Accelerate DevOps for Cloud Native Application on Kubernetes

When migrating applications to the cloud or developing cloud native applications, how do you accelerate DevOps for Kubernetes? Newcomers to DevOps on Kubernetes may experience a steep learning curve. We will share how to use tools in development environment to streamline the development, deployment and debugging processes in a Kubernetes cluster running on top of cloud. We will also introduce popular CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Ansible) to help infrastructure developers automate application build, cloud provisioning and Kubernetes deployments. Welcome join us and enjoy live demos with a common cloud native Java application.

1. Accelerate DevOps for Cloud Native Application on Kubernetes with Open Source Tools Visual Studio Code + Extensions

2.Bio Rome Li Senior Engineering Manager Visual Studio Team Microsoft

3.TODO App on Cloud • java-on-azure • Java App Using Spring Boot • Run in Containers Container/Kubernetes TODO Azure App CosmosDB Azure

4.Overview • Visual Studio Code Extensions: – Docker – Kubernetes

5.Agenda • Docker – Containerization – Add Dockerfile to your project – Images – Build, Run & Manage Images • Kubernetes – Orchestration - Authoring K8S Manifest Files – Deployment - Apply Manifest Files to K8S Clusters – Maintenance - Explore K8S Cluster Resources – Troubleshooting - Inspect K8S Resources

6.Join The Project • docker • s?itemName=ms-kubernetes- tools.vscode-kubernetes-tools

7.Try Java Extensions • Java Language Support by Red Hat • Debugger for Java • Maven for Java • Java Test Runner

8.Also Join The Projects • developer/vscode-java • debug • maven • test


10.Thank You