DataStax Enterprise vs. Open Source Apache Cassandra

Why DSE vs. Open Source Apache Cassandra

1.DataStax Enterprise vs. Open Source Apache Cassandra Differentiation in features, performance, and services Tim Vincent EMEA Solution Engineering Manager

2.Agenda • Why DataStax Enterprise (DSE)? • Why DSE vs Open Source Apache Cassandra? • Enterprise features only in DSE • Looking ahead

3.Why DataStax Enterprise (DSE)?

4.Apps have changed Client/Server Web Cloud 1990s 2000s Today

5.And what powers them

6.And what powers them Scale-out App Layer Scale-out Data Layer

7.Cloud Application Characteristics Contextual Always-On Real-Time Distributed Scalable

8.Platform for Cloud Applications Always-on ● Designed to handle any failure, no matter how catastrophic. Effortless scale ● Take advantage of every opportunity. ● Focus on what matters most to you. Instant insight ● Built into your application to create actionable, modern experiences.

9. Why DSE vs. Open Source Apache Cassandra

10.Safe Harbor Please note that this document is intended to outline our general product direction and should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision and does not represent a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. Any forward-looking indication of plans for products including the development, release, and timing of any features or functionality is preliminary and all future release dates are tentative and are subject to change.

11.The DataStax differentiation Guaranteeing “right-now” data management for the enterprise • DSE Core: database features • Factors better performance • More powerful features: security, flexible deployment, etc. • Ease-of-use: operations management and development • Unified data platform: beyond database • Mixed workloads: search, operational analytics • Consistent security model across platform • DSE Graph •World-class services: by the experts • Customer support, professional services, training •DataStax Managed Cloud: easy operations • Available now

12.The three eras of DataStax In Eras 1 & 2, we built (most of) Apache Cassandra for the community. DataStax made Apache Cassandra™ Era 1 (2010 — 2013) a viable open-source project DataStax drove the worldwide growth Era 2 (2013 — 2016) of Apache Cassandra and its successful community DataStax delivers market-leading Era 3 (2016 — present) data management with DataStax Enterprise

13. Now, in Era 3, you come first Adding features and performance not in Apache Cassandra, for example: 85% of commits from DataStax DSE 5.0 DSE 5.1 ❑ DSE Graph ❑ Better performance: ❑ Advanced Replication - 2x compaction throughput ❑ Tiered Storage - 3x operational analytics ❑ Advanced Security ❑ Row-level access control ❑ Live Indexing for Multi-tenant SaaS apps ❑ Search in Graph ❑ Studio for CQL and Graph 13 © 2017 DataStax, All Rights Reserved. DataStax is a registered trademark of DataStax, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. Apache Cassandra, Apache, Spark, and Cassandra are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation or its subsidiaries in Canada, the United States and/or other countries.

14. Can you afford open source? What you are committing to Risks on your commitment • Increased learning curve • No support for critical production systems • From development to operations • Can you patch source code in emergencies? • Time and effort • Will the community prioritize your needs? • To hunt down answers from the community • Can you find experts quickly for critical projects? • Dependency on open source community • None of the latest DSE functionality • No SLAs for root cause analysis and bug • Features, performance, and security fixing impacting critical production systems • Distraction from your core business • Continuously required skillset • Focus, efforts, and budget • Cassandra expert(s) on staff – forever • Opportunity cost DataStax built most of Apache Cassandra. • De-focus from your core competency Our experts build, support, and deliver solutions at scale for the world’s most innovative • Contribute back to the community companies. So you can focus on your business. • Bug fixes and features

15.Our commitment to you DataStax Enterprise (DSE) will not be constrained by the limits of Apache CassandraTM Functional The DSE roadmap provides the value-added capabilities needed by our customers. Innovation Differentiation will continue to increase in areas of performance, ease-of-use, and breadth of platform. Customer’s DataStax will continue to provide across the board development, training, Success documentation, services & support to deliver success for our customers. DataStax will continue to provide comprehensive testing, hotfixes for production issues, Stability backward compatibility etc. for the enterprise Our customers will continue to drive growth in requirements for distributed scale, Lower Risk responsiveness, hybrid environments, end-to-end security and operations management.

16.Only in DSE: An integrated platform • Multi-model including So you can focus on your business. key value, tabular, JSON, and graph • Mixed workloads • Transactional • Search • Analytics • Developer tooling • Administration and monitoring “DSE allows us to focus on delivering an exceptional experience and value, while benefiting from DataStax’s commitment to platform innovation.”

17. Only in DSE: ● Faster feature releases Enterprise-ready ● Advanced security Faster innovation. –External authentication NoSQL no longer means “no security.” –Transparent data And battle-tested at scale. encryption –Data auditing –Row-level access control –Consistent security –GDPR ● QA at scale (1,000 nodes) "The fact that DataStax integrated these core elements ● Expert customer support with the scalability and availability of Apache Cassandra, - including back porting of bug security capabilities, and 24x7 support was enormous …” fixes for you

18.Only with DSE: • Automate what no one OpsCenter likes to worry about – Visual deployment management backups, repairs • REST API to work in your world • Instantly manage your cluster, scaling up or down at a moment’s notice • Monitor your cluster "OpsCenter is a great visualization tool... it allows us to and follow best act on things before they become a problem." practices, ensuring a secure environment

19. Only in DSE: Factors better performance • Compaction • Operational analytics 2x throughput • Continuous paging 3x operational analytics (Lower is better; results may vary)

20.Only with DSE: DataStax Studio • CQL • Visually create, execute, display, and profile CQL CQL and Graph • Create and tune complex in one developer environment queries • Schema viewer • Search index management • Gremlin • Auto-completion, result set visualization, execution management, and much more.

21. Only with DSE: Expert services ● Customer Support –The world’s largest and most Customer Support innovative deployments rely “World-Class Support From Initiation To Implementation” on DataStax - Gartner peer insights ● Training –DataStax Academy: Comprehensive courses Training online or on site “Perfect - very comprehensive and structured training” ● Professional services –Only DSE customers have access to the world’s best experts at deploying Apache Professional Services Cassandra and DataStax “We leveraged the expertise of DataStax to deploy our new Enterprise social media platform, and were able to complete the project without worrying about scale or distribution…”

22.Looking ahead…

23.DataStax Managed Cloud A Fully Managed, Secure Architecture • DSE on AWS with Managed Provisioning and Scaling by DataStax • 24x7x365 Coverage, Lights-Out Management • System Configuration and Tuning to Meet Customer Specific Requirements • Architecture Advisory Services, Guidance and Best Practices

24.DSE Core v6.0 continues to extend significant differentiation • Features • Performance • Ease-of-use DSE Core is Apache Cassandra features plus additional commercial-only database capabilities added including advanced security, tiered storage, row-level access control, and more.

25. Next Steps • •

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