Experience OPNFV on Arm

Arm server, as an emerging force in data center, takes OPNFV as an important frontier to impact the industry. Compass4NFV is an official OPNFV installer which supports both OpenStack and Kubernetes. Arm is collaborating with Compass4NFV project to make the experience of deploying OPNFV on Arm awesome. This presentation introduces our work to support Arm for Compass4NFV and current status of OPNFV on Arm servers.

1. Experience OPNFV on Arm Deploy OPNFV on Arm with Compass4NFV • Yibo Cai • 27-Jun-2018 © 2018 Arm Limited

2.Agenda • OPNFV overview • Deploy OPNFV on Arm – experience sharing • Compass4NFV architecture • Bare-metal provisioning • Virtual provisioning • OPNFV CI/CD and testing • Compass4NFV on Arm 2 © 2018 Arm Limited

3.About us • Arm CE-OSS (Central Engineering – Open Source Software) • Optimization and enablement for Arm platform Workloads Networking 3 © 2018 Arm Limited

4.OPNFV overview Leverage upstream OSS to construct a reference NFV platform. Major components: Integration, Deployment, Testing https://www.opnfv.org/software/technical-overview 4 © 2018 Arm Limited

5.Deploy OPNFV on Arm – A frustrating experience Fuel installer Kubernetes on OpenStack Joid installer - Great experience, - Unofficial, cannot - Only supports if it works. integrate with Ubuntu. - Debugging is hard. OPNFV community. - Doesn’t support - Deployment is very - What if I only need Kubernetes on Arm. time consuming. Kubernetes, not OpenStack? 5 © 2018 Arm Limited

6. Compass4NFV advantages • Official OPNFV installer. • Lightweight, easy for debugging. • Doesn’t support Arm, but welcomes contributions. • Supports both OpenStack and Kubernetes. • Containerized deployment, easy to maintain. • Distro neutral, Ansible based, flexible configuration. One line of code for a quick start: curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/opnfv/compass4nfv/master/quickstart_k8s.sh | bash 6 © 2018 Arm Limited

7.Compass4NFV architecture Compass-deck VNF Compass-cobbler Compass-tasks 7 © 2018 Arm Limited

8.Compass4NFV deployment Jump host Compass-cobbler Compass-tasks-k8s Linux distro ISO Host network tftp, PXE 8 © 2018 Arm Limited

9. Deploy on bare-metal Host configuration 9 © 2018 Arm Limited

10. Deploy on VM Jump Host Host configuration Compass containers Kube-master VM Kube- Compass- Kube- Kube- controller- etcd deck apiserver scheduler manager Compass- Compass- pod1 podn Kube- db mq kubelet proxy eth0 eth1 Compass- Compass- cobbler tasks Kube-node VM Kube- pod1 Kubelet proxy pod2 PXE install podn Internet eth0 eth1 external_nat 10 © 2018 Arm Limited

11.OPNFV CI/CD Release Compass4nfv code Engineering (Releng) JJB scripts Arm pod Jenkins master Jobs Jenkins slave Jump host OPNFV community 11 © 2018 Arm Limited

12.Compass4NFV on Arm • Supported features • Run Compass core containers on Arm jump host • Bare-metal OS deployment (CentOS, Ubuntu AArch64) • Kubernetes deployment (v1.9.x AArch64) • Arm daily CI/CD jobs ready in OPNFV community • 30+ patches merged to support Compass4NFV on Arm 12 © 2018 Arm Limited

13. Thank You Danke Merci 谢谢 ありがとう Gracias Kiitos 감사합니다 धन्यवाद ‫תודה‬ 13 © 2018 Arm Limited