Privacy is among today’s top digital concerns, as cyberattacks and data breaches regularly make news. Find out how regulatory privacy such as GDPR has helped or hurt cloud security, how data breaches are being tackled by new technology and laws, and how you can turn these issues into opportunity for your business.

1.Cybersecurity – Addressing Today’s Privacy Concerns Dave Seibert | CIO IT Innovators

2.A Tour of Security to Profits - Why GDPR Matters - The Business Impact of Cybersecurity - Understanding the Continued Cause - Determine Your Solutions & Profits

3.Why it Matters • It impacts beyond Europe • It has become the standard • Everyone (clients) are hearing about it • Regulations = Solutions & Profits

4.GDPR: What does GDPR mean to you? Great Day (for) Profit Revenue

5.The Costs are Real • Average company data breach cost is $3.8M • A U.S. company averages $7.9M • A hacker attack occurs every 39 seconds • Businesses are plagued by ransomware attacks every 14 seconds • 130 U.S. large-scale attacks occur each year

6.It’s all about the Money • Personal data sells for $.50 to $15 a record on the Dark Web • By 2021 cybersecurity revenue $6 trillion • We invest $2 trillion combating it • In 2018, 47% of small businesses had at least one cyber attack

7.Realizing the Impact

8.Cybersecurity Breaches Will Escalate

9.GDPR Equivalent Is Already Here

10.State & Local Acts / Compliance

11.More Regulations Enacted

12.Recent Law Additions

13.Requirements for Risk Management

14.Indent Response Plan & Annual Certification

15.Privacy vs Data Mining

16.User Downloadable Apps & Plug-ins

17.Only 4% of the Web is Public Indexed

18.Understanding the how

19.Anyone can access the Dark Web


21.Countless Security Breaches

22.Security Breach This Week • 10 years inside Citrix • 7-10 TB of Data Extracted • Access to Government, FBI, Whitehouse • Missile Defense, DISA, NASA, etc.

23.IoT Exploits. Casino Fish Tank Hacked

24.Massive Databases

25.The Dark Web Data Feed

26.Opportunity: Your Security Offering Define Your Have a Client Unique Services Security & Compliancy Offering

27.Breach Search Services

28.Partnering for Greater Success

29.Extended Partner Opportunities