Balancing Your Business Operations to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Stress

Do you keep falling short of your revenue goal? Are you overwhelmed in daily activities? Do you have to speak to too many people to get something done? If the answer is yes, then you need to balance your business. Learn how to create KPIs in each part of your business to identify where your problems are so you can solve them.

1.Balancing Your Business Operations to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Stress Giovanni Sanguily | CEO of TRIdigital Marketing

2.Who am I? • Over the past 12 years I have closed more than $20 million dollars in cloud and managed services revenue. I've also helped MSP's across 15 countries close over $750 million dollars in cloud and managed services revenue. I think that my creative talent combined with my ability to tell stories helped me be successful in sales. It took me a couple of years to realize that it was my ability to communicate my passion for I.T. for businesses that made me successful. • Today I’m lucky to own a Marketing Agency that specializes in helping IT Service Providers and Technology vendors market their products and services in unique and creative ways. I have an amazing team of creative professionals that come into work every day looking to make a difference in our industry.

3. T h e C a n d i d R e a l i t y # 1 There is nothing different or special about the services you sell.

4.Deparments within an IT Services Company Responsible for: Responsible for: Responsible for: Responsible for: Making sure the creative Generating revenue for the Delivering the services within Supporting the needs of accurately represents the organization. Engaging new the clients SLA. Providing a business and the vision of the CEO. Generating prospects and existing great customer service departments within the leads. Providing sales with prospects to uncover needs experience. business. Payroll, AP, AR, HR, materials to help them close to close more business. etc. more business. MARKETING SALES SERVICE DELIVERY OPERATIONS

5.The Order by Which an Organization Operates 1. If you’ve never 2. You’ve never sold 3. If you’ve never sold 4. If you don’t deliver gotten a lead anything anything then you’re not services, you don’t delivering services have an operation MARKETING SALES SERVICE DELIVERY OPERATIONS

6. S h o c k i n g F a c t Perfect Balance within a Organization is Fantasy

7.The Real Flow of Business Service Delivery Marketing Operations Sales

8.The Real Flow of Business 60% 32% 5% 3% Marketing Sales Service Delivery Operations

9. Understanding the speed of your business Bike Assembly Example Raw Materials Framing Paint Assembly Produces: Produces: Produces: Produces: 200 bikes per hour 75 bikes per hour 300 bikes per hour 150 bikes per hour Answer: No matter how fast other departments move, your business can only move at the speed of your tightest bottleneck.

10. Finding the Bottlenecks hindering your projections $1 Million in recurring revenue at 60% profit in 12 months Marketing Sales Service Delivery Assembly Must Generate: 20 Must Close: 2 sales Must have capacity Must have pricing leads per month per month to onboard 2 new set at a minimum of 25-75 seat clients $100 per user per Sales nees to conver – Sales nees to conver – per month month 30% of leads 30% of leads appointments – 75% of appointments – 75% of Service Delivery Most organizations appointments to appointments to organizations seeking this realizing this growth proposals – 50% of proposals – 50% of type of growth must be should aim for higher proposals to a won sale proposals to a won sale. able to on-board a total margin. Companies with of 200 users per month. best in class margins charge $175-250 per user per month

11.Are You Tired of Hearing… • Why is your price so high? • What makes you better? • Why shouldn’t I just hire a someone? • I don’t really need new hardware? • How do I know it won’t turnout like the other providers? • All your competitors say the same thing?

12.The Order by Which an Organization Operates 3X 5X 2.5X 20% MARKETING ROI SALES REALIZATION SERVICE DELIVERY REALIZATION OPERATIONS KPI Great Marketing ROI is Sales should generate 5X Each engineer should be Best in class EBITA should be getting back 3 times what their W2 in GP due to realized to 2.5 their W2 in GP at 20% of total income your spending in new commissions revenue

13.F i n a l T h o u g h t s : P r i o r i t i z e & a t t a c k 1 a t a T i m e Best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, starting at the tail.

14.Free resources to Help You What’s included in this amazing resource guide: • 8 IT marketing video guides • A sample IT marketing plan • IT marketing plan template • IT marketing budget template • Resource allocation guide • Story arc template • Movie event planning checklist • Copywriter job description & budget • Designer job description & budget • Developer job description & budget • List of top marketing tools • Sales “breakup” email template • IT marketing accountability guide • A free 30-day trial to Honey CRM

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