Build New Solutions in the CloudBlue

CloudBlue Connect gives service providers access to the ever-growing CloudBlue platform to discover complementary products to package together. Find out how to expand market offerings while saving time and money with the easy onboarding of new solutions and deployment of connectors.

1. Build New Solutions in the CloudBlue Ecosystem Max Kuzkin | Director of Cloud Software, Architecture & Design Michael LeComte| Global Cloud Product Manager

2.Speakers today Max Kuzkin Michael LeComte Director of Cloud Global Cloud Product Software, Architecture Marketing Manager & Design


4.Building the world’s largest ecosystem 200+ CLOUD SERVICES +150 SERVICE PROVIDERS Building The World’s Largest Marketplace Powering the World’s Largest Telcos

5.Cloud Blue Connect

6.Connect is 1. The Vendor Management Platform that implements two primary Supply Chain scenarios: 1. Product (Information) Flow 2. Order (Fulfillment) Flows 2. Only available as a service 3. Supports complete white-labeling (branding) of all its portals, notifications, help and documentation 4. Allows Providers to manage catalog of products of their Vendors

7.Connect is NOT 1. Not an [e-]Commerce system 2. Not an ERP system 3. Not a CRM system 4. Not a BSS 5. Not an OSS

8.Target products Volume Connect targets long tail of products Product

9.Product Flow Product Flow Vendor Portal Provider Portal Inventory Catalog Commerce Product Management Marketplace Channel Vendor Provider

10.Order Flow Asset (A) Order Flow Request Request Request (A1) (A2) (A3) Manual Vendor Portal Provider Portal Interchangeable Interchangeable synchronized state Commerce Request Request Order Marketplace Channel Vendor Management Automated Provider

11.Combined Workflow Asset (A) Request Request Request (A1) (A2) (A3) Order Flow Vendor Portal Provider Portal synchronized state Manual Order Automated Vendor Portal Provider Portal Inventory Catalog Commerce Reseller Consumer Product Management Marketplace Vendor Product Flow Provider

12.Product in Connect Product Items Parameters Information 1. Part Number 1. Type 1. Type • Text • Text 2. Unit of Measure • Choice • Image 3. Name • Etc. • File • Etc. 4. Etc. 2. Name 2. Name 3. Description 3. Description 4. Phase 4. Etc. 5. Etc.


14. PORTALS OVERVIEW Easy to use and centralized portal for daily operations • Inventory module allows you to see all available products for distribution • Agreements and contracts module allows for easy contracts management of vendors • Generate specific reports as required by the business • Manage all fulfillments between customers and vendors


16. FULFILLMENT AUTOMATION Two fulfillment options for vendors • Manual fulfillment allows for orders to be manually processed and operational quickly • Easy to integrate automated fulfillment allows for automatic fulfillment of orders to streamline and increase efficiency Just 4 REST resources to learn


18. BRANDING A white-labeled experience Sample Brand A 1. Connect enables any service provider to setup their own white-labeled experience of all portals 2. All of the brands in the system are equal, no limitations 3. High-level list of attributes that are configurable: Colors, Logos, Domains, URLs, etc. Sample Brand B


20. AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS Easily manage relationships between provider and vendors 1. Connect enables service providers to manage relationship with its Vendors through the Agreements and Contracts management module 2. Agreement is a template of one or multiple future contracts 3. Contract is an instance of the Agreement between the service provider and vendor 4. All of the module functionality is available through UI and API for integration with CRM systems of service provider

21.Learn more about Connect! • Sign up and attend our Connect hands- on lab sessions! • W: 1:00 – 2:45: CloudBlue Connect Hands on Lab (for Service Providers) • W: 3:00 – 4:45: CloudBlue Connect Hands On Lab (for ISVs) • Register for Connect access at

22. Thank You Max Kuzkin Michael LeComte Director of Cloud Software, Global Cloud Product Marketing Manager Architecture & Design