Building a Cloud Consulting Practice

Whether you are looking to transition from a reseller-based business to a cloud services provider or you just want to add more cloud services to your portfolio, transformation is about more than just adding annuity-based products to your line card. Learn some best practices for building a true cloud services consulting business.

1.Building a Cloud Consulting Practice Brian Schoepfle| Chief Cloud Architect – iT1

2.About Your Speaker Brian Schoepfle iT1 Source @the_CXO @brian.schoepfle

3.Why a “Cloud Practice?”

4. Reverse Migrations 40% 58% 30% 24% 22% Enterprises with Cited Security as Failed to achieve Failed to integrate Cited reliability as some reverse top reason cost goals with on-prem top concern migration From a CompTIA Study of 500 Businesses and IT Executives


6. The Six Pillars of IT • End User Hardware • End User Applications • Enterprise Applications • Server • Storage • Networking

7. One Practice, Six Disciplines • Communications and Collaboration • Optimized Connectivity • Security • IaaS Solutions • PaaS Solutions • Point Solutions and SaaS

8.Define Your Cloud Practice

9.Cloud Strategy is… • Data • Workloads • Applications • Services • SLA’s

10.Cloud Strategy is NOT… • Cost • Infrastructure • Skill

11.Understand the Models • Multitenant • Single Tenant • Point Solutions

12.Backup is Insufficient • Define RTO and RPO • What are you recovering to? • Aim for Business Continuity

13.Trust No One • Identify Data and Users • Unflatten • Log and Inspect Everything • Kill the Firewall

14.Plan for Day 365 on Day 0 • Operationalize • Automate • Define a Review Process

15.Operationalizing a Cloud Environment

16. Define Your Team Structure and Purpose Proprietary information of Ingram Micro Inc. – Do not distribute or duplicate without Ingram Micro’s express written permission.

17.Scope Creep is the Enemy

18.Automate First: IaaS is Your Enemy

19.Infrastructure IS Code

20.Kill Your Firewall

21.Define Structures for Naming and Tagging

22.Naming and Tagging Naming: Tagging: vm-sql01-prd-wus • CreatedBy • CL elb-web01-qa-use2 • Decom • App • Stage

23.Thank You Brian Schoepfle Chief Cloud Architect @the_CXO @brian.schoepfle