Four Steps to Proving Your Value with Data

Your customers are busy, and they have partnered with you to ease their workload. Why are you making it difficult for them to understand your value? Learn how to use data analytics to prove your value and improve customer retention with a few simple steps.

1.Four Steps to Proving Your Value with Data Bill Wettingfeld | CTO of TRIdigital

2.Who am I? • I’ve been the CTO at TRIdigital Marketing for the past 2.5 years. Giovanni Sanguily introduced me to the channel, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve used my approach to give TRIdigital the visibility it needed to bring value to its customers every day. This led to new revenue streams for TRIdigital, as well as a new business venture in Honey. • I’ve been solving the problem of visibility for people for 7 years.

3.Why should I care about using data to prove my value? • “I don’t need prove anything because the value is obvious.” • “I do QBRs. That’s all I need.” • “I speak to my clients every day.” • “I don’t have problems with client retention.” • “Eh. If I needed to, I could pull up the data.”

4.Your clients don’t understand your value It doesn’t matter how tech savvy your clients are. It doesn’t matter the reason why they signed the contract. They may understand every service you offer. That doesn’t mean they understand the value of those services to their business. Don’t make them have to guess the value... SHOW THEM THE VALUE

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6.Step 1 – Define your value proposition • How do you sell your services? What makes you different? • “We guarantee your business up and running 99.9999999999999%.” • “We’re the smart guys in the room. We’ll have your problems solved freaky-fast!” • “We’re so proactive with our support, it’s like time travel!”

7.Step 2 – Create KPIs that highlight the value “We guarantee your business up and running 99.9999999999999%.” Uptime of all servers “We’re the smart guys in the room. We’ll have your problems solved freaky-fast!” Average resolution time “We’re so proactive with our support, it’s like time travel!” Number of tickets closed

8.Step 3 – Calculate your KPIs Use a developer! Most of the applications you use have a decent API to pull any data you need. A contract senior developer could use the following documentation and have a proof of concept quickly. Connectwise Autotask Website Link Website Link

9.Sample Developer Requirements Senior .NET Developer We’re looking for a creative and knowledgeable .NET (C#) developer who understands how to take ideas and turn them into well-architected, scalable, and manageable code. We need to interact with a third-party REST API to pull, store, and display aggregate data. Things you should know how to use very well • C# • ASP.NET MVC • Entity Framework • Web API • SQL Server • Javascript • Knockout/React/Angular • Razor Syntax • Git • Azure

10.Step 4 – Provide 24/7 access to the data Don’t only offer this data during the QBR. Business owners will make decisions on their time, not yours. Get a website Make it part of your company SHOW IT OFF! to use the website

11.Don’t want to get a developer? Other services can do it for you… Brightgauge Website Link

12.How do I implement this for my clients? I know you. This all sounds good in your head, but you’re not gonna do any of it! Gotta make it easy… Intel Compute Stick 40 inch TV Floor Stand Amazon Link Amazon Link Amazon Link

13.I m a g i n e t h e i r s a d n e s s When they disengage…

14.Nope… not easy enough Don’t want to spend money? FINE! Create a free Honey account Insert each of your Schedule a campaign with clients their Brightgauge dashboard link.

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16.Thank You Bill Wettingfeld CTO of TRIdigital @-- @ william-wettingfeld-06b82237