Become PSD2 ready with DataStax

Webinar on the updated Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and how it will affect financial institutions when introduced in 2018. This webinar outlines the challenges facing financial institutions and how API connectivity can help them to not only survive but thrive in an increasingly competitive future.

1.Data management for PSD2 Martin James, Regional Vice President Tim Vincent, EMEA Solution Engineering Manager Patrick Callaghan, EMEA Solutions Architect

2. • Cloud Applications • Characteristics Thanks for • PSD2 Requirements Joining us • Enabling PSD2 on existing systems • Challenges • DataStax Enterprise (DSE) to enable PSD2 Tim • Always on @TimV1n • Scalable • Overview of DSE • How to be prepared for PSD2 • Demo Patrick @patcho2005 • Q+A

3.Powering cloud applications Personalization Customer 360 Fraud Detection Recommendation Inventory Management Supply Chain Identity Management Security

4.Cloud application characteristics Contextual Always-On Real-Time Distributed Scalable

5.PSD2 application characteristics Contextual Always-On Real-Time Distributed Scalable

6. Powering Cloud Applications Always-on ● Designed to handle any failure, no matter how catastrophic. Effortless scale ● Take advantage of every opportunity. ● Focus on what matters most to you. Instant insight ● Built into your application to create actionable, modern experiences. 6

7.Quick Overview of PSD2 • PSD2 EU Regulations are designed to allow all Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) and Account Information Service Providers (AISPs) to connect to Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (AS PSP) in a secure and effective manner. • PSD2 does not specify the APIs • UK Open Banking Working Group provides an API standard for banks and third parties to integrate. • API Access Requirements for AISP – Authentication / Authorization, Customer, Account, Transaction TPPs information Third Party • API Requirements for PISP Providers – Authentication / Authorization, Customer, Account information, Transaction Authorization

8. Payments and Transactions References • Transaction history tagging, search and budgeting, cash flow prediction • Product recommendation based on purchasing history. • Data safe against loss of node, rack, or data center. • Shed load from legacy systems to reduce cost and provide better user experience. “We had reached the limits of our scalability. We wanted to remove all single points of failure. We had to be active-active. That's why we chose Cassandra.” 8

9.PSD2 / OB APIs on top of existing systems ? Bank AISP / API PISP Layer 24/7/365 expectations 24/7/365 ? Batch window ? More Transactions? MIPS Costs








17. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Always on scalable database Requirements of Current Applications Numerous Endpoints Geographically Distributed Continuously Available Instantaneously Responsive Immediately Decisive 1 7 Predictably Scalable



20.Linear Scale – Have More Data? Add more nodes. – Need More Throughput? Add more nodes.

21.Fault Tolerant – Nodes Down != Database Down – Datacenter Down != Database Down – Upgrade != Database Down

22.Benefits of DataStax Enterprise for PSD2 / OB APIs • Provides an always-on and scalable database for APIs layer – Fully active geo-distribution – Linear scalability • Reduce the performance impact and MIPS costs on the legacy systems – Only reach the mainframe for transactions after having checked the balance in Datastax Enterprise • Low response time and scalability make possible to have a stateless API layer – Allows easiness of deployment and scalability of the API layer

23.How to be prepared to PSD2 / OB APIs ? Bank Stateless Always on scalable API Database AISP / Layer PISP Read Transaction Updates

24.How to be prepared to PSD2 / OB APIs ? Refactor your apps to use Open Banking APIs Bank Stateless AISP / PISP Always on scalable API Database Layer Read Transaction Web Updates Server 24/7/365 expectations Auth + Session Native always on In the DB More Transactions? Logs / Tags / Categories Just scale (add nodes) In the DB

25.DataStax Enterprise An always on and scalable backend for many use cases Including PSD2 / Open Banking APIs


27.Demo • Sample transaction history from the open bank group • Provide an implementation for the ‘transactions’ API call • Provide additional services like auditing and event logging • Buying time for a digital transformation of legacy systems

28.Thank You and Q&A