Delivering Your Marketing Message on Your Customers Terms

Inbound marketing is THE way successful IT service providers are building relationships with clients. Explore marketing automation features important to service providers and learn how inbound marketing, lead nurturing and marketing automation is working for successful IT service providers.

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5.Your Marketing Challenges • Traditional digital marketing tactics are increasingly ineffective • You want to be known for your expertise & to remain top-of-mind • You may know the types of things you should be doing marketing- wise but don’t know where to start • You’ve built your business on relationships and want to leverage this database (customers & prospects) in order to scale

6.Inbound Marketing Defined • Focus on creating valuable experiences & relationships • Publish quality webpages and blog content to attract prospects • Engage site visitors conversationally • Continual effort to provide value and be seen as an expert = > ideally these efforts will ultimately become leads


8.How Marketing Has Changed MARKETING THEN Marketing controlled the message and how/when/where it was disseminated to prospects Marketing was spray and pray Strictly outbound cold calling/emails (no value add) Easier to reach decision makers via phone or email

9.How Marketing Has Changed MARKETING THEN MARKETING NOW Marketing controlled the message and Prospects control how/when/where how/when/where it was disseminated they get information about your to prospects company Marketing was spray and pray Targeted messaging is expected Strictly outbound cold calling/emails Inbound marketing (add value) (no value add) Easier to reach decision makers via Harder to reach decision makers so phone or email automation and value are key

10. When Do Buyers Want to be Contacted by Sales? AWARENESS STAGE CONSIDERATION STAGE DECISION STAGE 19% of buyers want to talk 60% of buyers want to talk 20% of buyers want to talk to sales while still learning to sales after they’ve done to sales once they’ve about a product their research already made a decision Proprietary information of Ingram Micro Inc. – Do not distribute or duplicate without Ingram Micro’s express written permission.

11.Once Upon a Time…

12.The Buyer’s Journey – Awareness Stage • Buyer identifies there’s a problem to be solved. • Buyer conducts research to identify solutions. • Buyer formulates their preliminary criteria.

13.The Buyer’s Journey – Consideration Stage • Buyer researches specific solutions. • Buyer compares appropriate vendors. • Buyer considers the purchasing criteria of other internal stakeholders.

14.The Buyer’s Journey – Decision Stage • Buyer creates a shortlist. • Buyer discusses purchase with their network. • Buyer completes the purchase.

15.Inbound Marketing Throughout the Buyer’s Journey Awareness Consideration Decision Stage Stage Stage White papers Analyst reports Product comparison guides Blog posts Product datasheets Free trial Industry reports Webinars Consultation Tip sheets Product comparison guides Testimonials eGuides Case studies Implementation guides Editorial content FAQs Quote Informational videos Third party reviews Product demo


17.Challenges to Successful Inbound Marketing • The adversarial roles of sales and marketing, each doing their own thing. • Lack of awareness of the prospects' journey and lack of quality content provided throughout. • Offering content at an inappropriate stage. Customer case study in awareness stage. • Too much gated content. Not enough gated content. Gated at the wrong time. • Often no reporting/analytics tools to report on downloads, conversions.

18.Benefits of Marketing Automation • Marketing automation takes inbound marketing to the next level. • “Own” your traffic vs renting traffic – value-added partnership vs Google Ads. • Encourage good data management practices – scrub list, holistic view of customer, tie marketing campaigns to revenue growth. • List segmentation enables personalization of your message, speaking to specific needs. • Ability to scale your marketing efforts.

19.Risks of Marketing Automation • Be aware of associated costs – SaaS platform, staff, content creation, customization, number of contacts, connectivity with CRM • Too many templated emails. Not enough of the human element. • Communication overload. Ongoing marketing campaigns and sales outreach.

20.Key Marketing Automation Capabilities Automation. Lead generation. Sales integration. • Integration with CRM tools • Progressive profiling using online forms • Lifecycle communications with automated workflows • Automated lead assignments to sales • Integrated custom email • Hosted and tracked campaigns marketing files • Lead scoring • Real-time sales alerts

21.Marketing Automation Best Practices • Nurture prospects • Customization and training – you’ll need it • Automate workflows • Map marketing fields with sales CRM for closed-loop • Add all collateral to system for reporting both marketing and sales use • Choose a tool that • Don’t forget existing corresponds with your customers – cross sell, up-sell marketing team’s level of sophistication

22.Common Marketing Automation Tools Well Known & More Costly Lesser Known & Less Costly • HubSpot • CentrixOne • Marketo • SharpSpring • Salesforce Pardot • AutopilotHQ • Oracle Eloqua

23.Key Takeaways • Inbound marketing provides value to prospects • Marketing automation is technology that facilitates inbound marketing • Using marketing automation to nurture doesn’t end when someone becomes a customer • Automation increases efficiencies and ensures consistency

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