Delivering anything as a service (XaaS) is critical to any partner looking to stay competitive in the digital economy. CloudBlue can help you build, implement and launch a successful XaaS go-to-market strategy with more accuracy and speed. Find out how you can create and launch your own XaaS GTM strategy.

1. Defining your XaaS Go-To-Market E r i c G i t t e r | V P, W W S t r a t e g i c B i z D e v

2. The Definition Challenge: X = Anything = Nothing Definitive Things = Ta n g i b l e s = N o t h i n g D e f i n i t i ve a-a-S = Usage or Subscription = Definitive Let ’s talk about how to find your Something...

3.XaaS – everything is cyclical Milk-man Chainsaw Lender Chainsaw & chain Walmart subscription Home Depot subscriptions Kochhaus Amazon Delivery Fresh

4. If you can X it, we ca aaS it MODULES Customer XaaS Core + SaaS Business Cloud Syndication Offers Live Today: Offerings Intelligence Orchestrator 200+ connected CORE FEATURES Laptops + Managed Marketplace Services Subscription Billing & + IaaS Services Catalog Management Invoicing Connect Connectivity Provisioning & Order Reseller & Identity & Resources Management Omni-channel Access + IoT + HWaaS Insurance Management Management Management Building CLOUDBLUE CLOUD PLATFORM Access + Hybrid + XaaS Backoffice integrations with APIs (CRM, ERP, Others)

5.Core + Context = Customer Solution Devices Data/ Managed Cloud IaaS Security MDM BI / AI IoT Connectivity Services CORE CONTEXT Milk Flour Sugar Eggs

6. The How: Business Model Canvas Business Plan in a Box: A strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models. Simple Fast Comprehensive

7.The How 1/5 Customer Segments Value Propositions For whom are we creating value? What value do we deliver to the customer? Who are our most important customers? Which one of our customer‘s problems / needs are we helping to solve? What bundles of products and services are we offering to each customer segmemt? Examples: Characteristics: Mass Market Convenience / Usability Niche Market Performance Segmented Customization Diversified Price Multi-sided platform Cost Reduction Accessibility Etc.

8.The How 2/5 Channels Customer Relationships Through which channels do our customers want What type of relationship does each of our customers to be reached? How are we reaching them now? expect us to establish and maintain? How are our channels integrated? Which ones have we established? Which ones work best? Which are most cost- How costly are they? efficient? How are we integrating them with customer routines? Channel Phases: Examples: 1. Awareness Personal assistance 2. Evaluation Dedicated personal assistance 3. Purchase Self-service 4. Delivery Automated Services 5. After Sales Communities Co-creation

9.The How 3/5 Key Activities Key Resources What key activities do our value propositions What key resources do our value propositions require? require? … our distribution channels? … our distribution channels? … our customer relationships? … our customer relationships? … our revenue streams? … our revenue streams? Categories: Type of Resources: 1. Production Physical 2. Problem Solving Intellectual (brand, patents, copyrights, data) 3. Platform/Network Human Financial

10.The How 4/5 Key Partners Who are our key partners? Who are our key suppliers? Which key resources are we acquiring from partners? Which key activities do partners perform? Motivations for partnerships: 1. Optimization and economy 2. Reduction of risk and uncertainty 3. Acquisition of particular resources and activities

11.The How 5/5 Cost Structure Revenue Streams What are the most important costs inherent in For what value are our customers really willing to pay? our business model? For what do they currently pay? Which key resources are most expensive? How are they currently paying? How would they prefer to Which key activities are most expensive? pay? How much does each revenue stream contribute to overall Is your business more: revenues? Cost driven? Value driven? Types: Asset sales Usage Fees Sample Characteristics: Subscription Fees 1. Fixed Costs / Variable Costs Licensing 2. Economies of Scale Brokerage Fees 3. Economies of Scope Advertising

12.EXAMPLE: Uber

13.EXAMPLE: Enterprise B2B - old

14.EXAMPLE: Enterprise B2B – innovated

15.Recap: Capitalize on your Core Services Devices Data/ Managed Cloud IaaS Security MDM BI / AI IoT Connectivity Services CORE CONTEXT Partner to help effectively Leverage existing asests and Deliver an integrated build portfolios and bundle customer relationships customer experience cloud services

16. Game plan Opportunity Strategy Plan Implement Launch You need a real game plan! Action: Pick up our How to Map Your XaaS Go-to-Market Strategy whitepaper

17. Thank You! Eric Gitter | VP WW Strategic Biz Dev