IaaS Vision Planning Workshop

Are you looking to add IaaS to your offerings but don’t know where to start? This workshop will walk you through the steps of designing your own IaaS strategy, from building your team and solutions to identifying targeting customers, creating 12-month goals, and more.

1.IaaS Vision Planning Workshop D a v i d S t e p h e n s | S r. C l o u d I n f r a s t r u c t u r e S o l u t i o n s E x e c u t i v e

2.Agenda • Vision: • Who you are • Who you want to be • Vendor Programs • Customer Types • Verticals • Roles and Responsibilities • Solution Building • Goals and Strategy

3.Ingram Micro – IaaS Methodology & Go To Market Strategy

4.Partner Success • Planning DOES matter • Partner size does not matter • MSPs seem to handle IaaS better than traditional resellers • Must have at least one dedicated sales and two technical leaders • Success comes through Solutions and Services • Multi-cloud • Advance through Vendor programs

5.IaaS Channel Research

6.Partner Tiers • Amazon APN Consulting Partners • Registered Tier • Standard / Select Tier • Advanced Tier • Premier Tier • AWS Competency • AWS Navigate: An APN Partner’s Path to Specialization on AWS • Microsoft Cloud Platform Competency • Silver • Gold • Azure Partner Journey: https://sway.office.com/bhPYZSA0sVf9Oy85

7.Stakeholders • Executive Leadership Buy-In is Essential • Sales Manager • Technical Manager • Pro Services Manager • Managed Services Manager • Marketing Manager • Operations Manager • Help Desk Manager • Project Manager

8.Sales Roles • Who will be the Evangelist / SPOC / Leader? • Who will be selling? Inside? Outside? • Define specific education for each role • Develop compensation plans to encourage MRR • How are you tracking results?

9.Customers • Who are your current customers? • Size / Type • # of Active customers • Top 3 verticals • Top 5 vendors • Typical IT solutions sold • Geographic focus • Use BI to build prospect list • What is Your Message to Existing Customers? • What is Your Message to Prospective Customers?

10. Solution Propensity Solution Offers On- Offers Offers Cloud Recommended • Definitions: Premise Consultation Focus Data Center • Offers On-Premise Partner Transformation Yes Yes Yes High currently offers this solution on-premise Disaster Recovery • Offers Consultation Database Storage Partner provides & Mgmt. consultation for the solution Web Site & Applications • Offers Cloud Partner is already offering cloud Mobile Services solution Hosted Desktop • Recommended Focus Rank & identify top 3 Business solutions for focus based Applications on results

11.IaaS Solutions Tools & Resources Primary Secondary Discovery & Assessment Architecture & Configuration Orchestration Migration Provision & Deploy Support Manage & Monitor

12. Traditional IT Solutions 3rd Party Partners Primary Secondary Security Compliance Networking Storage Backup/Disaster Recovery Virtualization App/Dev Ops Database Analytics/Big Data

13.Creating Solutions Solution = Product + Product and/or Service and /or Expertise Consider leveraging tools, products and services that you or your customer already use • BDR with Veeam/DRaaS • Big Data Analytics • Backup as a Service • Storage Management • Cloud Governance • Server Refresh/Server Replication • VDI/Hosted Desktop • Web Server Hosting • Compliant Cloud • Build and Manage Hybrid Cloud Environments • Secure Cloud • Cloud Readiness Assessment • Health Cloud • Cloud Optimization • Blockchain • Collaboration as a Service (Cisco) • IoT • Connectivity (Bandwidth to Vendor)/Optimizing bandwidth

14.Primary IaaS Vendor Target Primary (Existing or Vendor Solution 3rd Party New Client) Vertical Average MRR Solution #1 Solution #2 Solution #3

15.Goals and Strategy • Goals • Create 1 / 3 /6 / 12 month goals • Sales, Technical, Marketing, Operations, Support • Define due date • May want to define responsible party • Strategy • Be specific • Identify responsible party

16.Goals and Strategy Examples Goals Examples: Strategy Examples: • Identify 20 new customers for Disaster Recovery solution by EOY • Take the certification test by Oct 31 (Jeff) • Create a Hosted Desktop demo by end of October • Create a demo of the DRaaS in Azure by Dec 31 (Tony) • Provide 5 Cloud Assessments by EOY • Define VDI solution by end of 3rd Qtr (Mary) • Establish marketing plans by end of September • Create IaaS content for the website by March 31 (Brittany) • Complete Testing of Cloud Readiness Tools by July 1 • Assign social media responsibility by end of January (Liz) • Prepare Sales Enablement, Certification and Training Plan by July • Review MS Azure Partner Journey (SWAY) this month (Renee) 15 • Each rep must identify 3 prospects (leads) each month (Bob) • Develop Online and Traditional Marketing Plan by July 15 • Build reward program to incent lead generation (Leo) • Develop Backup and DR Solution by July 30 • Create bonus structure for blog and vblog content (Heather) • Complete 6 Solution Sales Engagements by December 31 • Identify Veeam options for AWS and Azure (Randy) • Create $50K MRR Azure business by December 31 • Survey customers regarding current IaaS use (Stefan) • Become AWS Advanced by June 30 • Technical Azure certification complete by September (Mike) • Achieve AWS Competency by December 31 • Run Cloudamize assessment internally (Reed) • Build Cloud Assessment Service by May 30

17. IaaS Initiative Overview Vision Describe the IaaS Business as it would appear in a future successful state. What will you do? Who will you do it for? What type of growth will you pursue? In what time frame? Goals Success for this program will be the accomplishment of the CY’19 Solutions following: (reportable/date) We will evaluate and roll out a number of • Goal 1 solutions potentially including: • Goal 2 • Goal 3 ➢ Solution 1 • Goal 4 ➢ Solution 2 • Goal 5 ➢ Solution 3 Strategy ➢ Solution 4 What are the strategies to complete the goals: (responsible party) • Strategy 1 ➢ Solution 5 • Strategy 2 ➢ Solution 6 • Strategy 3 • Strategy 4 • Strategy 5

18.Target Market Key targets include: Customer Profile: Organizations looking for high growth or cost reductions including: 1. Target 1 • Type 1 2. Target 2 • Type 2 3. Target 3 • Type 3 • Type 4 4. Target 4 • Type 5 5. Target 5 6. Target 6 Customer needs and interests may include: • Backup / Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity 7. Target 7 • R&D / Disposable IT 8. Target 8 • Global expansion • Mixed environment • Collaboration

19.IaaS Sessions at CSX • IaaS Vision Planning Workshop • LAB: Leveraging Next-Gen Compute and Database Services with AWS • IaaS Programs and Education Planning Workshop • LAB: Architecting a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) on • IaaS Marketing Planning Workshop AWS • IaaS Sales Planning Workshop • LAB: Serverless Computing and Chatbots with Microsoft Azure • Establish a Successful and Sustainable IaaS Business • LAB: Updating From SQL Server 2008 to Microsoft Azure • IaaS best practices for MSPs • VENDOR: Accelerate your Practice with Azure • IaaS Lifecycle Services Panel • VENDOR: Reimagining the Cloud with Cisco • Accelerate your Practice with Azure • VENDOR: VMware, The Clear Choice for a Multi • Streamline Adoption of Cloud with Ingram Micro Cloud Era Cloud Orchestrator • EXTRA: Azure and Hybrid Cloud EOS Opportunities • Applying AI and ML to Operations (3/11) • IaaS Cost Optimization Planning with CloudCheckr • EXTRA: AWS STP: Foundations for Business (3/14)

20. Thank You David Stephens Sr. Cloud Infrastructure Solutions Executive David.Stephens@IngramMicro.com @imstphns @dvdstphns