Building a successful cloud practice requires partners to “wow” end-customers. Increasingly the way to differentiation is attaching profitable value through teamwork and security solutions. Microsoft will walk partners through opportunities to expand their cloud portfolios, increase their financial success and most importantly delight the customer.

1.Going Beyond Office 365 K i r k S h u l m a n | M a r k e t i n g M a n a g e r, M o d e r n W o r k p l a c e O l i a S a v i n t s e v a | M a r k e t i n g M a n a g e r, P r o j e c t a n d V i s i o A l e xa n d r e P o m b o | D i r e c t o r B u s i n e s s S t r a t e g y, D y n a m i c s Helane Cohen | Partner Marketing Advisor

2.Agenda Topic Time Presenter Where is the Ecosystem Today? 10 mins Kirk S Where are we going: Driving Teamwork 30 mins Kirk S + Olia Visio + Project 15 mins Olia Break 5 mins Expanding Teamwork: Dynamics365 20 mins Alexandre GTM Resources & Ingram Offers 20 mins Helane LaunchPad Q&A 10 mins Everyone

3.What does today look like for your customers? Employees using personal mobile devices PCs refreshed when dead IT purchasing decisions made “on the spot” No “Good technology enough” strategy platforms New PCs bought adhoc Fragmented end-point Legacy solutions back office Local Logins/MSA

4. What does today look like for your customers? Age of distraction Cost of distraction 59% of sellers say they have too many sales tools1 14% Distractions reduce seller’s performance by 14%1 50% of workers don’t know what’s expected of them2 1 Accenture 2 Gallup

5. And there’s more complexity External Internal 6.8 16 2x 72 # of stakeholders in Number of people Number of teams people % of the US workforce B2B buying decision1 internally needed to are on has doubled now that will be mobile make a sale2 vs five years ago3 workers by 20204 1 CEB 2 McKinsey 3 US IW Survey 4 IDC

6. Evolving partner business model -18% Deployment +10% Advisory & adoption +17% Business solutions +14% Managed services Forrester 2018 Microsoft 365 Enterprise TEI study commissioned by Microsoft, year over year

7.Modern Workplace SMB Partner Opportunity Security Standardize on Microsoft 365 Business Teamwork New Services Delivered • Standardize collaboration on Teams Move to Office 365 Business Premium • Move internal video +readiness on Stream Why Cloud New Services Delivered • Intranets to Sharepoint Online • Introduce threat protection with ATP • Deploy Office Apps • Protect from internal leakage (DLP +AIP) Transition to Exchange Online and • Migrate files to OneDrive for Business Teams Trial • Establish meetings on Microsoft Teams Continuing Services • Monetize with conferencing devices Services Delivered • Managed Tenant Service • Upsell to Project and Visio • Email Migration & deploy Office • 24*7 Support • End user education to drive usage • Meetings and calling management Continuing Services • 24*7 Support • Ongoing education to drive usage • 24*7 Support • Transition to Teamwork with Teams Trial • Ongoing education to drive usage Deployment @ $100 per user $17 per user/month $28 per user/month $7 per user/month 65% Increase vs. Stage 1 40% increase vs Stage 2 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 3-6 months 6-12 months

8.Driving Teamwork

9.SMB teamwork reality 2X 75% 37% of the global By 2025, Millennials People work on twice as workforce is mobile1 will account for over many teams and spend 50% 75% of workers2 more-time collaborating1


11. Build compelling Teamwork offerings Increase productivity Reduce costs Work anywhere Bring together teamwork resources together A fully integrated hub for teamwork included Easily extend secure collaboration tools to remote all in one place to streamline collaboration and in most Office 365 subscriptions at no workers, vendors and other outside collaborators. free up time to pursue additional business. additional cost.

12.Increase Productivity Bring teamwork resources together all in one place to streamline collaboration. Can we improve our collaboration tools to increase productivity and speed innovation? Customer Benefits: Integrate team chats, meetings and Streamline files in one place to increase teamwork productivity Enable Make it easy for teams to work real-time together on documents to rapidly collaboration advance ideas and innovation The tools and services you use Connected every day, connected in a single hub applications with Microsoft Teams







19.Reduce Costs How can we reduce costs while increasing employee collaboration? Microsoft Teams is the fully integrated hub for teamwork included in most Office 365 subscriptions at no additional cost. Customer Benefits: Integrated tools eliminate the time Reduce IT and cost of managing unrelated Support applications Engaged employees collaborate better Efficient and faster using online meetings while Collaboration reducing travel expenses Simplify Customers eliminate the cost of licensing third-party licenses








27.Work anywhere Easily extend secure collaboration tools to remote workers, vendors and other outside collaborators. How can we improve teamwork as more of our workforce connects remotely? Customer Benefits: Chat, meetings, notes, documents Enable remote and apps are available to team workers members anywhere, anytime Reduce Save money on office space as overhead more employees work remotely Team members can easily access Enhance collaboration tools from any mobility location on any device