Comparisons of Cloud Native Communities

Day by day, the number of open source projects continues to increase. Each project has unique communities and practices different development methodologies. This talk will focus on the Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry cultures and outline their main differences and commonalities. The projects have different review processes from the pair programming model to the LGTM process, an interesting artifact of GitHub. Becoming a committer on CF relies on the Dojo, while Docker establishes a meritocracy of peers and Kubernetes behaves similarly with individual sponsors.

1.Comparisons of Cloud Native Communities Morgan Bauer & Swetha Repakula (IBM)

2. Morgan Bauer @ibmhb Swetha Repakula @swayr93

3.Cloud Orchestration Platforms

4.• Docker Inc • Go • Apache 2.0 License • 2900+ contributors • 22,000+ • libnetwork, TUF

5.• Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) • Linux Foundation • Go • Apache 2.0 License • 2600+ contributors • 50,000+ commits in the last year • CRI, CNI, CSI

6.• Cloud Foundry Foundation • Linux Foundation • Go, Ruby, Java • Apache 2.0 License • 2700+ contributors • 93,000+ commits last 2 years • Open Service Broker API

7.Typical Work Day


9.How to Participate? • If you discover an issue, send a PR • 6-12 week Dojo • Find an issue, send a PR • Look for Sebastiaan (@thaJeztah) to respond • Join some SIG meetings • Throw a PR over the wall, wait for the bots

11.References • Docker: • • • Kubernetes: • • Community: • Cloud Foundry: • • Mailing Lists:

12.Any Questions?