Akraino- A Technical Overview

In the past decade, there has been a concerted effort among companies to move infrastructure to centralized clouds, enabled by virtualization. With the rise of IoT and explosion of device-generated data, the pendulum has begun to swing the other way, placing resources for analytics and specialized functions near the user end of the network. IoT and 5G use cases demand performance determinism of computing, high network throughput with low latency and highly available services at the edge. The reach of these edge nodes will expand over the coming years as carriers update to 5G, amplifying the need for hardened infrastructure services. The Akraino Edge Stack aims to address this model of computing.

1.Akraino & Starlingx: A Technical Overview

2.Agenda ⌲ Why Edge Computing? ⌲ What’s Edge Computing? ⌲ Akraino and Its Building Blocks ⌲ StarlingX Technical Overview ⌲ Collaboration in Akraino Community LC3 Beijing 2018 2

3.Emerging Technologies in IoT and Networks are demanding lower latency and accelerated processing at the edge NFV Edge Wireless Wireline uCPE IP Enterprise Infrastructure (vRAN,vEPC) (PON) (SD-WAN) Services Autonomous Autonomous Industry Drones Medical Devices Vehicles Robots Wearable Immersive Virtual Augmented 360 Cognitive Experiences Reality Reality Video Assistance IoT & Industrial Home Retail Healthcare Analytics Sensors Devices On-Demand Hardware A.I. Microservices 5G NFV Acceleration LC3 Beijing 2018 3

4.Why Edge Computing? Emerging technologies are demanding lower latency and accelerated processing at the edge High Latency ~25 – 200ms Edge Cloud Central Cloud Low Latency Performs data processing at the < 20ms Highly centralized edge of the network, near data computing resources of sources cloud service providers Optimal Not Optimal LC3 Beijing 2018 4

5.Requirements of Edge Computing ⌲ Extensions beyond Cloud Computing and Data Centers ⌲ Edge Side: Close to Users and Data Sources ⌲ Converged Platform of Networks, Compute, Storage and Applications ⌲ Real-Time, Optimized, Data Localization, Intelligence, Security and Privacy ⌲ High Performance and Low Latency ⌲ Large-Scale but Small-Size ⌲ Zero Touch Provisioning and Automation: Remote Management, Autonomous Devices ⌲ Self-Healing, Easy Upgrading, and Long Life Power Supplier LC3 Beijing 2018 5

6.What is Akraino? Everything about edge – Akraino is the edge stack Development of Edge Applications • Develop Edge applications and create an app/VNF ecosystem Development of Edge • Development of Edge API, Middleware, SDKs Middleware and API • Cross Platform Interoperability (3rd party clouds) Fully Integrated Open • Fully integrated, working Edge blueprints Edge Stack • Edge Stack Life Cycle – CI/CD & Tooling • Upstream collaboration LC3 Beijing 2018 6

7.The new edge requirements for Akraino project Edge Challenges Akraino Edge Stack is the first open source Large Scale collaborative community project exclusively >1000 Locations focused on integrated distributed cloud edge Need Simple platform. Operations Zero-touch provisioning Solution Zero-touch operations Zero-touch lifecycle Low Cost Start-up, Build, Run Akraino Edge Stack integrates multiple open sources to supply Multiple Edge Use holistic Edge Platform, Edge Cases Faster innovation but Application, and Developer with right integration APIs ecosystem. LC3 Beijing 2018 7

8.End-to-End, Automation, Interworking Services Cloud Services Residential Services Enterprise Services IOT Services AI Services Software & Cloud Automation Network Automation IOT Automation Automation Enterprise Public/Hybrid Infrastructure Software Data Carrier Cloud Cloud Service Defined Centers Network Network Providers Data Cloud Hosting Centers Service Private Cloud (SDDC) Providers Providers MSO/CableCo Web Service Providers LC3 Beijing 2018 8

9.LF Announcement march 2018 ⌲ First Open Source Project at Edge The Linux Foundation Announces gathers momentum, complements Expanded Industry Commitment other standards & consortiums to Akraino Edge Stack ⌲ Edge now an integral part of Open Source Software Ecosystem LC3 Beijing 2018 9

10.Akraino building blocks Akraino Chest Akraino GUI Dashboard Admin GUI User GUI Akraino Workflow Platform Workflows Camunda Declarative Configuration Edge Application and APIs APIs Edge APIs Edge Cloud(s) Integration Akraino Applications & VNFs Any Edge Applications APIs Upper AI Tools box Cloud Edge Application and Lightweight Edge App Lifecycle Orchestration Community - TBD Tools Orchestration ETE Operations tools NFV Orchestration NFV & Domain Specific ONAP Orchestrator ETE Security tools CICD Edge Platform Infra Orchestration OpenStack Kubernetes Software Storage SDS(Ceph) Narad Calico Network Control Plane Simple SDN (Inventory) Network Data Plane SR-IOV OVS-DPDK CNI AirShip Operation System Thin Linux Under Linux Flavor Cloud ETE Testing Framework Lifecycle (infra, UCP, VNF, App) Network Edge Cruiser Tricycle Unicycle PINC (N/W Orchestration) Satellite Rover Customer Edge Community Documentation LC3 Beijing 2018 10

11.What is StarlingX? ⌲ StarlingX is a new project being hosted by the OpenStack Foundation ⌲ Formed with seed code from the Wind River Titanium Cloud portfolio ⌲ Project will provide a fully integrated OpenStack platform with focus high availability, Quality of Service, performance and low latency needed for industrial and Telco use cases ⌲ Aligned with the OpenStack Foundation Edge Working Group and the Linux Foundation Akraino Edge Stack LC3 Beijing 2018 11

12.StarlingX addresses Edge Gaps Based on Wind river titanium cloud Telco Infrastructure Radio IoT Virtual Access Infrastructure CPE Network Energy Content Multi-access Core Network Delivery Edge Networks Appliances Networks Computing Smart Buildings ⌲ Proven, Integrated virtualization platform saves Time-To-Market ⌲ Delivered latency, resiliency and performance for Edge use cases ⌲ Streamlined installation, commissioning and maintenance ⌲ End-to-End security and Ultra-low latency for Edge applications Manufacturing ⌲ 100% compatible with open industry and de facto standards ⌲ Full support for multi-layer HW and SW decoupling LC3 Beijing 2018 12

13.High level Project Architecture Upstream Projects Kubernetes Ceph Ovs-dpdk CentOS OpenStack extensions OpenStack Integration Project Host Configuration Service Fault Software Infrastructure Management Management Management Management Management Orchestration LC3 Beijing 2018 13

14.Scalability for all edge use case deployment models Multi-Rack Solution Highly-Available 4-100 servers Edge Solution Two servers Top of Rack Minimum-Footprint VM VM VM VM VM VM Edge Solution Compute Compute Single server Control VM VM VM Storage VM VM VM Compute Compute Control VM VM VM Compute Control Storage Control Control Storage Storage 1:1 protected pair Storage of servers Storage LC3 Beijing 2018 14

15.Key Capabilities for Edge Stack Upstream StarlingX New Features OpenStack* w/ Titanium Cloud Extensions • Titanium Cloud SM + REST API • Bare metal install and node Service Bare Metal management • Process Monitoring Management Management • H/W maintenance • Standalone Titanium Cloud FM • VIM including Horizon Extensions Fault Platform • VIM helper components: nova-api Management Orchestration proxy, guest API infrastructure • S/W Repository Management • System Configuration frontend • S/W Patching • System Configuration backend Software Configuration Management • S/W Upgrade • Hieradata management Management • Backup and Restore • Manifest apply LC3 Beijing 2018 15

16.Directional Vision for Akraino Current open source component OpenStack* with Wind River Titanium Cloud patches Commercial Wind River® Titanium Cloud Applications component (open sourced in StarlingX*) New StarlingX component • Combining OpenStack* with components from Wind River® Titanium Cloud with new extensions to support k8s with Docker* runtime Edge Apps UPF/DP VNF VM VM VM Containerized • Keystone runs as a shared service on the platform with Ceph Apps for persistent storage Containerized Titanium Cloud OpenStack* • Kubernetes* applications deployed by Helm NFV-VIM Helm • OpenStack is containerized System Invent. Fault K8s/Docker • Calico used for container networking backend Patching mtce Mgmt Keystone • Retains Wind River Titanium Cloud installation mechanism Upgrades System Management for bare metal installation Ceph • Deployment for Intel seed will use Puppet for bare metal and Linux Distributions Helm for OpenStack and Containerized Apps • Lifecycle for Intel seed will use existing Wind River Titanium Cloud services for bare metal and K8s for remaining LC3 Beijing 2018 16

17.Performance features ⌲ Compute node performance profiles ⌲ EPA Features ⌲ Select performance characteristics that match the ⌲ HT placement/scheduler policy support workload requirements ⌲ Ability to specify CPU models for VMs to ⌲ Optional RT KVM support leverage advanced features of CPU ⌲ House keeping functions including interrupts architectures offloaded to dedicated CPU(s) ⌲ NUMA node awareness ⌲ Specify multiple virtual NUMA nodes and required ⌲ Huge page backend VM’s (2M or 1G) memory per virtual NUMA node ⌲ Dedicated and shared VM CPUs ⌲ Specify mapping of a virtual NUMA node to a physical NUMA node ⌲ Including hybrid model for VM ⌲ NUMA affinity (relative to vswitch and/or PCI-PT/SRIOV ⌲ High Performance Networking ⌲ Network load balancing across NUMA nodes ⌲ OVS-DPDK ⌲ vcpu scale up/down ⌲ SR-IOV ⌲ Nova-api extension with Heat integration ⌲ PCI-passthrough ⌲ RDT cache allocation technology (CAT) support ⌲ GPU passthrough support ⌲ Enable VMs to reserve slice of L3 cache Delivering Predictable Performance At The Edge LC3 Beijing 2018 17

18.Vision for future collaboration ⌲ Ubuntu OS support ⌲ Edge deployment simplification enabling zero touch provisioning ⌲ Centralizing infrastructure management of Edge deployments ⌲ Securing the edge ⌲ Remote attestation ⌲ Identify and work to drive synergies with EdgeX and NEV SDK within Akraino ⌲ Enable 5G use cases at the Edge vRAN LC3 Beijing 2018 18

19.Akraino is complementary Akraino interfaces with adjacent projects standards, ref arch and ref impl Zero Touch Edge Cloud Automation Container Orchestration Multi-cloud portability IIOT Framework at Edge Open Source Software for Creating Private and Public Clouds AI Framework Across Projects Disaggregated Networking Networking Whitebox Operating Systems Analytics/Automation LC3 Beijing 2018 19

20.For More Information, Please Visit www.akraino.org and www.starlingx.io