Webinar - Microsoft Office 365 Enhancing customer experience at global scale

When Microsoft deployed DataStax Enterprise on Azure to better understand user behavior and experience with Office 365, results included better support for its fastest-selling product, and more satisfied, productive customers. In this webinar, you'll hear directly from Microsoft and DataStax experts as they share the innovation that goes behind improving the Office 365 experience for 85 million active users.

1.Enhancing the Office 365 experience with DataStax on Azure Sean Usher Senior Software Engineer Customer Fabric Platform Team, Microsoft Chuck Droukas Solutions Engineer Manager DataStax

2. Agenda ● Applications built for the cloud by digital natives ● DataStax – “The Power Behind the Moment” ● Microsoft Office 365 - Enhancing the experience for 85 million users ● DSE on Azure demo ● Live Q&A - Ask the experts! 2 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

3.Cloud applications are disrupting business as usual 3

4. Netflix disrupted video distribution and creation with cloud technology 70 million 400 125 million Customers Cities Hours Watched per Day 4 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

5. Microsoft Office 365 remains a leader in office productivity Built on the Azure cloud One of Microsoft’s fastest growing cloud offerings Millions of users globally, growing rapidly 5

6. The most innovative companies use DataStax 2010 2012 2014 2016 6 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

7. Cloud application characteristics Contextual Always-On Real-Time Distributed Scalable 7 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

8. DataStax’s evolution in context We solve “right-now” for customers. 8 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

9. Apps have changed Client/Server Web Cloud 1990s 2000s Today 9 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

10. What powers apps has changed Client/Server Web Cloud 1990s 2000s Today 10 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

11. And what should power them SCALE-OUT APP LAYER SCALE-OUT DATA LAYER 11 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

12. Data platform requirements Always-on Effortless scale Instant insight

13. The average cost of today’s downtime $500,000–$1M $1.25B–$2.5B PER HOUR PER YEAR Stephen Elliot | DevOps and the Cost of Downtime: Fortune 1000 Best Practice Metrics Quantified 13 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

14. Always-on, no matter the failure 14 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

15. Outbrain helps brands like these “During Hurricane Sandy, we Display recommended ads on sites like these lost an entire data center. Completely. Lost. It. Our data never went offline.” 200 BILLION Recommendations a Month 557 MILLION People Reached a Month 15 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

16. Effortless scale, no matter the requirements 16 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

17. From DVDs to global streaming “Our capability to seamlessly scale First 2007 Streaming across data centers Expands outside is a key element 2010 US to Canada of Netflix’s global 2012 Expands to expansion strategy.” Europe 2016 Available worldwide 17 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

18. Instant insight for real-time experiences Search Analytics Graph 18 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

19. • Multi-model including An integrated platform key value, tabular, So you can focus on your business. JSON, and graph • Mixed workloads • Transactional • Search • Analytics • Developer tooling • Administration and monitoring “DSE allows us to focus on delivering an exceptional Increasing time to experience and value, while benefiting from DataStax’s commitment to platform innovation.” value for customers 19 © 2017 DataStax, All Rights Reserved. DataStax is a registered trademark of DataStax, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. Apache Cassandra, Apache, Spark, and Cassandra are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation or its subsidiaries in Canada, the United States and/or other countries.

20. Powering cloud applications • Designed to handle any failure, ALWAYS-ON no matter how catastrophic EFFORTLESS • Take advantage of every opportunity SCALE • Focus on what matters most to you ACTIONABLE • Built into your application to create INSIGHTS actionable, modern experiences 20 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

21. Only DataStax Enterprise delivers and and Always-on Effortless Scale Instant Insight in a proven, comprehensive platform. Backed with the expertise to help you succeed. 21 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

22. A reliable data platform drives the best business outcomes

23. Case Study: Office 365 23 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

24. Office 365 – Productivity services at scale ● 1.6 billion – Sessions / month ● 59% - Commercial seat growth in FY16 Q2 ● 20.6 million - Consumer subscribers ● >30 million – iOS and Android devices run Outlook 24 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

25. Customer Fabric Platform Team Host Cassandra + Spark as a service for O365. Core Strengths: • Windows • SQL Server • .NET Development And now…. • Linux • Cassandra • Spark • Java/Scala Development 25 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

26. Use Cases 26 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

27. MyAnalytics Reinvent productivity through individual empowerment • How many hours do I spend in meetings ? • Do I work late hours ? • How many hours on email ? • I sent an email announcing success to big group. Who read it ? • How do two organizations collaborate ? Less / More ? 27 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.