12 Steps to High Preformance IT Marketing

Learn how to build and maintain a successful marketing engine. By establishing a good foundation and leveraging 12 easy steps, you can maximize your marketing efforts and achieving your goals.

1.The 12 Step Checklist for High- Performance Marketing Adrian Cue | TRIdigital Marketing

2.Shocking Facts

3.96% Of MSPs Will Use Duplicate Content in Their Marketing Strategies. - MSP SEO Factory

4.82% Of MSPs Will Invest Less Than 1% of Their Annual Gross Revenue in Marketing. - Service Leadership

5.70% Of MSPs Have Had a Sales Professional on Salary for More Than a Year Without Making a Single Sale. - SPC International

6. 80% Of Sales Require Five Follow-Ups 44% Of Salespeople Give up After One After the Initial Contact Follow-Up - Salesforce.com

7. S t e p 1 Establish the Goals

8.Write down what you want to achieve in detail. EX 1: We want to generate $1MM in Revenue in 12 months. EX 2: We want to establish our company as the Technology SME in our area. EX 3: We want to maximize our MDF Strategy. EX 4: We want to attract the best possible talent to work for us. Then put them in order of priority. This is important when establishing your marketing budget.

9. S t e p 2 Identify the KPI’s

10.• $1MM MRR a year is $83,334 per month. • My average MSA is $3,000 per month. • It’s going take 28 new sales to hit it. That’s 2.3 sales a month on average. • I need 60 days to build a pipeline so now I need to close 3 a month. • Today, we close 5% working off of a cold list. • I think with marketing leads I can do 10%. • I’ll convert 20% of leads to appointments. • 75% of appointments to proposals. • 50% of appointments to a closed sale. • I need 40 warm leads a month to hit my goal.

11. S t e p 3 Create a Budget

12.• MSPs that achieve solid ROI from their marketing efforts typically budget 3-5% of their annual gross revenue towards marketing. • Best in class MSPs budget 10% more. (These companies already know how to achieve ROI in marketing.) • Set a budget you can maintain long term. Meaningful results take time.

13. S t e p 4 Determine Your Strategy

14.Create a theme based on the message you want to take to market • This requires a self-reflection exercise executed via an interview or story arc from a branding professional. • Build a story based on that theme and communicate that with your entire team.

15. S t e p 5 Select Your Marketing Activities

16.Get quotes and/or calculate internal costs for everything on your priority list and move forward on as much as the budget allows. • Here’s one way to help. For each activity, calculate: Cost of Lead Acquisition Cost of Client Acquisition

17. S t e p 6 Create The Plan

18.You must have all of the following in writing in your plan. • The Goals • The KPI’s • The Theme • The Story • The Strategy • All Activities with Dates • Annual Pro Forma with Revenue Projections • Make Sure Everyone on Staff Has a Copy

19. S t e p 7 Build the Team & Appoint a Leader

20.• The first thing you should do is appoint a leader – internal or external. Hold that person accountable for the results. • Let that person choose the team they will go to war with.

21. S t e p 8 Execute Without Drama

22.• Simply execute the plan without getting distracted. • Don’t get stuck on making it perfect and don’t worry with buy in from everyone. Focus on timely execution. It will work out better for you. “Approval by committee leads to a hung jury.” - Steve Wynn

23. S t e p 9 Review the Data & Adjust the Tactics

24.Not every campaign is going to be a hit. Interpreting data will help bring the gap between huge successes and epic fails. • Use high-level data to drill down. • Email Campaign EX: • A bad open rate usually means the subject line was bad. • A bad click through rate usually means the content, CTA’s and design were bad. Let your leader decide how to interpret the data and what adjustments to make.

25. S t e p 1 0 Ensure That Sales Follows Up

26.There’s a lot of content on the internet. People try to digest as much as they can in the midst of a busy day. • Prospects have a 24-48 hour memory when they engage with marketing campaigns. • Prompt follow-up is critical.

27. S t e p 1 1 Hold Everyone Accountable

28.• Let the data outweigh the opinions. • Instead, figure out how to make adjustments. “Sporty, save the crap for the customers.” - James Braddock

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