Five Keys to Differntiating Yourself From Your Competition

You're different from your competitors, but your prospects don’t know it. Why? Because you’re not positioning yourself the right way. Learn how to market yourself in a way that cannot be copied by your competitors and unlock more leads, more sales, higher margins, and better staff for your organization.

1.5 Keys to Differentiating Your Company from Your Competition Giovanni Sanguily | CEO of TRIdigital Marketing

2.Who am I? • Over the past 12 years I have closed more than $20 million dollars in cloud and managed services revenue. I've also helped MSP's across 15 countries close over $750 million dollars in cloud and managed services revenue. I think that my creative talent combined with my ability to tell stories helped me be successful in sales. It took me a couple of years to realize that it was my ability to communicate my passion for I.T. for businesses that made me successful. • Today I’m lucky to own a Marketing Agency that specializes in helping IT Service Providers and Technology vendors market their products and services in unique and creative ways. I have an amazing team of creative professionals that come into work every day looking to make a difference in our industry.

3. T h e C a n d i d R e a l i t y # 1 There is nothing different or special about the services you sell.

4.Are You Tired of Hearing… • Why is your price so high? • What makes you better? • Why shouldn’t I just hire a someone? • I don’t really need new hardware? • How do I know it won’t turnout like the other providers? • All your competitors say the same thing?

5. T h e C a n d i d R e a l i t y # 2 No one knows how good your support is until they hire you.

6.What Makes You Different? Your Infrastructure You’ve made large investments in technologies and the environment Your Vision used to support your clients. Show Vision for the company, your it to them. outlook on technology. Your philosophy around customer service and customer experience Your Process How you deliver services is where your true innovations are. You Your People started your company because you felt you can do it better. Technology does not reach out and work with your customers your people do. Great people is Your Culture better than a great idea. Your culture lays the foundation for how people inside and outside your organization experience your brand.

7.Using Differentiators: Vision • Ensure that you website accurately articulates your vision as throughout the visitors experience. • Create a Video that explains and presents your vision professionally • Create leave behind marketing materials that explains and presents your vision.



10.Using Differentiators: People, Culture, Infrastructure • Hire a photographer to do a photoshoot at your office. Replace the stock photography with those photos. • Encourage your staff to produce content. This will help grow their personal brands and connect more with your clients.

11.Using Differentiators: How you do it • Stop pitching and creating marketing material for what you do instead focus on how you do it better. • Create useful resources that help your clients and prospects apply your concepts.

12. K e y T a k e a w a y s : # 1 One Company One Vision. There shouldn’t be different versions.

13. K e y T a k e a w a y s : # 2 I.T. doesn’t reach out and work with your clients. Your people do.

14. K e y T a k e a w a y s : # 3 Give more value than you expect to get back.

15.Free resources to Help You What’s included in this amazing resource guide: • 8 IT marketing video guides • A sample IT marketing plan • IT marketing plan template • IT marketing budget template • Resource allocation guide • Story arc template • Movie event planning checklist • Copywriter job description & budget • Designer job description & budget • Developer job description & budget • List of top marketing tools • Sales “breakup” email template • IT marketing accountability guide • A free 30-day trial to Honey CRM

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