Growing and Scaling Services

IoT is generating new and profitable opportunities, such as smart home services and other smart devices. Find out how CloudBlue can leverage these opportunities to help you deliver value-based outcomes to your end-users and accelerate your monetization opportunities.

1.Growing and Scaling Services in the Digital Economy Peter Stridh| Head of Global Services Grant Chapman | Global Leader Managed Services Edwin Winder| VP Partners & Alliances, Roambee

2.Speakers Peter Stridh Grant Chapman Edwin Winder Head of Global Services Global Leader Managed Services VP Partners & Alliances, Roambee

3.INDUSTRY OVERVIEW – MANAGED XAAS GROWTH RATES Net-New Total Recurring Revenue Growth Revenue Growth Managed XaaS Revenue 27% 14% 29% Total Base Revenue Bookings Growth Growth Rate 26% 40% 5% 2017 2018 Market Performance: The average net-new revenue growth rate for Managed Services remains at a healthy 27%, versus the Technology and Services overall growth rate (all products and services) of 1% and the Cloud growth rate of 20%! When we look at the bottom-line Operating Income for these three industry segments, Managed Services outperforms both the Technology and Services and the Cloud. Another way of interpreting these results is that Managed Services is a key engine for driving profitable growth in the entire technology industry.

4.INDUSTRY OVERVIEW – MANAGED XAAS STANDARDIZATION MSPs with Standard New Managed Managed Services Managed Service Offers Services Base Revenue Revenue Growth Growth 13% 31% 11% 68% 2% Custom Standard Custom Standard 43% Time to Quote - Quote to Cash - 36% Days Days 169 246 129 22 2015 2016 2017 Custom Standard Custom Standard

5.Use Case: Roambee

6. Bee – Rugged Portable Wireless Device Roambee provides real-time global monitoring and visibility for goods and Multi-sensor support assets, indoors, outdoors, and in-transit. Light Shock Height Tilt ▪ Always ON Covert back-up Secure Remotely Cellular ▪ 90 days @ 1 battery messaging configurable transmit/hour (60 days @ 1 over the air ▪ 3 years @ 1 reading per day) transmit/day ▪ OBD Plug option Location Pressure Temperature Humidity Transport mode independent Works across market NABL BLE (Bluetooth Mobile as a Bee Device data vehicles, air, rail and Calibrated Low Energy) port Turn your storage and ocean for sensing smartphone into buffering tags a Bee with the Up to 20,000 Roambee app readings

7. Ideal for Retail Tracking and Monitoring Bee as a Hotspot With BeeBeacons – Virtual BeeLock Zones In A Warehouse/Yard ▪ Keyless access wirelessly through an assigned mobile phone in close proximity ▪ Opens on demand, get “last seen” location and unlock/lock status Tampering Location Access History User Identification

8.Value proposal for Retail and Distribution Security of Goods ▪ We identify security ▪ Customers are able enforce breaches & fraud indoor, SLAs and get a verifiable & Assets in-transit & outdoors audit trail In-Transit Damage & ▪ We send alerts when ▪ Customers can identify Spoilage Detection conditions of goods & root cause so the problem assets change can be fixed Real Time Inventory ▪ We provide real time inventory ▪ Customers are able to in a warehouse, in trucks and process orders efficiently Monitoring containers & stores Proof of Time & ▪ Provide electronic proof of ▪ Verifiable proof means delivery & quality faster invoicing, lesser Quality of Delivery disputes Improving Customer ▪ We plug into any ERP and ▪ Customers are able to Satisfaction enable transparent share trust data with their collaboration customers seamlessly

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10.How to Scale Services What is required? Cost Effective Agility Expertise

11.Partner Capabilities Drive Sales Deploy Managed Partnering on Remote Monitoring, Support and other Business Capabilities Cost Effective Agility Expertise

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