Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can help businesses improve operational efficiency, from automation to chatbots. Learn about the innovative uses of intelligent systems, how some industries are benefitting from them, and the concerns of transparency and trustworthiness.

1.Applying AI/ML Anaytics Anywhere Jay Palaniappan | Cloud Summit X - 2019

2.What is AI/ML AI AI – Artificial Intelligence ML ML – Machine Learning DL DL – Deep Learning NN NN – Neural Networks 2

3.Natural Language Processing Content Extraction Machine Translation NLP Classification Speech to Text Q/A 3

4.We Heart Our Digital Assistants >300K Amazon Echo, Google Home Installed Base Hits 65 Million Bots on Facebook Messenger 31% of business executives believe “virtual personal assistants” will have the largest impact on their business By 2020, 75% of workers whose daily tasks involve the use of enterprise applications will have access to intelligent personal assistants to augment their skills and expertise 4

5.Bots Mean Business Too Help me make a Decision Fast Response Tailorable to Business Lingo Unify my Business Data Secure my Access Analytics Anywhere 5

6. Enterprise Bots Discovery Bots Developer Bots Analytics Bots Chatlytics Botanalytics Meya Analytics Anywhere Buzzlogger Discovery Bots IM Integration Meekee Meya Natural Language Processing AI / ML Google Assistant FB Messenger Cortana Google Prediction Microsoft ML Studio Alexa Siri 6

7.AI Chatbot Features Natural language and Tailorable gender / textual interface locale / accent Multi-language Fast sub-second and capable response times Access to data Rich dynamic visuals as a service (slice/dice on demand) Robust Security Adaptive experience – in-line with Enterprise Machine learning for standards personalization 7


9.Analytics Anywhere Reference Architecture Security 9

10.Training / NLU 10

11.Dynamic Charting 11

12.Machine Learning 12

13.AI Services Portfolio - Highlights AMAZON GOOGLE Alexa Google Assitant Lex Dialog Flow Comprehend Cloud Translation Polly Cloud Text to Speech Rekognition Cloud Vision & Video SageMaker Cloud ML EMR Big Query ML 13

14.What’s Next? Executive Headlines / Natural language to Cognitive Learning summary of performance SQL (Natural (Supervised to KPIs based on usage Language Querying) Unsupervised Learning) history 14