Building Killr Applications

Building Killr Applications with DataStax Enterprise

1.Building Killr Applications with DataStax Enterprise @LukeTillman Technical Evangelist at DataStax

2. Luke, Technical Evangelist Currently: DataStax Enterprise Cassandra .NET Node.js Previously: Web Applications RDBMS 2

3.A reference application for users looking to learn how to use Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise with their programming language of choice.

4. The video catalog service is essentially a product catalog where videos are our product. How do we make it searchable? 4

5. A basic, Cassandra only solution 5

6. When users add videos, they add tags describing the video's content. Tags are just keywords that describe the content. 6

7. CREATE TABLE videos_by_tag ( tag text, What about searching for videoid uuid, keywords in the title or added_date timestamp, userid uuid, description? Users expect name text, more from search. preview_image_location text, tagged_date timestamp, PRIMARY KEY (tag, videoid) ); SELECT * FROM videos_by_tag WHERE tag = 'cassandra'; 7

8. With DSE Search, we can search on our Cassandra data without complicating things by introducing other pieces infrastructure. 8

9. A comprehensive solution with DataStax Enterprise Search 9

10.<?xml version="1.0"?> DSE Search is based on <schema name="videoSchema"> <types> Solr, so you may be ... expecting lots of manual </types> setup with ugly XML to <fields> ... define the schema and </fields> configuration. </schema>

11. In reality, enabling basic SELECT * FROM videos search functionality on a WHERE solr_query = 'description:cassandra'; table in DataStax Enterprise is a simple command line instruction. > dsetool create_core killrvideo.videos generateResources=true 11

12. You've also got all the power of Solr for more complex queries and can customize those XML resources for more complicated features. { "q": "{!edismax qf='name^2 tags^1 description'} cassandra" } 12

13. But wait, there’s more! Some key improvements in DSE 5.1 (just released!) has DSE Search 5.1 include: a ton of Search • Solr has been upgraded improvements. from 4.10 to 6.0.1 • Core management can be done using CQL CREATE SEARCH INDEX ON killrvideo.videos; 13

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