increase recurring Sales Planning Support 2X+ Risk Reduction revenue & margins 2X+ Number of Projects Technical & Strategy Differentiate Offering Support 2X+ Profitability Protect Customers

23. Thank You Pascal Walschots Partner Marketing Director, Microsoft 365 @walschots @pascalwalschots