CloudBlue is a leading commerce engine with a developed hyperscale digital platform, access to an infinite ecosystem and proven go-to-market services. Learn how this platform helps partners adapt, compete and grow by enabling speed to market and revenue for digital services.

1.CloudBlue Overview Rob Oostergetel | Vice President, Americas Isidoro Porquicho | Vice President, EMEA L i n co l n L i n co l n | V i c e P r e s i d e n t , A PJ

2.Agenda • Year in review • The changing market • The financial impact

3.Year in review Rob Oostergetel Vice President, Americas


5.Journey since CS18 Microsoft Inspire 2018 March Cloud Summit X Mobile World Congress February January Velocity Tour - Japan 2019 Velocity Tour - London & NYC December September CloudBlue Connect Microsoft Inspire July April Cloud Summit 2018

6.CloudBlue Strategy To power any company in the world to participate and monetize in the digital economy, by providing: Hyperscale Infinite Acceleration Platform Ecosystem Services

7.Accelerating GROWTH! 30% 0 -200k 1M+ PARTNERS NUMBER OF SEATS ANOTHER PARTNER have over 100k seats that broke the 1M seat added in less than 1 year on the CloudBlue Platform barrier in 2018 Service Provider, North America Service Provider, North America The numbers keep


9.Highlighting Success Acceleration • Assisted Sales Services • Assisted Sales • Premium Customer Support • Strategic Advisory/GTM Services Infinite Ecosystem Hyperscale Digital Platform Soon to enable multiple sales channels Multiple sales channels and multi country On-line – Retail – MidMarket and Enterprise

10.The Future is NOW

11.The changing market Isi Porquicho Vice President, EMEA

12.Common Trends Past 18 months Total Addressable Market exploding while Core Services at risk Multichannel GTM outgrowing the rest of channels Capital Expenses under great pressure Customer Acquisition Costs have increased dramatically *Framework Source Source: Mckinsey “How Telecom companies can win in the digital revolution”

13. Total Addressable Market Growing Fast Thanks to Cloud & Adjacent Technologies Total Telco Market TAM Increase IoT – Digital Subscription Cybersecurity Management $2.4 $1 trillion $1.7 trillion trillion Cognitive-Analytics Estimated average total expenditure Cloud $60+ billion on cybersecurity 2020. Cybersecurity Top Five Internet of Things Trends for 2017 – IBM Internet of Things Market Ventures – Cybersecurity Estimated overall market revenue for Market Report Q4 2016 $225+ cognitive solutions in 2020. Analytics Trends 2016 – The Next Evolution – Deloitte billion Estimated of Telco spending by 2015 IDC Cloud Services Market 2025 *Source: Mckinsey Digital Telco Analysis

14.Customer Acquisition cost has increase significantly

15.Multi-channel GTM outgrowing the rest of channels

16.And how are CloudBlue partners performing?

17. How did CloudBlue Partners perform?? A look back on 2018: Best Practices Overall 21% YoY Growth in Net New Users* +9K PoS (reseller, branches, subsidiaries, brands) Reselling CSP +800k SMBs 40% When using 70% 89% Assisted Sales Services 72% 30% 19% When Platform is 65% Deployed in Azure Distribution MSPs-VARs Telco Other *Including Hosters Source: CloudBlue Internal DW

18.Strategic Imperatives of Digital Service Providers Nail the Core and Pursue Adjacencies - Total Addressable Market exploding while Core Services at risk Infinite Ecosystem Develop Multichannel Strategies and focus on the Experience - Core Services at risk Streamline, Automate and reduce operational and customer acquisition Hyperscale Platform costs, outsourcing what is not Core - Capital Expenses under great pressure Everything as a Service, connecting corporate ERP and CRM - Customer Acquisition Costs have increased dramatically Acceleration Services *Framework Source Source: Mckinsey “How Telecom companies can win in the digital revolution”

19. Planning 2019 for Success 1. The market is maturing and concentrating rapidly, with use case centered around the verticals markets that serve Digital Assets to Business Customers: MSP-VARs, Distis, Telcos and Retail 2. CloudBlue provides the best set of assets, the most relevant experience and the scale to make Cloud big in some key use cases. Our customers outgrow the market significantly 3. By joining forces we can provide customer focused differentiators and improvements to your Digital Supply Chain, adding new catalog offerings, streamlined operations and customer facing GTM services 4. The new programs and products will allow you to plan 2019 to ramp up earlier, with less costs, and with a complete array of services to cross the chasm to volume

20.The financial impact Lincoln Lincoln V i c e P re s i d e n t , A PJ

21.Forrester TEI Analysis The Total Economic Impact™ Of The CloudBlue Enterprise Commerce Platform Powered by Microsoft Azure

22.The CloudBlue Customer Journey Forrester conducted interviews with five CloudBlue customers. Interviewed customers are described as follows (each requesting anonymity): INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIP REVENUE Telecommunications 4 Years $60 billion Managed cloud solutions provider 12 Years $19 million Telecommunications 10 Years $7 billion Managed cloud service provider 1 Year $2 billion IT managed services 6 Months $1.2 billion

23.Quantified benefits by categories Benefits (Three-Year) “CloudBlue has been the $3.5M catalyst for reducing $3.1M customer churn by making it easier to expand the number of adopted offerings, which $2.2M increases retention “stickiness” with our customers.” $1.1M $1M Product manager, marketing, telecommunications company Faster time to market Go-to-market savings Reduced churn due to Resource savings with Resource savings with and revenue (gross attributed to CloudBlue enhanced CloudBlue the CloudBlue Connect CloudBlue back office profit) with CloudBlue. Acceleration Services. customer experiences framework. API integrations. resulting in incremental revenue (gross profit).

24.Quantified benefits The Total Economic Impact™ Of The CloudBlue Digital Commerce TOTAL BENEFITS NET PRESENT VALUE RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) TOTAL HEADCOUNT SAVED TOTAL PAYBACK Platform Powered By $10,774,768 $6,029,546 126% 22.4 FTE <3 months “We have been very impressed by the commitment shown by CloudBlue in making their platform offering relevant and effective for telecom operators. Business Benefits And Cost Savings Delivered By Their willingness to adapt their solutions to our requirements, however The CloudBlue Digital complex, delivers real value for us.” Manager of cloud platform, telecommunications company Schedule your free business assessment using the Forrester ROI calculator to see your results

25. CloudBlue Breakouts Tuesday Wednesday 1:00pm Introduction to CloudBlue Designing Your XaaS Go-to-Market Strategy - Robert Oostergetel, Isidoro Porquicho &Lincoln Lincoln - Eric Gitter 2:00pm Accelerating Success in the Cloud Using CloudBlue to Power Your Business - Aleksander Cvetkovski - Taylor Giddens & Anton Konkov 3:00pm Increasing Cloud Sales with Syndication Growing and scaling services in the digital economy - Georg Stumpf - Peter Stridh & Grant Chapman 4:00pm Build New Solutions in the CloudBlue Ecosystem Streamline Adoption of Cloud with Ingram Micro - Max Kuzkin & Michael LeComte Cloud Orchestrator - Javier Perez-Griffo

26. Thank You Rob Oostergetel | Vice President, Americas Isidoro Porquicho | Vice President, EMEA L i n c o l n L i n c o l n | V i c e P r e s i d e n t , A PJ