Hybrid cloud solutions are expected to play a key role in digital transformation in 2019. Learn about the benefits of the various hybrid combinations (e.g., private and public, cloud and on-premises), IaaS and hyperscale options, the importance of bandwidth, and how partners can succeed in a hybrid environment.

1.How Hybrid Cloud Solutions Are Powering Businesses Karl Connolly | Ingram Micro Brian Schoepfle | IT1 Source Sudesh Girdhari | CenturyLink

2.Hybrid Cloud is not easy

3.Public v Private Value Propositions

4.Vendor Lock In

5.Containers & Serverless

6.Change is good, Transformation is better

7.Hybrid IT represents massive opportunity for everyone in this room

8.IaaS market continues to grow, next year it will be $72.Billion Market

9.More Business will opt for Hybrid Cloud Solutions in 2019

10.Full transition of applications to public cloud is not easy or always right

11.With Hybrid, organizations can move at their own pace, reducing risk & cost

12.Hybrid enables multi vendor Cloud & Orchestration opportunities

13.Data gravity & latency matter

14.Ingram had a gap in its portfolio


16.CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation

17.The Network must evolve as quickly as Compute to succeed

18.We see more, so we can stop more

19.Reimaging value in old business processes

20.Security & Compliance Business Criticality On Premise Data Sovereignty Workloads ENABLE Managed User Demographics Hosted Services Performance SERVICE Scalability & Demand Infrastructure Private Cloud DEPLOY Fit for Purpose Partner for Scale FLEXIBILITY & Partner for breadth Service Levels CONTROL Network Public Cloud CONNECT Integration Complexity To vital networks Availability & Reliability Hybrid Cloud Age & Lifecycle Contractual Certainty Multi Cloud Best Execution Venue

21.CenturyLink Private Cloud