The Application and Case Sharing of Blockchain + Regtech

In the speech, starting from the dialectical and unified relationship between financial supervision and financial innovation, this paper points out the necessity and urgency of the supervision of regulatory science and technology development. Citing actually landed applications and cases of Gingkoo Financial Technology in blockchain + regtech, such as using blockchain technology to create a credit alliance chain solution for SME financing, the paper put forward the use of blockchain technology to develop regtech, and innovatively put forward more and bigger application scenarios of blockchain in supervision and compliance, thus promoting the financial innovation and regulation to form a good interactive relationship

1.The Application and Case Sharing of Blockchain + Regtech SME Credit Chain improves SME Lending 洪蜀宁 金丘区块链研究院

2.SME Lending challenges in China

3.SME Lending challenges in China

4.Information Asymmetry leads to high cost Commercial banks SME Non-banking Finance companies

5.Lenders' pains in SME lending K Y C in tim e R ep eated P led g e In fo rm atio n M u ltip le lo an b o rro w in g iso lated islan d

6.SME Credit Chain

7.Blochchain advantages to be used in finance D LT Sm art C o n tract D ata A ssu ran ce H yp erled g er Fab ric V alu e T ran sfer

8.Phase1 Function

9. Mutiple dimension data driven Lo an d ata C o llateral d ata 贷款申请信息 抵押物信息 贷款审批结果信息 质押物信息 还款信息、 逾期信息等 SME Credit Chain B lacklist 黑名单信息 产品信息 灰名单信息 借款人信息 借款人还款、 逾期信息等 M o re d ata to b e in teg rated , su ch as: co rp rate reig sitratio n , tax, litig atio n affairs, 3rd p arty cred it d ata 后期可以考虑接入更多其他数据( 例如: 工商数据、 税务数据、 法院数据、 第三方征信数据等)

10. SME Credit Chain nodes management Reg u la to r N o d e A d m in N o d e 管理节点 Co m m o n N o d e Led g e N o d e 普通节点 记账节点 1.不参与记账共识算法处理 1.参与记账共识算法处理 2.加入模式: 需要经过授权才可 2.加入模式: 所有节点、 需要 以加入 经过授权才可参与记账

11.Easy on boarding use r SCC Admin SCC Admin system Node S M E C red it Node Certificate Server Time-stamp server C h ain Sm all Lo an co m p any Starfish B ro w ser u ser Regulator node Node O nline Lend ing co m p any Starfish B ro w ser Regulator Supervisor monitor u ser

12.Data security

13.SME Credit Chain Launched on July,2017 • Easy to deploy for finance companies • Token to encourage data share • 10 finance companies joined in • Server for 15,021 SME Clients

14.The blockchain connector to real economy

15. ECOChain BAAS 申请企业账户ID 开发智能合约 企业系统API对接 系统投产上线 申请接入企业与金丘科技 申请接入企业可根据实际 申请接入企业根据金丘科 申请接入企业与金丘科技 签署区块链云平台接入服 业务场景自行开发智能合 技提供的系统对接方案和 完成系统联调测试后,可 务合同后,开通并获取企 约,或委托金丘科技进行 相关API使用手册与金丘 进行系统投产上线,金丘 业账户ID和相关接入开发 定制化智能合约的开发测 区块链云平台的对接和信 科技提供系统运维和支持 手册。 试和发布。 息交互。 服务。