VMware 特别兴趣小组 (SIG VMware)——Fabio Rapposelli,VMware和 Steven Wong,Vmware

参加 SIG VMware 介绍会,了解我们的任务和最近的成就,并讨论未来工作。我们还将重点说明新的贡献者如何参与 SIG。Kubernetes 包含云提供商的概念,这是一个标准化模块,可以让 Kubernetes 在各种平台上运行,这些平台可能有不同的网络、存储和节点管理实施方法。Kubernetes 正处于转向新的源码树外云管理器体系架构的进程中,以允许云供应商拥有独立的功能部件和补丁发布周期。了解 vSphere 云供应商如何发展以满足这种新模式。本次会议将概述当您在 vSphere 基础架构、预置型架构或在公共云上部署 Kubernetes 时如何启用。所涵盖的内容适用于 kubeadm 部署,以及在 vSphere 基础结构上使用 Kubernetes 分布。

1. VMware SIG Intro to the vSphere Cloud Provider what it does and how to use it Steve Wong, Fabio Rapposelli Co-chairs VMware SIG Engineers VMware Cloud Native Applications Business Unit November 12 2018

2.Presenter Bios Steve Wong Fabio Rapposelli Open Source Community Relations Engineer Staff Software Engineer VMware VMware Active in Kubernetes storage community since 2015. Chair of Fabio is responsible for many of the Open Source integrations Kubernetes VMware SIG. between Vagrant, Docker and VMware. GitHub: @cantbewong GitHub: @frapposelli 2

3.Abstract ​Join the SIG VMware introduction session to learn our mission, recent accomplishments and discuss future work. ​We will also focus on how new contributors can get involved in the SIG. Kubernetes has the concept of a Cloud Provider, which is a standardized module which allows Kubernetes to run on various platforms which might have different implementations of networking, storage, and node management. ​Kubernetes is in the process of moving to a new “out of tree” cloud manager architecture to allow cloud providers to have independent feature and patch release cycles. Learn how the vSphere cloud provider is evolving to meet this new model. This session will outline how to get started when you deploy Kubernetes on vSphere infrastructure, on-prem or in a public cloud. Material covered is applicable to kubeadm deployments, and when using Kubernetes distributions on vSphere infrastructure. ​ 3

4.Agenda ​Cloud Provider Intro ​The role of a Cloud Provider in Kubernetes ​The vSphere Cloud Provider ​Deploying and configuring ​The Cloud Provider Roadmap ​Moving “Out of Tree” and to CSI ​How to Get Information on an ongoing basis ​The VMware SIG ​How to Contribute ​Working Groups, GitHub, and more 4

5.The Kubernetes Cloud Provider Why it exists A plug-in mechanism • allows Kubernetes to operate across platforms • hosts portable apps in a standard way What it does Handles identification of nodes Labels nodes with zone information (optional) Handles persistent volume provisioning Other Cloud Provider features These are optional and not performed by vSphere cloud provider to enable support for a wide variety of possible implementations • TCP load balancing for services • Inter-node routing 5

6.Deploying and configuring the vSphere Cloud Provider Pre-reqs VM pre-conditions • Supported OS (popular Linux distros supported) • VM names use rules for a valid DNS name • VM advanced option disk.EnableUUID = true • VMware Tools installed • pvscsi preferred vCenter • Service account available for use by Kubernetes control plane Optional Installing govc CLI is useful • Alternative: configuration steps can be performed in the vCenter web UI 6

7.vSphere Cloud Provider config file vsphere.conf kubelet, controller manager and api server flags: • --cloud-provider=vsphere • --cloud-config=<vspher.conf full filename path> • Apply flags to all instances • .conf file can be maintained in a shared location Example: [Global] # properties in this section used for all vCenters unless overridden in VirtualCenter section. user = Administrator1@vsphere.local password = "password" port = "443" #optional if default port is used insecure-flag = "1" #set if using self signed certificate datacenters = "us-east" # comma separated list of vCenter datacenters where Kubernetes nodes are present [VirtualCenter ""] [Workspace] server = "" # IP or FQDN datacenter = "us-east" default-datastore="sharedVmfs-0" #default datastore used for storage class dynamic provisioning resourcepool-path="cluster-folder/cluster-name/Resources" folder = "kubernetes" [Disk] scsicontrollertype = pvscsi [Network] public-network = "VM Network" 7

8.Kubernetes Cloud Provider Roadmap Moving “out of tree” Goal decouple cloud provider dependencies and release cycles Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal (KEP) here Also interfacing to “out of tree” CSI storage plugins Container Storage Interface (CSI) is a cross orchestrator initiative to standard storage plugins The “out of tree” vSphere cloud provider requires use of CSI for storage See https://github.com/kubernetes-csi/docs 8

9.The VMware SIG Charter The VMware SIG maintains and evolves the ability to run Kubernetes on VMware infrastructure. vSphere cloud provider Architectural planning and discussion related to new CRDs, plug-ins and KEPs that allow the vSphere platform to supplement and support Kubernetes How to Join Link to join group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/kubernetes-sig-vmware Link to join Slack: https://kubernetes.slack.com/messages/sig-vmware 9

10.How to contribute Working Groups Regular SIG Meeting: Thursdays at 18:00 UTC (bi-weekly). ● Meeting notes and agenda. ● Meeting recordings. vSphere Cloud Provider vSphere syncup: Wednesdays at 16:00 UTC (monthly) ● Meeting notes and agenda. ● Meeting recordings. Cluster API Provider vSphere syncup: Wednesdays at 18:00 UTC (bi-weekly) ● Meeting notes and agenda. ● Meeting recordings. Github in-tree cloud provider https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/tree/master/pkg/cloudprovider/providers/vsphere out-of-tree cloud provider https://github.com/kubernetes/cloud-provider-vsphere Cluster API https://github.com/kubernetes-sigs/cluster-api-provider-vsphere 10

11.Thank You / Closing