DataStax on Azure: Deploying an industry-leading data platform

Learn how DataStax Enterprise (DSE) on Microsoft Azure delivers experiences to cloud applications beyond customer expectations. Powered by the industry’s best version of Apache Cassandra™ and leveraging the global scale, hybrid deployment capabilities, and ease of integration of Azure, DSE is the always-on data platform that allows you to focus on what matters most to you by ensuring your applications scale reliably and effortlessly while delivering actionable insight in real-time.

1.DataStax on Azure: Deploying an industry-leading data platform for cloud apps to bring actionable insights at effortless scale

2.Our speakers Jason Short, PhD Senior Partner Business Evangelist Microsoft s Mitch Henderson Solutions Engineer DataStax s


4.Trust Open and Hybrid App Innovation Data-Driven Intelligence

5. App Innovation Lift and shift Improved Hyperscale Third-party DevOps (e.g. IOT) frameworks

6.Momentum 194 billion 340 billion > 90% of Fortune 500 use 750 million 188 billion Microsoft Cloud

7.Cloud applications are disrupting business as usual

8.Netflix disrupted video distribution and creation with cloud technology 70 million 400 125 million Customers Cities Hours watched per day 8

9. Microsoft remains a leader in collaboration with a cloud application 60 million #1 5 million Monthly active users Deployed app Events per organization in enterprise a month 9

10.The most innovative companies use DataStax 2010 2012 2014 2016

11.Cloud Application Characteristics Contextual Always-on Real-time Distributed Scalable

12.DataStax’s evolution in context Time sensitivity of data Defining moments

13.Apps have changed Client/Server Web Cloud 1990s 2000s Today

14.What powers apps has changed Client/Server Web Cloud 1990s 2000s Today

15.And what should power them Scale-out app layer Scale-out data layer

16. Data platform requirements Always-on Effortless scale Instant insight 16

17.The average cost of today’s downtime $500K – $1M $1.25B – $2.5B PER HOUR PER YEAR Stephen Elliot | DevOps and the Cost of Downtime: Fortune 1000 Best Practice Metrics Quantified

18.Always-on, no matter the failure

19.Outbrain helps brands like Display recommended ads “During Hurricane Sandy, we on sites like lost an entire data center. Completely. Lost. It. Our data never went offline.” 200 BILLION Recommendations a Month 557 MILLION People Reached a Month

20.Effortless scale, no matter the requirements

21.From DVDs to Global Streaming 2007 “Our capability to seamlessly scale First streaming across data centers is a key element 2010 Expands outside US to Canada of Netflix’s global expansion strategy.” 2012 Expands to Europe 2016 Available worldwide

22.Instant insight for real-time experiences Search Analytics Graph

23. Multi-model including key An integrated platform value, tabular, JSON, and so you can focus on your business. graph Mixed workloads • Transactional • Search • Analytics Developer tooling Administration and monitoring “DSE allows us to focus on exceptional experience Increasing time to value and value, while benefiting from DataStax’s commitment to platform innovation.” for customers © 2017 DataStax, All Rights Reserved. DataStax is a registered trademark of DataStax, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. Apache Cassandra, Apache, Spark, and Cassandra are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation or its subsidiaries in Canada, the United States and/or other countries.

24.Powering cloud applications Always-on Designed to handle and failure, no matter how catastrophic. Effortless scale Take advantage of every opportunity. Focus on what matters most to you. Actionable insights Built into your application to create actionable, modern experiences.

25.Only DataStax enterprise delivers Always-on Effortless scale Instant insight In a proven, comprehensive platform. Backed with the expertise to help you succeed.

26.A reliable data platform drives the best business outcomes 26

27. IHS Markit – creating a factory in the cloud with DataStax Enterprise on Azure ORGANIZATION OBJECTIVES IHS Markit › Unify and automate electronic parts database into single system – Parts Content Factory HEADQUARTERS London, UK › Improve and accelerate search experience › Decrease time required for IHS knowledge workers to update INDUSTRY the system with new information Publishing › Help organizations speed the pace of new product introductions, avoid costly production interruptions and PRODUCTS & SERVICES improve sustainability over extended service lives Industry data, technical documents, custom software applications, CHALLENGES consulting › Deliver fast performance for catalog of 500M+ IT components serving 50,000 customers and 80% of F500 › Difficult searching quickly through complex attributes and relationships › Manage disparate and brittle legacy database system

28. Catalog search Bill of materials matching CUSTOMER FACING SYSTEMS DSE cluster Parts records Web app Real-time PARTS CONTENT FACTORY Batch Search SOURCING Manufacturer website crawlers Datasheets SYSTEM

29. Target – needed multidata center support, limitless scalability, and fast performance 3 months from start to live in a critical production environment ORGANIZATION Target THE CHALLENGE › Building a scalable inventory API for efficient internal team HEADQUARTERS use, external mobile apps and website Minneapolis, MN WHY DATASTAX INDUSTRY › Target acquired an always-on, distributed solution that could Retail support their apps real-time requirements Oracle implementation took 12-22 months Agility and 4x faster time to market of innovative features