Datastax - The Architect's guide to customer experience (CX)

From scalability to data access to data governance, learn the specific performance and data requirements of a customer experience-ready data management platform.

1. Architect’s Guide to CX Tim Vincent, EMEA Solution Engineering Manager © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

2. The Dawn of the Right-Now Enterprise How to win in an era of unprecedented disruption 2 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

3. The Right-Now Economy: Business Transaction velocity continues to grow exponentially Months > Weeks > Days > Hours > Min/Sec > NOW 3 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

4. Expectation to Entitlement Users continue to demand more Relevant Available Instantly Accessible However to me always responsive wherever I am I want it 4 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

5. The 5 dimensions that need to be addressed to deliver superior customer experience 5 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

6. Customer Experience (CX) use cases Customer 360 Personalization & Recommendation Loyalty Programs Consumer Fraud Detection 6 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

7. Application requirements for CX use cases in the Right-Now economy CX Use Cases 5 Dimensions Application Requirements • Customer 360 Relevancy Contextual • Personalization & Availability Always On Recommendations Responsiveness Real Time • Loyalty Programs Accessibility Distributed • Consumer Fraud Detection Engagement Scalable 7 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.


9. The data architecture for the right-now customer experience Personalization & Loyalty Consumer Fraud C360 Recommendations Programs Detection 9 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

10. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) – powering the right-now customer experience An operational data layer of database, search, and analytics, all independent of the underlying infrastructure DSE provides: • Contextual customer views in real-time • Hybrid cloud enablement • Massive linear scalability and 100% uptime • Consistent security model across entire data layer • Integrated, end-to-end data ingest and analytics • Flexible data model 10 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

11. Contextual customer views in real time Why does it matter? • Providing great, instantly responsive customer experience requires a holistic, cross-touchpoint, fully contextual view of every single customer. How can DataStax Enterprise help? • Contextualizes relationships between customer data and other data (product, channel, social, etc.) • Reveal deeper insights that happen in the moment of the interaction • Deliver personalized, in-the-moment customer experience 11 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

12. Hybrid cloud Why does it matter? • Flexibility to manage your data and applications on public cloud, on-premise, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud How can DataStax Enterprise help? Hybrid • Provides consistent data management Clouds layer for on-premise, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud deployments. This helps you: • Gain business agility Private Public • Achieve compliance, governance, Clouds Clouds and sovereignty • Remain competitive 12 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

13. Linear scalability and continuous availability Why does it matter? • Customer data is constantly being captured by different systems and devices and data volume, speed, and format change constantly and unexpectedly. • Customers expect 24-7-365 application response. How can DataStax Enterprise help? • A masterless, distributed, active-active architecture ensures on-demand scalability and always-on availability, while supporting a multi-datacenter environment. 13 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

14. Security Why does it matter? • Customer data often contains extremely sensitive External information, which means that even just a single data Authentication breach can bring devastating consequences. How can DataStax Enterprise help? • Consistent security model across the entire data layer Transparent Data that helps you achieve compliance and data governance. Encryption It includes: • Transparent data encryption • Identity management for authentication and Data authorization Auditing • Granular control through RBAC and RLAC • Auditing 14 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

15. Integrated data ingest and analytics Why does it matter? • Providing seamless customer experience requires dismantling data silos and having a single, holistic, real-time view of all customer data. Stream Processing How can DataStax Enterprise help? • Quickly ingest and integrate large volumes of siloed customer data to provide comprehensive customer views and real-time insights via: • Fully integrated batch and streaming analytics JSON capabilities CSV RDBMS • Connectors for popular reporting and Bulk Data visualization tools Load 15 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

16. Flexible data model Why does it matter? • Explosive growth in data volume and type including static profiles, relationships, real-time activities, etc. makes a single data model insufficient. How can DataStax Enterprise help? • Provides support for mixed workloads and all four major data models • Tabular • Graph • Key-value • JSON/Document 16 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

17. Why is MDM not enough? Master data management, or MDM, provides a static customer view and incorporates only structured data. A real CX data platform goes far beyond Customer Master MDM by: Reporting • Integrating MDM and other data sources Always-on • Delivering a contextual customer view CX Data Platform Analytics in real-time • Operationalizing customer data for instant insights and actions Discovery • Guaranteeing 100% uptime • Allowing global data access 17 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

18. LET’S TALK SUCCESS– RIGHT NOW 18 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

19. Macquarie THE CHALLENGE: Drive digital transformation initiatives to enhance customer experience. • Macquarie uses DSE to drive their customer • Customers now have better insight into experience initiative. how they spent their money and where. • Consolidated data from many disparate systems • Transformed from no retail presence to a delivers 360º, real-time customer visibility. digital consumer banking juggernaut • Their world-class consumer banking app utilizes in less than 2 years. real-time analytics and full text search. 19 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

20. Macquarie bimodal architecture Channel Services (APIs) High Cadence Smart Data Store (DSE) ESB / Product Services Slow Cadence Core Banking Cash Management Cards Wealth Mortgages 20 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

21. Macquarie – Customer 360 Logs Real Time Data Ingestion & Processing Data Harbor (Enterprise Channel / Data Services Analytics) Geo Steam Processing Realtime Analytics Batch Analytics Bulk Data Ingestion Text CRM Emails Core Core Banking Banking Elastic Scalability Columnar Unstructured Data Card Services (FIS) FIS Data Protection In Memory Cassandra CRM Product Services Streaming Data Events, Transactional Systems, Replicate Data, Databases, Tables from Flat Files, Transactional Applications Batch Data Feeds 21 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

22. From disruptor… 22 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

23. …to proven data platform… 23 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

24. …powering the Right-Now Enterprise. 24 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

25. DATASTAX A unified CX data layer of database, search, and analytics, ENTERPRISE that enables enterprises to: • Innovate by using our data IS POWERING platform to gain a holistic view of all customers THE • Accelerate their customer experience initiatives RIGHT-NOW • Mitigate risk and increase flexibility for critical customer ENTERPRISE experience initiatives 25 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.

26. Tim Vincent Any questions? 26 © DataStax, All Rights Reserved.