Accelerating Success In The Cloud

What does it take to become a thriving XaaS provider? Get insider’s guidance from our experts on market trends, portfolio building, GTM strategies, best practices and acceleration services that will propel you on the road to firm success in the cloud.

1.Accelerating Success in the Cloud A l e k s a n d e r C v e t k o v s k i | D i r e c t o r, A d v i s o r y S e r v i c e s

2.Business is booming • Over 60% of companies are currently using cloud-based software • 88% consume at least one Cloud service • Over 75% of companies are considering purchasing Cloud in the next 12 months • The average number of application in the Cloud is 7

3.Double digit spending across major industries 16.5% 15.9% 15.9% 13.2% Manufacturing Retail Professional Services Healthcare Source: IDC Public Cloud Spending Guide 2018


5. Game plan Opportunity Strategy Plan Implement Launch You need a real game plan! Action: Pick up our How to Map Your XaaS Go-to-Market Strategy whitepaper

6.The Why Revenue Churn ECOSYSTEM Digital solutions Customer experience

7.Build an awesome portfolio Anchor solutions Adjacent solutions Vertical solutions Portfolio Maturity low medium high Transactional buyer Value buyer Quality buyer Customer LTV Low Medium High Revenue Medium Medium High Margin Low Medium High

8.… but the right way Portfolio & proposition roadmap Anchor Anchor Opportunity Strategy Plan Launch Manage solution solution Adjacent Opportunity Strategy Plan Launch Manage solution A Adjacent Adjacent Opportunity Strategy Plan Launch Manage solutions solution B Adjacent Opportunity Strategy Plan Launch Manage solution C Vertical Opportunity Strategy Plan Launch Manage solution A Vertical Vertical Opportunity Strategy Plan Launch Manage solutions solution B Vertical Opportunity Strategy Plan Launch Manage solution C Vendor management Portfolio mgmt. Product/solutions management Time

9.Capitalize on your Core Services Devices Data/ Managed Cloud IaaS Security MDM BI / AI IoT Connectivity Services CORE CONTEXT Partner to help effectively Leverage existing asests and Deliver an integrated build portfolios and bundle customer relationships customer experience cloud services

10.Levers of Success 1 1. Opportunity Opportunity • Opportunity sizing & segmentation 2 • Customer needs & wants 2. Strategy Manage • Strategic alignment to core & KPIs • Portfolio design & management Strategy Levers of 3. Plan 5 Success • Proposition roadmap & value propositions • Demand generation & customer journey 4. Launch 3 • Channel & enablement plan Launch • Training & Incentives Plan 5. Manage • Channel quality & CSAT 4 • CLV program & operating model

11. Time is of the essence Keys to Success CloudBlue platform Go-to-Market program Portfolio mix Acceleration services Vendor enablement Time to revenue is critical!

12.Fireside Chat

13. Professional Customer Support • Accelerating time to market • Accelerating time to revenue • Increasing margin Jeremy Hill • Increasing CLV Practice Manager Premium Customer Support and Assisted Sales • Increasing CSAT

14.Relevance of PCS for Partners Differentiate Your Offerings Remove Adoption Barriers Drive Greater GMV Turnkey, end to end cloud desk support Accelerating adoption of cloud Advise, Onboard and Support. services that scales. 85% of business and technology Optimizing every touchpoint to increase With many purchasing options, make professionals plan to embrace some sales and customer satisfaction. your offering stand out by offering form of cloud technology in the next Premium Customer Support three years but many need additional services to migrate from legacy Transform support interactions into systems. additional service and application sales. Satisfied customers buy more and churn less. Thrill your customers with Ensure the full value of new 60% of SMBs are interested in support white glove support. technologies are unlocked with installation and tutorials. services and 45% of them want to get them from their broadband providers

15.Premium Customer Support overview Advise (Sell) Be your customers trusted advisor and help them find the best solutions to power their businesses Advise Onboard Cross Sell Make sure your customers have lots of Sell options to help them install, configure and get the most from their technology. Support Onboard Support Up Sell Be there for your customers when their technology isn’t working as they expect and leverage interactions to introduce new solutions

16. Thank You! A l e k s a n d e r C v e t k o v s k i | D i r e c t o r, A d v i s o r y S e r v i c e s