IaaS Sales Planning Workshop

Incorporating IaaS into your offerings will set you apart from other channel partners. Develop the sales plan for your IaaS business, including how to build a sales cadence, run an assessment, create a proof of concept, create proposal templates, and sales commission advice.

1.IaaS Sales Planning Workshop J e f f P a l a z z o | S r. I a a S S o l u t i o n s E x e c u t i v e , U . S . C l o u d

2. IaaS Lifecycle Framework PARTNER ENABLEMENT OPPORTUNITY ENABLEMENT EXECUTION 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Partner Demand Opportunity Discovery + Ongoing Training Proposal Deployment Operations Recruitment Generation Qualification Consultation Management Propensity Sales Training Thought Opportunity Technical Quote Configuration Billing Monitor + Analysis Leadership Qualification Discovery Consolidation Secure Environment Technical Proposal Orchestration Partner Training Marketing Scope of IaaS Solution Subscription Qualification Collateral Requirements Architecture + Management SLA Customer Testing Design Achievement Solution Presentation Training Marketing Capacity Migration Campaigns Aggregation Technical Support Certification Project Events Management

3.“Nothing happens until someone sells something”

4.Key Sales Planning Components • Sales Competency • Sales Kits • The Customer Discussion

5.IaaS Sales Competency • AWS Business Professional • TCO and Cloud Economics • Azure Sales Fundamentals (18554)

6.IaaS Sales Competency Need to be Need to be agile compete Need to be compliant Elastic Scalable Secure TCO Cloud Benefits ROIC Need to Transform Need cash Upkeep PAYGO on hand OPEX Want to get Stretched IT acquired resources IT is old and unreliable

7.IaaS Sales Competency Investment creates All other differentiation that investments wins customers Investment shortfall creates serious and immediate risk All other investments

8.Sales Kits – Equipping your Team

9.Sales Kits

10. Sales Kits • Time-bound offers • Well-defined options • Collateral • Sample deliverable • Consequences! • Descriptive literature • Easy to quote • Qualifying questions • Marketing support • Technical run-books (engineering)

11. Sales Kits • Standard Services, Solutions • Fit your target markets • Well-defined, repeatable • Collateral • Sample deliverable • Descriptive literature • Easy to quote • Qualifying questions • Marketing support Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) • Technical run-books (engineering)

12.Sales Kits

13.The Customer Discussion

14.The Customer Discussion

15.The Customers Discussions

16.The Customer Discussion

17.The Customer Discussion Image provided by Amazon Web Services

18.The Customer Discussion

19.The Customer Discussion

20.What’s next?

21.Call to Action • Leadership: • Salespeople: • Standard offers • Get educated • Time-bound offers • Problem/Solution => Benefit • Marketing investment • Become relevant, valuable • Create sales kits • Leverage sales kits • Pre-sales engineers • Describe the Cloud Journey • Solution run books • Repeatable planning • iaas@Ingrammicro.com • Address stakeholder needs • Sell the Assessment

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23. Thank You Jeff Palazzo S r. I a a S S o l u t i o n s E x e c u t i v e Jeff.Palazzo@ingrammicro.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffpalazzo/