Only Citrix Workspace offers a user-centric experience where everything you need to work is in one unified app, with conditional access and performance made simple based on user context and IT-designed policies. Citrix Workspace fully aggregates all apps and data across all applications—both on-premises and cloud—to deliver the right experience to the right user at the right time

1.CSP Program Overview R o n M a c h i s e n | S r. E n g i n e e r o f Te c h n i c a l E n a b l e m e n t

2.Citrix Solutions Application File Sync & Enterprise Virtualization & Sharing Mobility Networking VDI Management Citrix ADC Citrix Content Citrix Endpoint Formerly NetScaler ADC Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops App delivery & load balancing Formerly XenApp & XenDesktop Collaboration Management Citrix Web App Firewall Secure delivery of Windows Formerly ShareFile Formerly XenMobile Formerly NetScaler AppFirewall applications and desktops to any Secure, enterprise-grade Mobile device & device Protecting Web Apps & Services data sharing and sync application management, services on-premises and plus productivity apps for Citrix Gateway in the cloud comprehensive mobile Formerly NetScaler Unified Gateway Citrix Hypervisor security Remote Access, SSO, & VDI monitoring Formerly XenServer Optimize app and desktop Citrix Application Delivery Management performance Formerly NetScaler Management & Analytics System Orchestration and Insight Citrix SD-WAN Formerly NetScaler SD-WAN Citrix Citrix Analytics Branch Networking & WAN Optimization Workspace Citrix Secure Web Gateway Formerly NetScaler Secure Web Gateway Single workspace solution, securely Applies machine learning to data to identify and take action on malicious Protect your users from web threats delivering all apps & data to any user behavior & app performance device anomalies. Preferred

3. Citrix Workspace Unified Experience, Simplified Control • Secure your digital business - safeguard your apps and data • Maintain productivity in an increasingly mobile workstyle • Increase efficiency and lower costs with a cloud strategy • Create smart workspaces with Citrix Workspace IoT

4.Citrix Workspace App Everything you need – SaaS, mobile, virtual apps and files – all in one place. • Sign in once. Access every app. • Control cloud apps • Onboard new devices quickly • Simplify BYOD • Centralize access to files • Protect against web security risks

5.5 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Formerly XenApp and XenDesktop Delivery Controller • One unified architecture for apps & desktops • Built in monitoring and support tools • One site can support multiple OSes Delivery Agent Delivery Agent Delivery Agent • Quick & simple upgrades to new versions Delivery Agent • Hybrid on-premises and multi-cloud support Applications & Applications & Linux • HDX Plug-n-play– USB, printers, scanners Desktops Desktops • Next generation Thinwire with Adaptive Display Windows Server Windows 10 / Linux • The only Azure-certified App Layering solution 2016 / 2012R2 8.x / 7 Best User Context-aware Security Simpler Experience • SmartAccess & SmartControl for Management fine-grained context-aware policy • Any network, device, or application • Industry-leading application & controls • Robust driverless printing solution image management (PVS, MCS, App • Session Recording for compliance • Support for graphics acceleration Layering, plus App-V support) and advanced troubleshooting with Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA • Innovative RAM, CPU and I/O • Integrated SSL VPN solution • Self-service password reset optimization

6. Citrix Hypervisor Formerly XenServer Integrated Secure Graphics Savings • PVS-Accelerator • Hypervisor • Industry leading • Eliminates expensive • MCS-Accelerator Introspection graphics virtualization Hypervisor costs • Windows Continuum • Revolutionary security technology (vTax) • Product Lifecycle capabilities only • Broadest range • Entitlement of Citrix aligned with Citrix available with Citrix and hypervisor GPU choice, Virtual Apps, Citrix Virtual Apps and Bitdefender including: Virtual Desktops & Desktops • NVIDIA Citrix Workspace • AMD • Intel

7. Use Cases: Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops Centrally deliver graphics- Simplify Windows 10 Accelerate workspace intensive 3D apps migration mobility with app Provide compression and Deliver new Windows 10 virtual layering Simplify packaging, updating and graphics acceleration desktops to all users, while delivering applications across technologies to optimize streamlining ongoing any hypervisor, cloud, or end professional 3D graphics apps maintenance and future user computing platform with (like CAD) over low-bandwidth, updates. AppDNA reduces cost 99%+ application compatibility. high-latency networks. and complexity of app management. Deliver secure Linux Enable remote workers Virtualize Skype for virtual apps and desktops offline Business Give users secure access to Citrix DesktopPlayer allows users The HDX RealTime Optimization mission-critical, specialized Linux to run Windows virtual desktops Pack allows you to publish Skype desktops from non-Linux on Windows or Mac devices for Business as a virtualized app devices. Manage both Windows whether they are online, offline, or within a virtual desktop—with and Linux apps/desktops from a or over a slow and intermittent the same performance as a local single console. network connection. installation.

8. Citrix Endpoint Management Formerly XenMobile Containment MDM Windows 10 Experience Security Choice • Unified workspace • 2 levels of data • Deliver any app iOS Android Things with SSO encryption – without • Multi-container CMT • Enterprise-grade email device enrollment support iOT • File Sharing PLUS • microVPN integrated • Unique EMA/Intune MAM Mac Content Collaboration network security & O365 integration Raspberry Pi Productivity If - Than IDM Apps • Passcode policy • Lock device • AD changes to user • Modify policy set • Jailbroken device • Block network access • Unmanaged device • Selective wipe Compliance Engine • Data Roaming • Full wipe • Geo-fencing • Revoke • App Blacklist • Send notification • App Whitelist • Set out of compliance

9.Use Cases: Citrix Endpoint Management Enhance Microsoft Enable shared mobile Securely deliver EMS/Intune deployment devices & apps enterprise apps to users Augment the security of The shared devices feature lets, Offer the most complete Microsoft EMS/Intune by setting for example, clinicians in solution for secure enterprise MDM and MAM policies to hospitals use any nearby device apps, including email, calendar, trigger automated actions for to access apps and data, rather contacts, file sync and share, and context-aware and action- than having to carry around a web. oriented security. specific device. Secure & manage O365 Enable BYOD without Secure internally on mobile devices compromising security developed & vendor apps Provide protection for corporate Combined policies, procedures, The Citrix MDX toolkit is a simple apps, as well isolation from and technologies protect and powerful SDK that makes personal apps on users’ mobile customers’ corporate data any mobile application secure devices. Selectively wipe regardless of where the it is with a single line of code, corporate apps without accessed or resides. providing features like data impacting personal device encryption and micro-VPN. settings

10. Citrix Content Collaboration Formerly ShareFile CONTROL PLANE IN CITRIX CLOUD • Access, share and sync files from any device UX • Access data residing in existing network • Online user experience • ReportingDelivery Agent shares, SharePoint, & other data sources • Offline access and editing Customer-Managed • Built-in mobile editor, rich content editing Private Cloud Storage Options • Azure • Document feedback & approval workflows Dat • Amazon AWS • Integrated with Outlook • Any S3-compatible a On-premises or Private cloud • service Google Cloud Platform Increase workspace Access content from any Protect intellectual efficiency with source, on-premises or in property, govern & audit collaboration & the cloud access • Rich web, workflows desktop, mobile clients • Data Source Choice (Connectors) • Citrix Analytics • Optimized for virtual desktops • Hybrid storage (StorageZones) • Context-aware security (DLP) • Feedback, approvals, forms, • Citrix-provided or BYO • Information protection (IRM) signatures, workflow automation • Fit-for-purpose security settings

11. Citrix ADC (VPX) Formerly NetScaler ADC CONTROL PLANE IN • Access services and apps up to 5x faster, using less bandwidth CITRIX CLOUD • Increase availability with L4-L7 Load Balancing • Online user experience • ReportingDelivery Agent • Block up to 99.7% of web app firewall attacks • Geographical failover for disaster recovery • Meet PCI DSS compliance regulations • Ensure 100% uptime of mission-critical business apps • Enable and connect hybrid clouds • Create a secure, contiguous network with Layer 2 bridge DDoS Federated Application SSL Proxy DNS Proxy AAA Proxy Protection Identity Firewall

12.Use Cases: Citrix ADC Boost web application Bolster security without Improve desktop and performance recoding web apps application delivery • Accelerate transaction times • Web app firewall protects • Single URL access to hosted • Content switching apps from DDoS, SQL apps, desktops, & services • Compress network traffic injection, XSS, and SSL attacks • Secure, granular policy-driven • Cache data packets • Provide PCI DSS compliance access control to web apps, ecommerce, • High availability & monitoring and payment systems Enable and connect Transition to app-driven, Consolidate legacy load hybrid cloud software-defined balancers • Seamless connect networks • Unifiesnetwork L4-7 network services • Manage up to 115 with L2 bridge for one into an application control independently run Citrix ADC contiguous network layer, and can make L2-3 instances on a single appliance • Single console for monitoring, architectures completely app- troubleshooting, and analytics driven


14. Use Cases: Citrix SD-WAN Improve virtualized Stop frequent disruptions Avoid MPLS Contract application user experience Renewal • 24/7 always-on branch • Bond multiple WAN links to • Save up 80% of the cost of eliminates application offer expanded WAN capacity traditional MPLS expansion interruption that dynamically adapts to • Use lower cost broadband in • Automatic lossless failover, network conditions place, or integrate mobile and primary access IP addresses • Reduce bandwidth demand for satellite services into an remain unchanged video content at branch offices existing MPLS network Simplify branch Improve VoIP Increase branch security infrastructure performance • Firewall allows security policies • Consolidate network services • Granular control settings to be centrally defined by by combining SD-WAN, allow you to set which application or application Routing, and WAN optimization categories or even individual element apps will receive the highest, • Zone support plus segmented real-time Quality of service data provides rich toolset for settings. separating and limiting traffic

15.Citrix Technology Summary Network Delivery Controllers Apps & Data Resource Location Desktops Virtual Desktops Windows Apps On-premises Virtual Application Secure Browser Citrix SD-WAN s Hybrid Cloud Enterprise SaaS & Web Apps Mobility Manageme nt Mobile Apps Cloud (Public or Private) File Sync and Sharing Data Service Management Monitoring Analytics Automation Provisioning

16.Citrix Cloud: Uniting Delivery of All Citrix Services Cloud-based management and delivery for all Citrix workspace technologies Citrix Cloud Citrix Content Secure Smart Citrix Gateway Citrix Citrix Virtual IoT Citrix Virtual Apps Citrix Endpoint Collaboration Browser Tools Service Management Apps and Desktops Automation & Desktops Management Analytics Essentials (Azure) Hybrid Cloud | Private Cloud | Any Public Cloud | Any Hypervisor

17.Citrix Cloud: Uniting Delivery of All Citrix Services Cloud-based management, local resources – less to deploy plus faster, simpler deployment Citrix Cloud License Studio Director Server Citrix Cloud StoreFront/ (operated by Citrix) Receiver for Web Delivery SQL Controllers Cloud Connectors Customer/Partner Managed Citrix Server Desktop Server Server Active Gateway VDAs Server VDAs Server VDAs VDAs Directory VDAs VDAs Hypervisors Resource Location(s)

18. Citrix Cloud Benefits • Faster to deploy Citrix technologies • Increased deployment flexibility • Integrated Citrix environments • No more upgrades - receive new functionality automatically • Less technical expertise required to setup and administer • No need to maintain physical infrastructure • Less up-front investment • Inherently multi-site • Basic maintenance/support included